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  • Adversities Have Two Outcomes - Ep. 009

    13 ENE. 2024 · Have you found yourself in a season where you told yourself, "I don't know how I'm going to make it through this?" Yet, you did. Adversities are always going to be a part of life. There are two outcomes when it comes to adversities. They bring out the better in you, or make you bitter. In this episode, I share how I couldn't see how this past season was preparing me for something better. How it was making me better by bringing out inner strength. I also share about some moments in life, where I became bitter, and how I managed to accept and forgive myself for those times.
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  • Stepping Out In Faith - Ep. 008

    6 ENE. 2024 · A new year can bring new beginnings. In order to make room for the new, we gotta part ways with some things that no longer serve a beneficial purpose in our lives. Old ways of thinking. Habits. Memories and thoughts are some good places to start. Sometimes, these are dependent on the season of our lives. We get stuck in thoughts about what the next season could be like and forget to look for God. When we do, we see opportunities and possibilites. Even during the most trying seasons.
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  • Crossroads - Ep. 007

    23 DIC. 2023 · Have you found yourself at a crossroads? Wondering, what to do next? This episodes shares how a bold prayer and putting in work, has created an opportunity and made resources available to achieve the next step. After completing a 14 month step study group with Celebrate Recovery, I wondered this very question. Admitedly, I was too shy to talk to God about my desires for a career. Once I overcame that barrier, I remembered that He wants nothing but good for me because I "was made for better". Better than what I limit myself to with an old way of thinking. You are too.
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  • Making Peace with Trauma - Ep. 006

    16 DIC. 2023 · Whether we care to admit it openly, or not, we all have some sort of trauma. Some are more intense than others, while some are more recent than others. How do we heal from the traumas of our life? They hinder our emotions, thoughts and behaviors. In most cases, they also dictate those very things. One of the most powerful acts of self-love a person can do, is make peace with their traumas. This episode shares personal traumas and my personal experience of making peace with them.
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  • Arguing With Humility (feat. Josh Fitzsimmons) - Ep. 005

    9 DIC. 2023 · Have you found yourself in a disagreement that got heated quickly? By the time you catch up to your emotions, you get hit with the regret? "I shouldn't have said that" or "I could have handled that differently" become reruns of thoughts. In this episode, Josh and I share some of our not so great ways we have handled agruements. We are human and we do have those moments. We also share what we have learned and some practical tools you could apply the next time you find yourself in a disagreement. Even during disagreements, we should still be able to bring Glory to God.
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  • Personal Growth - Ep. 004

    2 DIC. 2023 · As humans, we should always be striving to grow in all areas of our life. Sometimes it's planned and cultivated, other times, life happens. We find ourselves fighting to survive and becoming stronger. Four areas of growth are shared from personal experience in this episode. These areas have assisted in creating a solid mindset that reflects into outlook on life. What areas are striving to grow to create a healthier wellbeing?
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  • Happy, Joyous & Free - Ep. 003

    26 NOV. 2023 · Promises. We have had plenty of promises made to us by other people, or even ourselves. Some broken and some kept. What if there were promises that would be fullfilled if you put the work in? What if you knew that God always keeps and fullfills His promises? That should give you hope to keep pushing through the adversities of life. Sometimes, "seeing is believing". I share my experience of promises kept. Both by God and the AA program.
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  • Betrayal & Acceptance - Ep. 002

    18 NOV. 2023 · Betrayal comes in many forms and can hinder relationships with anyone involved. Sometimes betrayal can even be self-inflicted. Is there a way to move passed it in a healthy manner? This past season has taught me how to do so, by placing me in a situation that could have led me back to the streets. However, I was able to take this situation and turn it into a new beginning. This episode shares how you can see victory over betrayal.
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  • Focus On God - Ep. 001

    13 NOV. 2023 · What do you do when life happens? Where do you find hope? The past few months have to job loss and on the verge of becoming homeless. In all that hopelessness, I discovered where I focus my attention determines how my mindset will be. I focused on God. Focused on the solution. This episodes share about how I overcame my struggles and saw victory with determination and strength from God.
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#RecoveringMePodcast is a journey of life, after addiction. After being freed from addiction in August of 2019, Kendall shares about finding faith and freedom through struggles and triumphs. Relationshps, self-awareness,...

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#RecoveringMePodcast is a journey of life, after addiction. After being freed from addiction in August of 2019, Kendall shares about finding faith and freedom through struggles and triumphs. Relationshps, self-awareness, betrayal, and forgiveness are only a few of the topics of for discussion. All driven from personal experiences. Kendall shares about his ever growing journey as a person, and more importantly, a child of God.
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