• Are chronic pain killers ok in cats part 2

    27 MAY. 2024 · Topic: New AAFP/ISFM guidelines for chronic NSAID use in cats Part 2 Guest: Dr. Kelly StDenis, renowned veterinarianSummary: - Discusses signs of chronic pain in cats, often mistaken for normal aging. - Explains what NSAIDs are and how they can help manage feline pain. - Dives into the recently released AAFP/ISFM guidelines for the safe and effective use of chronic NSAIDs in cats. - Provides information for cat owners concerned about their pet's chronic pain.
    30m 37s
  • Guidelines for chronic NSAID use in cats part 1

    12 MAY. 2024 · In the podcast with Dr. Kelly StDenis, she delves into the new guidelines from AAFP regarding the chronic use of NSAIDs in cats. Dr. StDenis discusses the importance of these guidelines in managing feline pain and the potential risks associated with long-term NSAID usage in cats. She provides insights into alternative pain management strategies and emphasizes the need for careful monitoring when using NSAIDs in feline patients.
    31m 37s
  • Repeat episode with Dr. Dave Nicol part 02

    2 MAY. 2024 · The podcast episode featuring Dr. Dave Nicol, a renowned veterinarian, delves into various aspects of veterinary medicine, from clinical practice to the business side of running a veterinary clinic. Dr. Nicol shares insights on improving client communication, enhancing patient care, and navigating the challenges of the veterinary profession. Listeners gain valuable tips on building successful veterinary practices while prioritizing the well-being of animals and their human companions.
    27m 8s
  • Repeating Dr. Nicol (why not)?

    14 ABR. 2024 · Due to some personal circumastances we will repeat a golden oldie (the podcast not our amazing guest) from the first year of our podcasts. This podcast with Dr. Dave Nicol delves into the challenges and joys of veterinary practice. Nicol discusses topics ranging from patient care to practice management, offering insights and practical advice for fellow veterinarians. He shares anecdotes from his own experiences and engages in discussions about the evolving landscape of veterinary medicine. Listeners gain valuable perspectives on navigating the complexities of the profession while maintaining a focus on compassionate care for animals.
    24m 25s
  • Cats and choleliths

    3 ABR. 2024 · Choleliths, commonly known as gallstones, in cats refer to the formation of solid material within the gallbladder. These stones can vary in size and composition, sometimes causing health issues for the affected cat.Here are some key points about choleliths in cats: - Formation: Choleliths can develop due to imbalances in the components of bile, such as cholesterol, bilirubin, and calcium salts. The exact cause isn't always clear, but factors like genetics, diet, and certain medical conditions can contribute. - Symptoms: Cats with choleliths might show signs of abdominal discomfort, vomiting, decreased appetite, and jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes). In some cases, they might not display any obvious symptoms until complications arise. - Diagnosis: A veterinarian might suspect choleliths based on the cat's symptoms and perform diagnostic tests such as ultrasound, X-rays, or blood work to confirm the presence of gallstones. - Treatment: Treatment options can vary based on the size and severity of the choleliths. In some cases, dietary management or medications might be recommended to dissolve smaller stones. Surgical removal of the gallbladder (cholecystectomy) might be necessary for larger stones or cases with complications. - Prevention: Preventative measures often involve dietary changes aimed at reducing the formation of gallstones. This might include a special diet low in fat or specific nutrients that contribute to stone formation. Choleliths can pose serious health risks if they cause blockages or lead to inflammation or infection of the gallbladder. Therefore, prompt veterinary attention is crucial if a cat shows any signs of potential gallbladder issues.
    42m 49s
  • What is a cat semi-owner?

    19 MAR. 2024 · Cat semi-owners" might refer to individuals who have a relationship with a cat but don't have full ownership responsibilities. These individuals may care for a cat temporarily or occasionally, providing some care or companionship without being the primary or permanent caregiver. For instance, someone might frequently feed and spend time with a neighbor's cat, offer occasional pet sitting, or assist in caring for a friend or family member's cat without having the formal title of an owner. These semi-owners might not be responsible for all aspects of the cat's care, such as veterinary visits or major decisions, but they still play a role in the cat's life and well-being.
    38m 49s
  • The plague caused by a cat? That can not be true!

    26 FEB. 2024 · In recent news, there has been a case of bubonic plague caused by a cat, highlighting the importance for veterinarians to be aware of zoonotic diseases. Bubonic plague is a bacterial infection transmitted through fleas, often found on rodents and pets like cats. Veterinarians should be vigilant in recognizing symptoms in animals and educating pet owners on prevention measures, including flea control and avoiding contact with wild rodents. Prompt diagnosis and treatment are crucial for both animal and human health. Dr. Mike Lappin, famous infectious diseas expert returns to the purrpodcast.
    17m 40s
  • More feline emergencies with Dr. Tony, Minister of Happiness

    20 ENE. 2024 · In this gripping episode of our podcast, released on September 12, 2017, we sit down with the esteemed Dr. Tony Johnson, DVM, DACVECC, a master in the nuanced and demanding field of veterinary emergency medicine and critical care. As a board-certified expert since 2003, Dr. Johnson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, discussing the most common and pressing emergencies that afflict our feline friends. Join Dr. Susan and Dr Jolle as they delve into a conversation with Dr. Johnson, who not only shares his expertise but also his passion for animal welfare. Currently serving as the Minister of Happiness and consultant liaison for the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), Dr. Johnson's engaging personality and deep understanding of veterinary medicine shine through as he breaks down complex medical scenarios into actionable advice for pet owners. Listeners will gain insight into recognizing signs of distress in cats, what constitutes an emergency, and the steps to take when every second counts. Dr. Johnson, a former clinical assistant professor at Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine, also touches on his experiences teaching the next generation of veterinarians, his contributions to international veterinary conferences, and his active role in the online veterinary community through blogging and writing. Whether you're a cat owner, a veterinary professional, or simply an animal lover, this episode is packed with valuable information that could one day save a feline life. Tune in to learn from one of the best in the field and ensure you're prepared for any cat emergency that may come your way.
    30m 4s
  • Dr. Tony Johnson: From Master of Emergency Medicine to Minister of Happiness - Cats in the ER

    7 ENE. 2024 · Dr. Tony Johnson, a certified maestro in emergency medicine and critical care since 2003, now orchestrates joy as the Minister of Happiness and consultant liaison for VIN. Once a clinical assistant professor at Purdue University's School of Veterinary Medicine, he captivates audiences worldwide through his lectures at international veterinary conferences. With a penchant for prose, Dr. Johnson's pen dances as an active blogger and writer, adding his purr-sonality to this week's acclaimed PurrPodcast, renowned as the feline realm's finest auditory delight.
    24m 41s
  • Cat genes and cancer with Dr. Leslie Lyon part 2

    24 DIC. 2023 · Meet Dr. Leslie Lyons, your friendly neighborhood cat geneticist, part 2. We delve deeper into the exciting world of cat genes and their role in tumors. Dr. Lyons explores the intricate connection between cancer in cats and their genetic makeup. Get ready to uncover the secrets of feline genetics with Dr. Lyons as your guide.
    30m 12s

This is an awesome podcast for veterinary healthcare providers about everything feline. Famous author Dr. Susan Little and surgeon, Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn will discuss medical en surgical issues of cats...

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This is an awesome podcast for veterinary healthcare providers about everything feline. Famous author Dr. Susan Little and surgeon, Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn will discuss medical en surgical issues of cats highlighting simple and practical solutions. If you like cats, you will love this podcast!
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