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Prophecy Unveiled...The Last Days

  • Episode 47 - Revelation in Totality - Man's Darkest Hour, Part II

    16 MAY. 2024 · We are living in a world that seems to have turned upside down.  In our own country, you may ask where did all the evil and wickedness come from? And so suddenly?  Why is wrong right and why is up-down and why have men’s hearts grown so cold?  The answer is, we are living in the last days.  
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  • Episode 46 - Revelation in Totality- Man's Darkest Hour-Part I

    12 MAY. 2024 · Today, God has inspired us to warn His people of the events of the book of Revelation that will be unleashed upon the world as it endures God’s wrath.  We have been prolonging this message because the time was not right until now.  But now, things are happening so fast, you need to know what the future holds.  This podcast is dedicated to revealing the message of the biblical book of Revelation, from beginning to end, as God has given it to us. 
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  • Episode 45 - Leafy

    30 MAR. 2024 · Today's churches are "leafy" churches with "leafy" individuals. They have the appearance of being followers of Christ, but in reality are barren and fruitless!  Many of today's Christian leaders, pastors and preachers alike, are what Jesus called hypocrites, who are afraid to tell the government what thus says the Lord. Everybody marches for their beliefs, except the churches.  Well, the White House has just declared Easter Sunday, "transgender visibility day" and have declared that no religious symbols of any kind will be permitted at the Easter egg hunt.  Well, let's see what the "leafy" churches do.
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  • Episode 44 -MAGA - Make America Godly Again

    28 ENE. 2024 · Before America can become truly great again, she must become Godly again.
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  • Episode 43-Christians Have Every Reason to Celebrate Christmas

    23 DIC. 2023 · The word Christmas was used at the end of the Roman Empire to refer to people who practiced a religion other than Christianity. Rather than go along with celebrating a religious holiday that was not Christian, Christians decided to call the so-called pagan holiday, Christmas, a combination of two words, Christ and mass. No pagan holiday can bring as much jo and happiness as Christmas. Maybe that is why Satan would love to wipe it out. He does not desire to celebrate Christ and does not want us to celebrate the life of the Son of God.
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  • Episode 42 - Sound the Alarm

    15 DIC. 2023 · If you are one of those with your head buried in the sand who thinks America's best days are ahead, then think again. Christians and othersin Aerica are being warned that America is in great trouble as she moves further and further away from God. Jesus said that what we are experiencing today is only the beginning; these are just the "beginning of birth pangs." There is much more to come.
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  • Episode 41 - Why Are Christians Afraid to Publicly Use the Name of Jesus Christ

    22 OCT. 2023 · Those who call themselves Christians are very willing to say"God belss or God this or God that, but they rarely, if ever, publicly call on the name of Jesus or give glory to the name of Jesus, or publicly acknowleddge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Why?
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  • Episode 40 - Where Are God's People

    8 OCT. 2023 · God's people should be out front leading the way to righteousness, leading the way to turning this nation back to God. It is not the unification of the Democrats or Repblicans that we need, but the unification of God's people. God's people must come together and lead with the power given by God, Himself. Many who call themselves God's people have a weak faith. No wonder america gets worse and worse. We want to believe in everyone except God. Many of us believe in Donald Trump or Joe Biden, more than we believe in God, Himself. And the truth is, neither Donald Trump or Joe Biden can heal or save America without Gd's hand.
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  • Episode 39 - CLIMATE CHANGE AND PROPHECY-Episode 23 Replayed

    2 AGO. 2023 · Many of earth's disasters are being blamed on climate change.Maybe it's not climate change we should be concerned about, but rather, what is causing a change in Earth's climate? This podcast offers a prophetic view of climate change that most scientists deny. However, not many scientists will contribute Earth's creation or continuous development to prophecy.
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  • Episode 38 - Revelation 13 - Artificial Intelligence in Prophecy

    22 JUL. 2023 · The world has been hearing a lot about AI or Artificial Intelligence. What is it? And, how does it play into prophecy? The most frightening part of Revelation 13 is verse 15 which says, “And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause all who do not worship the image of the beast to be killed.” The image of the beast will be represented by artificial intelligence which the scripture notes wil be a very dangerous creation in these last days.
    Escuchado 21m 18s

Violence, hatred, killings, deception, ethnicity against ethnicity, wars, rumors of wars. Yes, we are living in the last days! Join Prophecy Unveiled...The Last Days as we tie biblical prophecies to...

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Violence, hatred, killings, deception, ethnicity against ethnicity, wars, rumors of wars. Yes, we are living in the last days! Join Prophecy Unveiled...The Last Days as we tie biblical prophecies to events of the day. Each episode contains powerful information to keep you abreast of where we are on the prophetic timetable and how you can know what the next event will be.
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