• Risk vs Reward

    6 SEP. 2023 · Elyshia and I rewind the Daytona 400 race which was the cut off race for the playoffs. We discuss the two drivers who failed to make the playoffs by not being able to point their way in because of getting hurt in activities nonrelated to driving the race car in the Cup Series. They were not able to win a race either since their return to full time racing. My perspective comes from my own experience in the Cup Series as well as being hurt, not able to get back in the car as well as driving hurt. The professional race car driver has an obligation to car owners, sponsors, teammates, and manufactures who spend a great deal of money and time promoting this extension of the brand. Check out our website at https://derrikecope.club/race-theory-podcast
    46m 55s
  • What Happened to American Stock Car Racing

    9 AGO. 2023 · This episode goes in depth about the current state of NASCAR stock car racing. The sport has been through many changes over time, but none more significant that the implementation of the NEXGEN car. This car is a complete departure from our stock car racing roots, with now an emphasis on the road racing sector. We breakdown the influx of Australian race car drivers coming on the scene in NASCAR for the Indy-road course race. Shane Van Gisbergen a driver from the Supercar Series comes in and wins the race at the Chicago Street Course NASCAR race and sets everyone back on their heels. This one shot fired across the world has set things in motion for how and who may get new opportunities in NASCAR. The dynamic has now shifted to road racing instead of oval racing as a discipline that provides more chances to win in the Cup Series to make it to the playoffs. Check out our website at https://derrikecope.club/race-theory-podcast
  • Back in Time: West Coast Grand National

    2 AGO. 2023 · We go back in time to 1970 and 1980. This is a time when racing on the west coast provide great platforms to race and to see some outstanding race car drivers perform at high levels. This would also set the tone for a migration of young talent to go to the east coast to pursue stardom. I reflect on race car drivers that made an impact on me and would set standards for drivers to aspire to. There were three drivers from on the west coast and they would win 11 West Coast Grand National championships between them. I expand on other drivers that would use these examples to make their own decisions to fulfill dreams of becoming professional race car drivers. Check out our website at https://derrikecope.club/race-theory-podcast
    46m 15s
  • Drivers detrimental to the sport

    26 JUL. 2023 · Elyshia and I get on our soapbox in this episode. We dive straight into the actions of drivers in NASCAR and other racing series that put themselves in a bad light and find the means to justify their actions. This is and has been prevalent in NASCAR for some time. The driver's attitudes and personalities have become so self-serving and continues to put the sport in a bad light. We touch on a multitude of driver's currently as well as some from the past that seem to have continued to drive a narrative that is detrimental to motorsports. Check out our website at https://derrikecope.club/race-theory-podcast
    48m 21s
  • Road Racing 101

    12 JUL. 2023 · This episode explores the different elements of the art of road racing. The differences and approaches to teaching methods as well as definitive techniques depending on the type of race car and gearbox application. The optics are something that I spend a great time discussing as well as the process used in breaking down video on a frame-by-frame basis. I also use the data that the AIM Data Analysis provides as a tool to overlay multiple driver's data over one another to provide another visual aid in understanding deficiencies. Understanding the race car driver and their abilities are key, but also how far they can be pushed. There are certain techniques and visual progressions that need to take place to reach the un-tapped potential in the driver. That will provide what is necessary to manipulate a race car instead of just driving it well. Raw God-Given talent is hard to beat, but a great work ethic and desire can go a long way to becoming the race car driver you desire to be. I provide some additional insight on what Elyshia and I have about ready to showcase at track soon, and that is the HOT LAPZ Radical Race Car experience. We will be testing the car this week to finalize the ride along program as well as this new exciting coaching-teaching tool. Check out our website at https://derrikecope.club/race-theory-podcast
    46m 7s
  • Youthful Ebullience with Guest Darin Mock

    5 JUL. 2023 · This episode is all about young race car drivers and their varied paths moving forward to become professional race car drivers. Road racing is the focus and we discuss the difficulties that most all race car drivers go through on their quest to be successful in a highly competitive form of sport. We both touch on the areas of work ethic, and the preparation necessary each week to be the best you can be each race weekend. The TransAm TA2 series is the focal point and the upcoming races at Road America and Nashville, a street course and the nuances of each. Additionally, we speak about the genetic disorder EB that Darin has and the limitations of this, and how he copes with it as well as using racing as a mechanism to bring light to this and to raise awareness about this. Check out our website at https://derrikecope.club/race-theory-podcast
    47m 23s
  • Mow-Hio and the Fields of Dreams

    28 JUN. 2023 · Elyshia and I share our recent road trip to Mid-Ohio. We discuss our observations with regard to all the manicured lawns throughout the countryside on our way to the Mid-Ohio Road racing event in Lexington, Ohio. I have now re-named this state Mow-Hio! We made a stop for the night in Mt. Vernon, Ohio at the Grand Hotel and had dinner in a fine restaurant called the Alcove. What a wonderful little city and so quaint in every way. We further dive into what we came to Ohio for, and that was the Trans Am TA2 race. I dive into the drivers on tap for Nitro Motorsports and how their practices and qualifying efforts go leading up to the actual race. There are obstacles and concerns that have to be dealt with when it comes to decisions on what the weather could hold for everyone. Additionally, we touch on the disparity of all of the Nitro drivers and their mindsets and perspectives for the upcoming race. NASCAR is also mentioned when we showcase the street course race in the city streets of Chicago. A first for the NASCAR Cup Series. We end this episode with updates on the Racetheory Hot Lapz ride along program that we will be offering soon. We just picked up our Radical RXC Spyder 2-Seater race car, and we expand on the offerings and packages for a VIP Racing experience or a corporate outing. Check out our website at https://derrikecope.club/race-theory-podcast
    46m 44s
  • The Journey of Kevin Lepage

    21 JUN. 2023 · This episode we have a guest, Kevin Lepage. He provides and in-depth look into his career from the very start in Shelburne, VA and his journey south to the heart of Stock Car racing. We touch on how our careers parallel each other, as well as similar obstacles and the need to start and own our own teams out of necessity. Kevin highlights his pole qualifying efforts and the wins in the Busch Series and his years at Roush Racing and their multi car teams. There are very candid views and opinions of race team car owner's decisions that require Kevin to make countless changes in direction and continue to strive to make impressions that will provide him another shot at the NASCAR Cup Level. We discuss the controversial "Start and Park" time frame of the sport of NASCAR and the harsh comments from the press and perception within the industry. This leads us to offer insight into his way of coping with the latter stages of an athlete's career, as well as the current state of NASCAR and the sport of motor racing as a whole. Check out our website at https://derrikecope.club/race-theory-podcast
    49m 13s
  • Road Racing: The Heritage and the Hype

    14 JUN. 2023 · This week we delve into the link between NASCAR, IMSA, and World Endurance Racing. We seg way from this past weekend's road races in Xfinity and the NASCAR Cup Series race to the Garage 56 effort that has been in the process for preparing for the Centenary Edition of the 24 hours of Le Mans. This effort was more of a building of bridges and to strengthen relationships between IMSA and WEC IN Europe. The NASCAR NEXGEN car with the addition of Lights, Carbon Brakes, Dive-planes, and minor engine changes makes it's debut at Le Mans and steals the show! This year's race marks 100 years of the running of the 24 hour of Le Mans, and 50 years since Ferrari has made an appearance and entered the event. We discuss the changes to BOP, (the balance of performance) made prior to the race that were not well received by the OEM's. This year's Hyper car entry proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Toyota has won the last 5 years at Le Mans, but it would be Ferrari's day! Check out our website at https://derrikecope.club/race-theory-podcast
    47m 34s
  • The Current State of Racing

    7 JUN. 2023 · I have many opinions of the current state of racing in general. I dive into something that I have a real distaste for and that is protests. I explore the reasoning and the detrimental aspects of what protesting the finishes of race does to the sport. The sanctioning bodies of all these racing series need to find a way to deter the young youthful racers from being so self-absorbed and understand their role as race car drivers being watched by the racing fans of the world. They have a responsibility to conduct themselves as extensions of companies, as brand ambassadors, and the faces of motorsports in general for many years to come. The parents, car owners and sponsors need to have a say and step up and say NO, we will not condone this type of behavior, it is unacceptable, wrecking other race cars, potentially hurting other drivers, just to win the race is not how it is done. Check out our website at https://derrikecope.club/race-theory-podcast
    46m 37s

Do you love NASCAR and all things racing? Meet Derrike and Elyshia Cope, former NASCAR team and married couple. With Derrike's 35 years NASCAR racing background and Elyshia's vast marketing...

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Do you love NASCAR and all things racing?

Meet Derrike and Elyshia Cope, former NASCAR team and married couple. With Derrike's 35 years NASCAR racing background and Elyshia's vast marketing experience, they worked successfully for a NASCAR Cup team for five years and even ran their own Xfinity team. On their show, Race Theory, Derrike and Elyshia discuss asphalt racing, life on the road, how to have a good relationship with sponsors, and how they managed to balance their work and family life as both a couple and a team.
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