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    Episode 16- Weediquette?

    6 FEB. 2020 · On this episode we talk to Rob again, who was on episode 9 with us. Smoke is smoke?
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    Episode 15- Bong talk bonus

    30 ENE. 2020 · On this "bonus episode" with the gang we talk bongs, pipes and joint... with bonus material including announcing the giveaway winner and we discuss a little experiment the original gang is doing- growing.
    Escuchado 34m 38s
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    episode 14- Throwback to the old school days

    27 ENE. 2020 · On this weeks episode we were lucky enough to have the original gang back together. We read some more stoner moment stories and dive deep into those old school illegal days.
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    episode 13- Original gang

    20 ENE. 2020 · welcome back to the 13th episode!! on this episode we talk to Jon and Julian, the original gang. This is another freestyle episode, mixed with some stoner moment stories, some non-sense and i give Jon a personality test, it was hilarious. You wont want to miss this episode!
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    episode 12- Ed the chef

    14 ENE. 2020 · On this episode we talk to Ed. he explains to us why he vapes, tells us about all his amazing cooking creations with pot and tells us all about his growing, we tried his homegrown and lemme tell you, it was FANTASTIC. This isn't the last time you'll be hearing from Ed, we promise.
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    episode 11- The whole family

    4 ENE. 2020 · welcome back to epsiode 11! happy new years and happy 1 year to puff party podcast!!
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    episode 10- The real OGs

    31 DIC. 2019 · Welcome back to the 10th episode! dont forget to check out mister green on weed maps, 15$ off delivery fee with promo code Puffparty.
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    episode 9- OG and newbie-ish

    16 DIC. 2019 · happy birthday podcast! on this weeks episode i get to chitchat with my two favourite guys, and theyre cousins! light one up and hit play.
    Escuchado 23m 46s
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