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  • Episode 85- Jessica Yaffa

    17 MAY. 2024 · Meet Jessica Yaffa, my good friend who is an incredibly special person. She is hosting a relational wellness women’s weekend retreat where YOU will Immerse yourself in a connective weekend journey that prioritizes nurturing the most important bonds in your life – the ones you have with yourself and the people around you. The retreat is taking place from June 7-9th in Encinitas. It will be an incredible few days of curated opportunities to connect with self and others, with a focus surrounding living authentically, tapping into our intuition, exploring our attachment style, examining and solidifying our boundaries, understanding healthy communication and how to practice these concepts (including navigating difficult conversations), emotional regulation, drawing in healthy connections, relational balance and implementation of self-care as a lifestyle. Space is limited, so if you are interested, reach out ASAP. Sign ups prior to May 10th will receive $200 off  Website link: https://www.jessicayaffa.org/relational-retreats/ (scroll to the bottom of the page)
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  • Episode 84- Jamie Fay

    28 DIC. 2023 · On this episode I speak with Jamie Fay, the Co-Founder and CEO of Rationale Brewing, a kick-ass non-alcoholic brew. After losing both of his parents to alcoholism, Jamie was having a deep conversation with his son about being responsible as he was heading off to college. It was this conversation about the importance of moderation and the family's history with alcohol that inspired Rationale Brewing. Jamie has made a huge impact helping consumers moderate their drinking and make smarter decisions. Learn more about Rationale Brewing: - https://rationalebrewing.com/ - IG: https://www.instagram.com/rationalebrewing/
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  • Episode 83- MJ Gottlieb

    23 OCT. 2023 · On this episode I sit down with MJ Gottlieb, the Co-Founder and CEO at Loosid App. We talk about Loosid, an app created for those who choose a sober lifestyle and MJ shares about his struggles with addiction and how he got and stays sober. Make sure to download the Loosid app. More info here: https://loosidapp.com/
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  • Episode 82- Serena Mastin

    11 JUL. 2023 · BUCKLE IN! On this episode I sit down with Serena Mastin. She's a successful entreprenuer, a speaker, and she just wrote an incredible memoir titled Exposed: You can't heal when you hide. Serena has experienced signficant trauma in her life and this podcast just scathes the surface. Serena is an absolute ROCKSTAR and I'm grateful to have connected with her. You can learn more about Serena at https://serenamastin.com/ I highly recommend her book which you can buy on her site or on Amazon.
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  • Episode 81- Ben Tuff

    7 FEB. 2023 · I have a serious question for you. Do you think you could swim for 20 miles in one day? Well my guest today, Ben Tuff has and this dude is a ROCKSTAR! Ben is almost 11 years sober and swimming was a major part of his recovery. Ben recently left his job as a teacher to become a full time recovery advocate with the goal of destigmatizing addiction. He also has a documentary coming out called Swim Tuff and we can't wait to see it! Enjoy this episode! For more information about Swim Tuff visit https://swimtuff.com/
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  • Episode 80- Hilary Phelps

    24 ENE. 2023 · I have an awesome episode for you today. I had the pleasure of speaking with Hilary Phelps, who is over 15 years sober. For 15 years she kept her alcoholism and sobriety a secret because she was concerned about what other people would think. Now, she is speaking out, sharing her story, and letting those who are struggling know that they are not alone. Hilary is such a rockstar and I had a blast speaking with her. Hope you guys enjoy this episode! Follow Hilary for more inspiration: @hilaryphelps_
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  • Episode 79- Jared Callahan

    16 ENE. 2023 · I love connecting with cool, creative people who are great storytellers and in this episode you’re going to meet one of them, Jared Callahan. Jared is a film maker that directed an amazing documentary called Clean Slate. Clean Slate is about two best friends who make a short film while in rehab. This film is so raw and real and shines a bright light on the true struggles of addiction. Clean Slate is an emotional rollercoaster that will make you smile, it’ll make you cry and I highly recommend everyone seeing it! More on Clean Slate: https://www.peoplepeoplemedia.com/films/cleanslate
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  • Episode 78- Top 3 For Recovery with Luc

    11 DIC. 2022 · On this episode, ROCKSTAR Luc shares his top 3 tips to stay sober. For more inspiration follow Luc on Instagram @marathon2sobriety!
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  • Episode 77- Dedee Pfeiffer

    20 NOV. 2022 · On this episode I get the pleasure of interviewing Dedee Pfeiffer who is a big ball of energy and nothing but positive vibes. Deedee shares her incredible story and details her life saving recovery after struggling with addiction. Quick plug… make sure to check out Deedee on her show Big Sky which is on Wednesday’s at 10p on ABC. Enjoy the show! Follow Dedee: IG @dedeepfeifferofficial.com
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  • Episode 76- Hit of Hope, Shout out to Natasha and Jack

    12 NOV. 2022 · On today's Hit of Hope, our ROCKSTARS of the week are Natasha and Jack. Natasha is 10 months sober and Jack is delivering some motivation to help us go out and do something which feels crazy difficult, you'll feel amazing doing it! For more inspo for these ROCKSTARS! Natasha- IG @Tasha.Lurie Jack- IG @JackCotterill
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