• The Process of Redefining Your Sermon Guided by C.S. Armstrong

    6 FEB. 2024 · In this episode, we dive deep into 'The Process of Redefining Your Sermon' withhttps://www.instagram.com/csarmstrong/. From preaching at the tender age of 10 to crafting soulful blues-inflected tracks, Armstrong's journey is a testament to the power of transformation. His music has become his sermon, a creative narrative steeped in spirituality and inspired by his past experiences. Armstrong opens up about his upbringing, the profound influence of his grandmother, and his eclectic experiences as a military kid. He also tackles the joys and challenges of fatherhood and the profound impact it has had on his perspective on life and his music. But this isn't just about the destination—it's about the journey. Armstrong shares the importance of cherishing every step, focusing on physical wellness, continuous learning, and experimentation in his music. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to take notes. This is Profits in Process. 02:16 The Unique Sound of Music 05:21 The Influence of Hometown on Music 08:30 The Impact of Family and Culture on Identity 08:47 The Struggles and Triumphs of a Military Child 11:06 The Transition from Preaching to Music 17:56 The Power of Music and Emotion 26:02 The Role of Doubt in the Creative Process 29:57 The Importance of Authenticity in Music 31:30 The Influence of Family on Music 34:52 The Power of Voice in Music 50:51 The Power of Authenticity in Music 52:18 Reimagining the Creative Process 59:28 The Impact of Parenthood on Artistry 01:01:03 The Struggles and Triumphs of Being a Musician 01:20:19 The Future Plans and Aspirations
    1h 39m 34s
  • The Process of Reinventing Social Spaces with Social Science Guided by Earry Hall

    23 ENE. 2024 · In this episode, I chop it up with https://www.instagram.com/earryhall/, the brain behind the game-changing community project, https://www.instagram.com/seeyousoon.us/. This conversation delves into Earry's personal journey of self-discovery, introspection, and love, highlighting how these experiences ignited his passion for promoting social health, strengthening community bonds, and fostering self-love. An ex-athlete turned designer and social scientist, Earry shares his insights on the importance of real-world interactions and human connections that are often lacking in our digital-centric lives. He discusses his transition from sports to social sciences and the pivotal role of dance, music, and singing in cultivating vibrant communities. On a personal note, Earry candidly discusses his experience of confronting and healing from his trauma, emphasizing this as an act of profound self-love. He underscores the transformative power of self-reflection and personal growth, and the importance of community in promoting your overall health and resilience. This conversation not only lifts the spirit but also encourages you to prioritize your social health, nurture meaningful connections, and embark on your journey of your unfiltered self. So Relax and take notes. I know you’ll enjoy. This is Profits in Process #profitsinprocess
    1h 44m 30s
  • The Process of Embracing Pleasure Guided by Erica Dickerson

    9 ENE. 2024 · Erica Dickerson has continued to display her multi-talented self while actively making waves in the world of podcasting. As a woman of many roles - a retreat leader, podcast host, and newly published author, to name a few - Erica's path is continuously being shaped and formed by motherhood and her embrace of womanhood in all its forms. Partnering with her co-host Jamila in friendship and business has also been one of the greatest reflections of growth for Erica. Together, they have created a platform that allows them to explore new dimensions of themselves and inspire other women in various ways. Empowering through empowerment. During our conversation, Erica opens up about the challenges and joys of her journey, discussing the introduction of energy balancing, authenticity, and mindfulness into her daily life. We explore the impact of social media, the importance of setting boundaries, and the challenges of maintaining personal energy in our hyper-connected world. Additionally, we have a candid discussion on the topic of pleasure and consent, delving into societal norms and expectations. Erica's personal growth, authenticity, and unwavering commitment to fostering open and honest conversations serve as an inspiration to all of us. This episode will provide valuable insights and empower you to challenge societal norms while embracing personal empowerment. So Relax and take notes. I know you’ll enjoy. Welcome to Profits in Process https://www.instagram.com/profitsinprocess/ https://www.instagram.com/watcherica/ https://www.instagram.com/goodmoms_badchoices/
    1h 33m 39s
  • The Process of Elevating Artistry Guided by KJ Rose

    27 DIC. 2023 · https://www.instagram.com/kjroseeffect is a force to be reckoned with. As the author of "The Rose Effect: Eight Steps to Delivering The Performance of Your Life" and an Artist Development & Performance Director, she has dedicated her life to helping artists unleash their full potential. With her unwavering focus on presence, connectivity, and personalization, KJ has coached some of the biggest names in the industry, including Nas, Lil Nas X, The Lumineers, 24k Goldn, and The Kid Laroi. In her episode, KJ takes us on her journey from being a performer herself to becoming a renowned coach. She delves into her unique methods of tapping into artists' creativity and guiding them to reach new heights. KJ doesn't shy away from discussing the challenges that artists face in the industry. She emphasizes the importance of self-belief, environmental awareness, and maintaining a service-oriented attitude in artistic settings. But KJ's impact doesn't stop there. In her book, "The Rose Effect," she dives even deeper into her transformative coaching philosophy. Through her words, she offers invaluable insights and guidance, providing artists with the tools they need to thrive in the music industry. We all walked away from this conversation inspired and empowered by KJ's incredible journey and her commitment to helping artists deliver the performance of their lives. So Relax and take notes. I know you’ll enjoy. Welcome to Profits in Process https://www.instagram.com/profitsinprocess/ https://www.instagram.com/ryan.grant/ https://www.instagram.com/kjroseeffect 03:07 KJ’s Perspective on Her Role and Impact 04:54 The Importance of Energy and Attitude in Performance 06:27 The Guest's Experience Working with Various Artists 37:46 KJ’s experience coaching Nas and Lil Nas X 44:51 KJ’s Future Plans and Aspirations 46:02 The Power of Individuality in Artistry 49:27 The Importance of Self-Expression and Feedback 52:01 The Importance of Stepping Out of Comfort Zones 52:44 The Importance of Self-Validation and Consistency 53:56 The Power of Advocacy in Artistic Spaces 01:14:15 The Power of Embracing Your Unique Identity
    1h 31m 3s
  • The Process of Pivoting guided by Damian Washington

    28 NOV. 2023 · Life often surprises us when we least expect it. We may be in a comfortable rhythm, whether we are thriving, surviving, or simply going with the flow. Adjusting to our world and routine is part of the human experience. But what happens when our process is suddenly disrupted and completely rearranged? We do what humans do best – we adapt. We rebuild our world and persevere. This is exactly what Damian Washington chose to do. Damian had a successful career in commercial acting, building an impressive resume and reputation. He thought he had a clear path ahead until his health became the main focus. Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis is not an ordinary health issue. It completely changes every aspect of life – values, priorities, and expectations all need to be reevaluated. Listening to Damian talk about embracing his new life and navigating through unknown territory allows us to appreciate our own journey and our ability to adapt with strength. I'm always grateful to hear passionate perspectives from others, like Damian. So Relax and take Notes . I know you’ll enjoy. Welcome to Profits and Process https://www.instagram.com/profitsinprocess/ https://www.instagram.com/damianwashington/ 05:11 The Importance of Preparation and Training 06:23 The Impact of Teachers and Mentors 12:07 The Role of Environment in Shaping Individuals 21:21 Living with Multiple Sclerosis 28:04 The Power of Positive Thinking and Action 30:54 The Role of a Supportive Partner 41:18 The Importance of Self-Care and Rest 48:33 Misconceptions and Realities of Living with MS 52:43 The Role of Biomarkers in Managing Health 01:09:52 The Journey of Self-Expression and Content Creation 01:17:50 The Power of Connection and Community 01:25:48 The Journey of Self-Discovery and Embracing One's Identity
    1h 32m 25s
  • The Process of Connecting with Breath Guided by Manoj Dias

    14 NOV. 2023 · When discussing the concept of process, it can be challenging to determine where it begins and where it ends. This question is something I constantly ponder, as it provides me perspective within my process of finding value. I believe that one fundamental aspect of any process is the act of breathing. The simple act of inhaling and exhaling sets the foundation for various forms of awareness and allows us to tap into ancient practices such as meditation. Meditation, which starts with the breath, serves as our starting point. Our guest, https://www.instagram.com/manojdias_/, is a breath practitioner, teacher, author, father, founder of an innovative tech company, and husband. He reminds us of the power of reconnecting with ourselves and demonstrates how meditation and conscious breathing can transform lives and cultivate mindfulness. Manoj has worked with major brands while also building his own called https://www.instagram.com/op_e___n/. He is one of the leading teachers in the present moment, guiding us towards a future of mindfulness and breath. During our conversation, Manoj shares his personal journey of discovering meditation and acknowledges that even that even the teacher sometimes needs to be reminded of the practice. Tools of integration and implementation are key. So Relax and take notes. I know you’ll enjoy. Welcome to Profits in Process Practice with Manoj + Ryan on https://www.instagram.com/op_e___n/! 30 days free with the code PIP30. Link to claim: https://go.o-p-e-n.com/PIP30 https://www.instagram.com/manojdias_/ https://www.instagram.com/profitsinprocess/ https://www.instagram.com/profitsinprocess/ https://www.instagram.com/op_e___n/ 02:12 Manoj's Book Choice: Ernest Hemingway's Short Stories 08:49 Manoj's Path to Becoming a Meditation Teacher 16:19 Manoj's Daily Struggles and Meditation 26:08 Manoj's Thoughts on Identity and Meditation 35:47 Manoj's Thoughts on Active Meditation 39:01 Understanding Mindfulness vs Meditation 48:33 The Intersection of Culture and Mindfulness 53:11 The Impact of Technology on Mindfulness
    1h 11m 24s
  • The Process of Change Guided by Ben Baller

    31 OCT. 2023 · Each guest that I sit with on the Podcast brings their own unique perspective and experiences. What I don’t know is the direction the conversation will take. I firmly believe that these conversations should be driven by the guest. When the intention is to create a safe space for honest dialogue, I believe it is imperative to allow individuals to take control of the flow. I see myself as someone who helps frame the already beautiful perspective of the guest. Sometimes, this means having a conversation that is different from the rest. A conversation that allows the listener to not only hear but also feel what the guest is going through in their process. That's what I aim for. This conversation with Ben Baller, known in the world of celebrity and hip hop as one of the most famous jewelers, takes us down his past and present paths. He has been fortunate to create a lifestyle that many can only dream of, and within that, he has created opportunities for others and his family. As time and space change, so do values and priorities for everyone. I believe this is the first conversation where you can hear the feelings behind the actions and perspective in real time. I consider it a walk with Ben Baller, allowing you to meet the man, Ben Yang. So relax and take notes. I know you'll enjoy. This is Profits in Process. https://www.instagram.com/profitsinprocess/ https://www.instagram.com/benballer/
    1h 38m 40s
  • The Process of Learning Guided by Alzo Slade

    17 OCT. 2023 · What does it truly mean to be a "forever student" and why would someone want to continuously engage in the pursuit of knowledge? In today's technologically advanced world, where information is readily available and easily accessible, the concept of being a perpetual learner raises intriguing questions. https://www.instagram.com/alzoslade/ serves as a prime example of an individual who embodies this mindset. His insatiable curiosity serves as a driving force behind his relentless pursuit of knowledge. Throughout his diverse career, which has seen him transition from being a professor to a pilot, a comedian to an award-winning journalist, Alzo not only poses these thought-provoking questions but also actively seeks answers to further his own understanding. Alzo's unwavering commitment to self-development is commendable. I firmly believe that continuous learning not only fosters personal growth but also leads to a deeper understanding of the world around us. This understanding, in turn, enables us to forge meaningful connections with others, which is undeniably essential for a fulfilling and well-rounded existence. This enlightening conversation with Alzo truly exemplifies the breadth and holistic nature of his character as an individual. Learning from someone who is perpetually engaged in their own learning journey is not only enlightening but also incredibly enjoyable. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from him. So relax and take notes. I’ll know you’ll enjoy . Welcome to Profits in Process https://www.instagram.com/alzoslade/ https://www.instagram.com/profitsinprocess/
    1h 30m 45s
  • The Process of Freedom Guided by Briana King

    3 OCT. 2023 · Have you ever witnessed someone enter a room and immediately felt the energy of the space come alive because of their presence? Well, that's exactly who Briana King is and what she brings to every world she chooses to be a part of. I have yet to meet anyone whose excitement and enthusiasm for life is as apparent in every action and expression. Her vibrancy is infectious, and simply by being in proximity to her, you can't help but feel a renewed eagerness to embrace life. Briana embodies the essence of living freely. Whether it's skateboarding, yoga, modeling, or surfing, she wholeheartedly pursues what she loves without compromise. At first glance, it may seem like all these interests connect Briana with people and spaces that provide her with the inspiration she craves. However, a closer look reveals that it's actually Briana who uses these diverse cultures and passions to foster connections and create a welcoming environment where people can love, be loved, laugh, and be themselves without fear of judgment. That, my friends, is what it means to truly live. This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite episodes to date, and I will forever be grateful to Briana King for taking the time to join me on this journey. Go ahead and allow her perspective to enrich you. I know you’ll enjoy. So relax and take notes. Welcome to Profits in Process. #profitsinprocess #brianaking
    1h 9m 12s
  • The Process of Building Bridges Guided by Spencer Paysinger

    19 SEP. 2023 · Many people fail to comprehend all the attributes required to become a professional athlete. It takes fortitude, focus, discipline, support, and frankly, a stroke of fortune for all those elements to align and enable you to perform at the highest level alongside the highest level of competitors. While many would consider reaching this pinnacle of achievement sufficient, Spencer Paysinger has taken it a step further once leaving the NFL. Unlike many athletes who struggle with the transition from sports to the "real" world, Spencer had the foresight to pursue his next passion while still playing: storytelling. But his storytelling goes beyond sharing experiences; it aims to create connections and bridge people and ideas. Spencer's goal is to open doors of thought and highlight new perspectives, empowering young individuals to see themselves in a different light and expand their horizons. He is a true catalyst for igniting the fires of energy and inspiration in our communities. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to sit down with Spencer and listen to his intentions, his awareness of the transition process, and how his inner self-portrait kept him grounded on the path of studying and learning in this new endeavor. His dedication to his craft, coupled with the support of his family and his values, creates a harmonious process. As someone who shares a similar journey of breaking new ground as an athlete, this conversation charged me up. So sit back, relax, and take notes. I know you’ll enjoy. This is Profits in Process. #profitsinprocess #addtoyourattributes #spencerpaysinger
    1h 28m 46s

We all have our own processes to navigate our lives, and when examining those processes we unravel fundamental truths about ourselves, our society, and our world. In this practice, we...

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We all have our own processes to navigate our lives, and when examining those processes we unravel fundamental truths about ourselves, our society, and our world.

In this practice, we discover real spaces of growth, realization, and actualization found within our processes - and that these moments are far more valuable than the end goal we might have in mind.

Tap into our episodes to hear stories that truly inspire you to level up.

The growth continues through shared stories.

Welcome to Profits In Process.
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