• 235. Solar Eclipse - What You Need to Know!

    4 ABR. 2024 · As excitement grows regarding the upcoming solar eclipse, so do feelings of anxiety and fear amongst many people.  What exactly is a solar eclipse, and how dangerous is it for your eyes?  Ophthalmologist Dr. Tina Felfeli joins the podcast to prepare you for this once-in-a-lifetime event .
  • My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    2 ABR. 2024 · In this episode, Zale opens up about his own experience with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. What is an obsession, and what is a compulsion? How does OCD extend far beyond the preconception of a pure focus on cleanliness? Zale gives a window into what it is like living with anxiety and sheds some light on psychiatric illness in general.
    58m 27s
  • 234. Why Empires Fall - Rome, America, and the Future of the West

    26 MAR. 2024 · The Roman Empire is thought of as one of the most powerful empires in human history.  But as we all know, the Roman Empire did indeed fall after several centuries of domineering economic and political power.  Many historians have tried to understand why exactly the Roman Empire fell, and many theories have emerged.  In the present day, the United States, and ‘The West’ at large, has been seen for several centuries as the world’s superpower, similar in many ways to the power held by the Roman Empire.  But with the current geopolitical landscape, it seems as if America may succumb to the same fate as Rome.  So what is the phenomenon that is occurring here?  Why do empires fall? And what will become of the West in the decades to come? Peter Heather joins the podcast.  Peter Heather's book 'Why Empires Fall' - https://www.amazon.ca/Why-Empires-Fall-America-Future/dp/030027372X
    42m 41s
  • 233. Cannibalism

    19 MAR. 2024 · The idea of one human eating another human is almost unfathomable to most of us.  Even when stories have surface of life and death situations when people were arguably forced to resort to cannibalism in order to survive, the act still raised many eyebrows in society at large. But how abnormal really is the practice of cannibalism?  From an evolutionary and survival perspective, how can the practice of cannibalism be better understood?  How common has human cannibalism been over the course of civilization, and what have been the most common circumstances in which it developed? Bill Schutt, author of 'Cannibalism: A perfectly natural history', joins the podcast Bill Schutt's book: https://www.amazon.ca/Cannibalism-Perfectly-Natural-Bill-Schutt/dp/1616204621
    42m 5s
  • 232. How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Education?

    12 MAR. 2024 · Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise, influencing many facets of our lives.  With the emergence of ChatGPT and other AI-related tools, the landscape of education is already changing.  From the student's perspective, will certain skills such as writing and critical thinking fall by the wayside if AI can do the work for them?  Have rates of cheating increased?  And on a more optimistic note, how are teachers and professors using AI to create better educational environments for their students? Priten Shah joins the podcast.  Priten Shah's Website https://pritenshah.com
    41m 5s
  • Predicting The Oscars

    8 MAR. 2024 · The Oscars is considered the most prestigious awards ceremony in the entertainment industry. There is a certain magic about the Academy Awards, where some of the greatest films and performances of all time have been recognized. Ben Zauzmer is the author of Oscarmetrics, a book that shares an in depth look at the predictive analytics of The Oscars over its 93 year history. What makes a movie most likely to win Best Picture? Which actors and actresses are most likely to walk away winners? And do the Oscars deserve to be as celebrated as they are?
    33m 3s
  • 231. The SATs

    5 MAR. 2024 · The SATs have been a hallmark of the college admissions process for decades in the United States. But this popular standardized test has come under scrutiny the past several years, with many colleges eliminating the SATs as part of their admissions criteria. So why is the tide changing for the SATs? Is GPA a better predictor of college performance, or are both metrics fraught with bias and error? Eddie Comeaux joins the podcast.
    34m 15s
  • 230. Personality Disorders

    27 FEB. 2024 · Personality disorders are listed in the DSM – the bible of psychiatric diagnoses – as a distinct set of psychiatric disorders. Such disorders include narcissistic personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, dependent personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder, as well as several others. It can be confusing, however; at what point does someone’s narcissism, for example, extend so far that it qualifies as a psychiatric diagnosis? At what point does an unfavorable personality trait actually become a disorder, and in the real world, does the distinction actually matter? Psychiatrist Dr. Joel Paris joins the podcast.
    37m 23s
  • 229. North Korea

    20 FEB. 2024 · There is perhaps no country in the world more perplexing and bewildering than North Korea. Considered by many as a silo shut off from the rest of the world, much of North Korea is shrouded in mystery. Unfortunately, much of that mystery involves a dictatorial regime and severe oppression of its peoples. But what exactly does it look like inside of North Korea? What are our preconceptions about North Korea, and equally important, what are the preconceptions that North Koreans might hold about the rest of the world? Brandon Gauthier joins the podcast.
    58m 29s
  • 228. Pedophilia

    13 FEB. 2024 · Pedophilia, understandably, is a word that conjures up negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Acting on pedophilic thoughts is a horrible crime, and the ramifications are fittingly severe. But what exactly is pedophilia? Is it a distinct entity, a medical condition perhaps? Or can it be seen as an abnormal part of the spectrum of human desire? What is it like to live as a pedophile, and what kind of emotional angst do pedophiles experience? Are pedophilic feelings more common that we might think they are, and how can one live with thoughts of pedophilia without acting on them. Dr. Skye Stephens joins the podcast.
    47m 46s
Preconceived examines the preconceptions that shape how we view the world and challenges the paradigms by which we live our lives. The show is hosted by ophthalmologist Zale Mednick.

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