• How to Leverage Your Time, Resources, and Talent to Grow Your Business From Seed to Orchard

    4 MAY. 2021 · Want to streamline your business for success? It’s all about strategic thinking and leveraging your time, resources, and talents. One of the most impactful things you can do is managing expenses. Reining them in can sometimes be tricky, but it isn’t just about eliminating. Eliminating unnecessary items that are just a drain on your financial resources is only part of the strategy. What about those expenses that are necessary – the ones that benefit your business and help you be more productive and profitable? You may not be able to get those off your books, but you might be able to get them in the neutral column, or even turn them from a minus to a plus and add to the income side. You just have to be in on the little-known secret to how and make some strategic shifts. There are also other strategic shifts you can make to take your business to a healthier place. Asking yourself questions around what you should be focused on in your business and what you could hand off to someone else should always be on your radar. How to find and snag those perfect prospects that will take your business to the next level should also always be top of mind. Again, it’s simply a matter of knowing how to effectively make those shifts from how you are currently doing things to a more effective way of doing things. And today’s guest has a lot of insight to offer. In this episode of Productivity to Profit, Cathy talks with business consultant Jessica Koch to get her take on how to grow your business from seed to orchard by selling more and spending less. So, join us and get some great tips on how to start leveraging your time, resources, and talent. Wondering how you can increase productivity, profit, and potential in your business? Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Cathy today! http://timewithcathy.com http://www.jessicaLkoch.com
    36m 23s
  • Your First 2,500 Days and How They Shape the Rest of Your Life

    29 ABR. 2021 · Do you ever wonder whether your life could be different... better somehow... but can’t imagine how? Could it be that some of the ways you live your life are just ways of "getting by" as a victim of your past? To be a victim is to suffer, be deceived and cheated, and be sacrificed, according to Dictionary.com. To stop suffering, to stop sacrificing our real selves to the deceits and cheats of the past, we must let go of that label. We must become a person who refuses to be sacrificed, and become one who "continues to function or prosper in spite of" our pasts. We must, at least, become survivors. Telling ourselves stories of survival is a great leap forward from telling ourselves stories of victimhood. Even better, we can tell ourselves stories of thriving. We can narrate how we prosper, are fortunate, and successful. We can tell the story of how we grow or develop vigorously, and how we flourish. In this episode of Productivity to Profit, Dr. L. Carol Scott, a trauma-informed developmental psychologist, TEDx speaker, author, trainer and coach, shares how the first 2,500 days of our lives determine our skills for relationships - ALL relationships - for the rest of our lives. Whether your trauma and pain were suffered in your body, your mind, or your spirit/heart, Dr. Scott explains how you can rewrite your story and get past the hurt, so you can heal and thrive. These shifts are within your grasp. So, join Cathy Sexton and Dr. Scott as they explore how past experiences or trauma can affect us into adulthood, and how we can shift to surviving and thriving despite our pasts. https://lcarolscott.com/ Ready to overcome the challenges in your business and increase your productivity, profit, and potential? Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Cathy today! http://timewithcathy.com 7 Childhood Treasures Manifesto - https://lcarolscott.com/r-u-being-your-self/file/
    21m 33s
  • Harness the Positive Power of Doubts and Fears to Achieve Greater Success in Life and Business

    14 ABR. 2021 · What would you say if I told you the greatest challenge you will ever face may be in your own head? Doubts and fears lurking in our minds can hold us back from the greatness we are meant to achieve and sabotage our success in life more than anyone or anything outside of ourselves. Are you aware of these emotional challenges and the impact they are having on your life? Now, what would you say if I told you doubts and insecurities lurking in your mind are actually there to propel you to your greatness? Doubts, fears, and insecurities are something so many of us experience in life and business. These mental challenges can cause us to hesitate when pursuing our goals and dreams, or even give up. How we respond to them just depends on how we view those mental challenges when they do come up. We always have a choice. We can allow them to derail us, or we can see them as motivation and helpful guides to get us where we want to go. Part of learning to see doubts and fears as catalysts for our greatest achievements is having the ability to take those doubts and fears and turn them around, to see them for what they truly are. To do that, you have to have tools. Without the right tools, those doubts and fears can be crippling and keep you from achieving your personal best. Our guest for this episode of Productivity to Profit is just the person to help you learn to turn those doubts inside out and face the emotional challenges that have a negative effect on your life. Cary Valentine is a Certified Mental Game Coach and founder of Champion Your Inner Game. Over the years, he has helped pro and amateur athletes, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and others transform doubts, fears and insecurities into more lasting success, joy and fulfillment in their professional and personal lives. Using his proven and innovative patent-pending system, Cary teaches his clients how to turn their inner most fears into their inner most strengths – helping them to excel in all areas of life. So join us for this powerful episode, as Cary shares his expertise on turning doubts inside out and learning to champion your inner game for greater success. http://www.ChampionYourInnerGame.com Email Cary at Cary@championyourinnergame.com and put “Cathy” in the subject line to receive the 5 video Champion Your Inner Game mini-course. Wondering how you can increase productivity, profit, and potential in your business? Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Cathy today! http://timewithcathy.com
    56m 36s
  • Find Focus and Create a Sustainable Business That Thrives by Getting Clear on Your Values

    16 MAR. 2021 · Whether you’re a big business or a solopreneur, there is a lot to know about how to create a sustainable business that thrives. Creating that sustainable business that thrives is a complex blend of decisions and actions for the business owner. How you will manage the money coming is one of the most impactful decisions you will make. You always want to make sure your business will meet your financial wants and needs in the years to come. Money, however, isn’t the only piece of the puzzle. How you will run your business, the priorities in your life that might influence how much you want to work or how little you want to work, and what part the business will play in your life are also important to clarify, especially for entrepreneurial start-ups who are flying solo and will be juggling all their personal and business roles on their own. So, where do you get that clarity to create the thriving business that serves you and meets your financial needs? Andrea Miller, entrepreneur, piano teacher, and creator of the Behind the Music Studio startup podcast and blog, has some brilliant guidance to offer. In this episode of Productivity to Profit, Andrea shares her expertise on how business owners can cut through the overwhelm of juggling it all and find focus in their business by getting clear on their values. Using those values, solopreneurs will gain the clarity they need to make the important decisions that will set their businesses up for success for years to come. So, join us for this episode full of insight and learn a new way of setting the structure and making decisions about your business that will make your business not only sustainable, but perfectly aligned with your values and goals. https://www.musicstudiostartup.com/ https://theproductivityexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Values-Worksheet-Music-Studio-Startup.pdf Wondering how you can increase productivity, profit, and potential in your business? Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Cathy today! http://timewithcathy.com
    27m 19s
  • How to Achieve Faster Business Growth With More Financial and Personal Freedom

    3 MAR. 2021 · Living the dream, right? We all go into business with big dreams of making money doing what we love, but many business owners quickly find it’s not quite the dream they thought it would be. The reality is that a business is so much more than just the chance to do what you love and make money doing it, and it’s often far more than the business owner bargained for. There is a lot to know about running and sustaining a successful business, and what you don’t know can sink your business before it has a chance to reach its full potential. Learning what you don’t know as a business owner sets the stage for beating the odds and having that successful business you dream of. If you are a business owner who has realized there is a lot more to owning and running a business than you thought, Cathy and her guest, Ann Carden, have some important information to share on how you can scale and grow a successful, profitable business that you won’t want to miss. In her years as a business strategist and growth and marketing consultant, Ann has used her more than 41 years of business, marketing and sales experience - including 29 years of starting six of her own successful businesses – to help business owners think bigger and turn their business into a life-changing asset that fuels their hopes and dreams for the future. The old model of growing a business (market, sell, deliver) is what often keeps business owners on the hamster wheel and not making the money they need or want to make. Ann’s model is to “scale like a boss”, and she shares her 6-step process for doing just that in this powerful episode. She also discusses how to build your brand and position yourself as an expert in your industry, how to set yourself apart from your competition, and the most important thing you can put in place to secure a stable future for your business. So, join us for this informative episode and start learning what you don’t know, but should. https://anncardencoaching.com The money side of your business is what fuels your dreams for the future. Is managing the financial side of your business dragging your dream down? Get your complimentary copy of Cathy’s Money Management Financial Planner and start turning those finances around! https://theproductivityexperts.com/financial-planner/
    50m 11s
  • Leading from the Inside-Out: The Authenticity Paradigm Shift for Your Life and Business

    23 FEB. 2021 · As women, we have so much strength and so many gifts, but are sometimes reluctant to let ourselves shine. We tend to think we should be what others expect us to be, without really giving much thought to who we are and what we really want in life. Deborah LeeAnn Morley, MBA, has spent her entire professional career helping leaders become their most creative, competent, authentic selves, while helping organizations become places where talented people love to work and can accomplish great things in and for the world. Her diverse range of experience has included corporate HR, small business consulting, nonprofit boards, running a small nonprofit for Native American children, and now, empowering women leaders to lead from the Inside-Out. Leading from the Inside-Out is a paradigm-shift for most business owners. We want to grow our businesses and serve our customers, yet rarely do we begin with our own inner guidance. The practices of Grounding, Centering and Becoming Present are the basis for deepening our Confidence, Self-Trust and Intuition - which in turn allow us to do our great work in the world with Authenticity, Grace and Power. Discovering our authentic selves brings a dramatic shift to our lives that can put us on the path we were meant to follow. We just need to be willing to do some soul searching and ask ourselves the important questions that help us uncover our true strengths, ambitions, and gifts. In this episode, Deborah LeeAnn, shares the secrets to uncovering what is true for you, so you can boldly share your gifts with the world, live your passion and purpose with confidence, experience the peace and deep satisfaction of being on the right path for you, and let your light shine. So, if you want to exude confidence, embrace your gifts, and figure out how you can share those gifts with the world, join us for this eye-opening episode that could very well change the direction of your life – in the best possible way. http://www.deborahleeann.com Wondering how you can increase productivity, profit, and potential in your business? Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Cathy today! http://timewithcathy.com
    49m 47s
  • Finding and Following Your True You to Create a Life You Truly Love

    9 FEB. 2021 · You have your dreams for a reason, but how clear are you on what you really want? If anything was possible, what would you choose? And what has kept you from pursuing it? We’ve all had that experience of someone telling us our dream wasn’t possible, or making us feel silly for dreaming the dream, but following our passion and purpose is never a mistake. You have a gift and the world needs what you have to offer. It’s about really getting clear on what you want, having the confidence to embrace it, then taking that first step. Amazing things can happen when we take steps toward following our calling in life. We each have something unique to offer that sets us apart. We each have our own calling and purpose, and when we open ourselves to finding our purpose and passion, we often find the path to making it happen opening up in front of us. In this episode of Productivity to Profit, Cathy speaks with Alexandra Deubner, a transformational coach from Austria who is the defender of people’s dreams and trains others to find and create a life they truly love. Through her motivation and optimism, Alexandra helps her clients believe in themselves and successfully reach even their wildest dreams. Together, Cathy and Alexandra discuss the formula for daring to dream greatly and setting the stage for what you really want for your life to become your reality! So, if you’re feeling that something is missing in your life, or that the path you are currently on isn’t the right path for you, prepare to be inspired by this episode! https://www.alexandradeubner.com/en/ Take the the Natural Productivity Style assessment to discover how you work best, what might be holding you back, and how you can use that insight to put the right strategies in place and get the results you desire.
    48m 6s
  • “But I Don’t Want to Be a Salesperson!”: Best Sales Tips for Entrepreneurs

    26 ENE. 2021 · We’ve all had negative sales experiences, and we all have stereotypes of salespeople come to mind when we think about sales. Even those of us in sales are aware of those stereotypes, and that can bring on a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about how to handle sales’ situations in our own businesses. But if you are a business owner, you are in sales and sales matter to the success of your business. So, how do you become the type of salesperson you would want to work with? How can you create positive interactions with potential clients? There is so much to know when it comes to being a great salesperson, and it’s important to know you don’t have to be smarmy to be successful. Like many other things in business, it comes down to educating yourself on the strategies that will empower your success. On the other hand, if you decide to hire a salesperson, there are some things every business owner should consider. How do you structure the compensation for that position? What traits and behaviors do you look for in someone who will be representing your business and brand - and helping it grow? It all matters if you want that person to truly be an asset to your business. In this episode of Productivity to Profit, Cathy talks with Ag Sales Professionals Trainer & Coach Greg Martinelli, who shares his wisdom earned from over 24 years in sales. http://www.gregmartinelli.net Want to better understand your Natural Productivity Style so you can streamline your time, learn to work within your strengths, and take your business to new levels? Jumpstart your success with this valuable assessment. https://theproductivityexperts.com/self-assessment/
    34m 22s
  • Moving Through Obstacles and Challenges and Getting Unstuck

    27 OCT. 2020 · All of us get stuck at times in our lives. How do you know you’re stuck and what can you do to move beyond it? How to move beyond and get unstuck is the topic of day in this inspiring and informative interview with Speaker, Author, Licensed Therapist/Coach/Hypnotherapist and Podcaster, Darlene Corbett. In the field of behavioral health and a therapist in private practice for over 30 years, Darlene has a wealth of knowledge to share on how people can overcome obstacles that are blocking their path forward – and keeping them from sharing their gifts with the world. What do you do when faced with obstacles or the realization that you are stuck? Do you persist and push through, or do you give up and retreat? There’s always a way to get unstuck, if you persevere. Often, people get so close to getting unstuck, but they stop just short of the breakthrough. If you’re one of those people who feels anxiety and fear as that moment of breakthrough nears, Darlene Corbett offers strategies and insight for changing that pattern. The choices we make in those moments have an impact on our lives. We all face those twists and turns in life. Change, and the need to follow new paths to grow and thrive, is inevitable. Learning to recognize obstacles, navigate changes successfully, and persist are key elements to getting unstuck. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, or what age you are, all of us can reap the benefits of consciously choosing our path forward. It may take some time, but you can do it, and Darlene Corbett will walk you through what you need to know to push through to the rewards on the other side. https://www.DarleneCorbett.com Wondering how you can increase productivity, profit, and potential in your business? Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Cathy today! http://timewithcathy.com
    21m 32s
  • Master Your Mindset, Master Your Life - with Mindset Mastery Mentor Suzan Hart

    1 SEP. 2020 · Is something holding you back - even though you feel confident you are doing all the right things? As small business owners and entrepreneurs, we make choices that affect our lives and businesses every day. Those choices we make and actions we take are often driven by habits, beliefs, and mindset… though we might not even be aware they exist. Mindset affects how you manage your money coming in, how you communicate with others (and yourself), and how you view and interact with the world around you, including how you cope with stress. Transforming your life and business to start getting better results and making the shift to moving in a more positive direction involves exploring mindset, habits, and beliefs. And Cathy knows the perfect person to help you do all of that! In this segment, Cathy Sexton speaks with Mindset Mastery Mentor Suzan Hart. As the creator of the Fit, Fab and Fulfilled program, Suzan uses 7 Mindset Mastery Principles, to facilitate a powerful experiential learning process that encourages the development of the mindset, insights, habits, communication and emotional mastery that support the change and growth necessary to create business success. You’ll learn about the five areas of mindset mastery, how unconscious habits, behaviors, and communications often get in our way and hold us back from the success we desire, and so much more. So, don’t let unconscious messages derail your personal or business success. Explore what’s swirling beneath the surface, master your mindset, habits and beliefs, and soar like never before. https://suzanhart.com Wondering how you can increase productivity, profit, and potential in your business? Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Cathy today! callcathysexton.com
    28m 44s

Learn how to recognize resistance and get to the heart of what's holding the customer back through better communication. Discover a more natural process for selling that is authentic and...

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Learn how to recognize resistance and get to the heart of what's holding the customer back through better communication. Discover a more natural process for selling that is authentic and centered around customer needs, rather than just "winning" the sale.
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