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Purpose Life Podcast with Irma & Sarah

  • 052 Focus - Where are you Spending Your Time? 'The Best Yes' Episode 2

    19 MAR. 2020 · Sarah gives us an update on her challenge to stay off social media apps on her phone, and how taking a Time Study survey really opened her eyes to exactly how much time she has in her day to be focused and intentional with her time. 'Never is a woman so fulfilled as when she chooses to underwhelm her schedule so she can let God overwhelm her soul' Reference - Lysa TerKeurst. https://thebestyes.com/
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  • 051 Focus - Scheduling time with intention, Episode 1

    5 MAR. 2020 · In this episode - Sarah reveals how social media apps on her phone are taking up way too much of her time and focus away from what's important. She talks about how she came to this realization and how she is finding a way to still be 'social' but with intention. Song reference - Just Want You by Sarah Reeves
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  • 048 Taking Risks Ep 2 - with Vickie Winkler founder of H.E.A.R.T.

    13 FEB. 2020 · Sarah and Irma share an excerpt from a new favorite podcast, Straight from the Heart. Vickie Wrinkler, Founder of Africa H.E.A.R.T. Ministries (Health Education for Africa Resource Team) talks to Partner Relation Specialist Jerry Kitchel about the early days of the ministry and the moment she knew it was her calling to take that risk and help women living with HIV/AIDS and their children in Kenya. Find their podcast on Spreaker & Spotify. For more about Africa H.E.A.R.T. https://africaheart.com/
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  • 047 Taking Risks Episode 1 Sarah opens up about motherhood and adoption

    6 FEB. 2020 · This month we are talking about TAKING RISKS. In this first episode, Sarah reveals her journey with her husband Jeff on the desire to be parents, the joys, struggles, and disappointments along the way and the moment she stumbled upon Isaiah 43:19 and how that verse spoke to her and helped her let go and remove her desires & plans and replace it with His. Be sure to follow @purposelifewomen on Instagram and Facebook.
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  • 046-Establishing Core Values - Episode 4

    31 ENE. 2020 · Episode 4 of our theme this month - Establishing Core Values. We've decided to spend our last week of each month interviewing moms on the go while they are pursuing their purpose. This week Sarah chats with Coach, mom, teacher Randi Taylor-Toomay on her core values.
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  • 045-Establishing Core Values - Episode 3 Chaili Trentham returns with more advice and how she stays true to her own list

    23 ENE. 2020 · Sarah sits down with Chiali Trentham again this week about breaking down your Core Values and how to best implement them into your life. We'll hear how Chiali does it in her own life and how important it is to 'HALT' what you are doing and get back to your core values to tackle your challenges. You'll also hear about 'Coffee on Leadership' and how you can experience this impactful event. Click below to find out more. https://leadership.coffee/ and follow her on Instagram at @chaili
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  • 044- Establishing Core Values episode 2- The Worksheet with Chaili Trentham

    17 ENE. 2020 · Sarah chats with Chaili Trentham, Director of Operations at West Productions & Leadership Development Consultant and host/creator of Coffee on Leadership. Chaili says Core Values are so important to who you are. So she has created an exercise on how to find your own 'core' values and how to start working on your vision and goals. You can download the pdf printout here https://purposelifehomes.com/podcast/
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  • 043 Establishing your Core Values

    9 ENE. 2020 · They are back! Join Sarah & Irma as they recap about their much-needed hiatus, tell you about the new and improved 'Purpose' and direction of this podcast and how you can be a part of it! This month's theme is Establishing Your Core Values. Because let's face it, you can't start all your goals and plans for the year without Core Values! Rooted in faith Sarah shares how Luke 1:47 moved her share this message with you all.
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  • 042 Brittney McCarthy - But First, Sleep! The best way to get your baby to sleep

    7 MAY. 2019 · Sarah & Irma talk to Brittney McCarthy a Pediatric Sleep Consultant founder of 'But First Sleep'. In this episode, we talk about sleep 'props', pacifiers, letting your baby cry it out, consistency, and how important it is to teach your baby to fall asleep on their own. If you are struggling with your little peanut when it comes to bedtime - you don't want to miss this episode! Plus Brittney is giving a lot of love to mamas this month! First, you receive 15-percent off all Sleep Packages in the month of May. And if you follow her on Instagram be sure to enter a win her Mothers Day Giveaway! You have until May 12th to enter. See her IG for details. @butfirstsleep on Instagram and Facebook https://www.butfirstsleep.com/
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  • 041 Angela Chee teaches us how to be ‘YOU, Amplified!’

    9 ABR. 2019 · Sarah and Irma head to San Diego to sit with Angela Chee, former TV news anchor, media strategist, and communication coach. Angela helps you own your power and your voice and ‘amplify’ your message through speaking, video, and media. In this episode, you will learn… -How to own your voice and be Clear Confident and Connected on and off camera -Mastering your message and performance -Your message is bigger than your fear -How to identify your boundaries – giving yourself grace -Be prepared before you are ready -Learn to ask for help and build your support system -If you are starting anything new, you are not starting at zero -Remember to celebrate and be joyful, embrace the feminine -Create a system that honors where you’re at Be sure to visit her website for more info on coaching and to read her blog go to Angelachee.com and follow her @angelacheetv on all social media platforms Be sure to sign up for her FREE 7 Steps to Confidence Clarity and Connection!! https://angelachee.com/
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Rooted in faith, these moms will bring you laughter, knowledge, and insight on business leadership and family life, through their own experiences and with inspirational guests and experts. Tune-in for...

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Rooted in faith, these moms will bring you laughter, knowledge, and insight on business leadership and family life, through their own experiences and with inspirational guests and experts.

Tune-in for weekly podcasts hosted by full-time Real Estate Agent/Entrepreneur Sarah Dykema, and Veteran Radio Host Irma Blanco.
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