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  • PSI Security Podcast - People I didn't meet at The Security Event!

    15 MAY. 2024 · Despite the best laid plans and meetings arranged for The Security Event this year, the PSi editor was unable to attend the show due to an unexpected seven day stay with the NHS that coincided with the Birmingham event. So for this podcast, David Lewis steps in to interview five exhibitors, who all report a great show at the NEC.
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  • PSI Security Podcast - How to sell the benefits of AI

    30 ENE. 2024 · This time we’re taking a closer look at the rise of AI in the security sector, why it is beneficial and discover who is already using it in the real world and what they’re doing with it. We also discuss edge processing and to complete the picture, we find out how you should be promoting the technology to your customers. For more information on the case studies featured visit: https://i-pro.com/products_and_solutions/en/surveillance/newsroom/grimaldi-forum-monaco-elevates-security-and-visitor-experience-state-art-ai https://i-pro.com/products_and_solutions/en/surveillance/newsroom/local-italian-police-department-reduces-park-crime-80-ai-enabled-i-pro
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  • PSI Security Podcast - Partners with benefits

    29 NOV. 2023 · This time around we highlight two essential parts of a successful security installation; the distributor and the monitoring centre. Both sit at opposite ends of the application and can provide installers with support and expertise throughout the contract. Following a quick newsflash, we talk to Carl Meason of Fenix Monitoring about the industry and find out how installers can work smarter with their ARC. We also discuss the pros and cons of AI and the PSTN switch-off. Plus Carl makes a football wager with the editor.... The second interview is with Camilla Kirkham of Nimans, a technology distributor with a growing footprint in the security market. We discover which products are popular and which ones are making way for newer innovations.
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  • PSI Security Podcast - Working smarter and selling AI

    25 OCT. 2023 · This time around we’ve got two interviews for you. One, with Mark Earp of https://www.riscogroup.com/uk, looks at the development of integration in the security sector and the other, featuring Sam Cherri of https://serage.co.uk/, addresses what it’s like to bring a new brand to market and whether or not people are really using the AI features that we’ve seen promoted by manufacturers.
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  • PSI Security Podcast - Time to diversify with AV?

    25 AGO. 2023 · This time around we discuss the benefits in expanding your porfolio to offer AV installations in addition to your current services, and how difficult you might find the move. Also we talk to an expert about the potential problems facing monitored CCTV systems with the impending IP switchover heading for completion in 2025. Plus we meet an installation company that is making plans to become a nationwide provider with new recruits and acquisitions. All this plus a breakdown of the winners in this year's PSI Premier Awards campaign.
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  • PSI Security Podcast - Is it time you caught the Bus?

    27 JUN. 2023 · Do you want to reduce your costs and speed up alarm installs? There is an alternative to the traditional wiring method that can save you time and cable - and it's not wireless. Bus is a simplified architecture that wires the detectors in a line reducing total cable lengths, labour costs, physical zone expanders and on-site maintenance. We spoke to Mark Earp, Technical and Training Manager at RISCO, about the technology and why installers should look at an alternative to the conventional way of doing things.
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  • PSI Security Podcast - Can access control be rewarding?

    1 MAR. 2023 · In this podcast we have three interviews for you. First off we talk about the plans for IFSEC in 2023 and what the event has in store for visitors, then we find out how access control can really be rewarding for installers. Finally we discuss acquisitions and what makes an installation company an attractive target. We also chat about the trends in the market and try to predict what the security system of 2030 will look like.
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  • PSI Security Podcast - Facials, fingerprints and futureproofing

    28 OCT. 2022 · This time we talk to Nick Burke about access control trends and whether the pandemic really made everyone go biometric with their installations. Also we speak to Simon Banks about an initiative to bring a new generation of entrepreneurs into the security sector.
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  • PSI Security Podcast - Careers, cameras and champions

    29 JUL. 2022 · This time around we have two interviews for you. First we talk to Brett Ennals, the MD of Cento Group a recruitment company that works across a number of technical sectors including fire and security so Brett gives us a perspective on how our engineering shortage and skills gap compares to other trades. Then we speak to Sam Cherri, the Director at distributor G-TEC the company behind the Serage brand of surveillance systems. Based in Hounslow, the company is this year celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Both also dare to give us their predictions for the forthcoming Premier League season!
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  • PSI Security Podcast - Are you missing a trick with CCTV?

    13 JUN. 2022 · In this podcast we speak to John MacMahon, MD of RE:SURE, about a number of issues including the rise in the popularity of self-monitored systems, the reduction of false alarms and why professional video monitoring services could be a goldmine that installers are missing out on. Another fascinating revelation was the main difference between Irish CCTV installations and those carried out in the UK. If you’ve not yet added video monitoring as a service then this is one you won’t want to miss.
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The news podcast for security systems installers from PSI magazine.
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