• Ep. 35 Dengue: Prevention, Diagnosis & Field Treatment

    14 AGO. 2023 · Cases of dengue are increasing globally, with large-scale outbreaks across Nepal, Peru, Bangladesh, Brazil and Argentina to name a few. This epidsode provides an overview for expedition medics, humanitarians, overlanders, trip leaders, safety staff, film crews and disaster response teams, including key risks, prevention strategies, signs, symptoms, DDx, diagnostic tools and field treatment. From water treatment and fogging to vaccines and natural repellent...this show is all about dengue prevention.
    34m 36s
  • Ep. 34 Ukraine: Safety & Preparation for Medics & Humanitarian Workers

    11 ABR. 2022 · Medics & Humanitarians working in, or preparing to travel to, Ukraine. We discuss the preparation, hostile environment awareness training (HEAT), the RED MED course and security tips to maximise provider safety and patient care in remote, austere and limited resource environments.
    37m 22s
  • Ep. 33 Interview with Colin Smart (TSG): Hypothermia Management, Triage & Remote Medicine

    26 FEB. 2021 · We interview Colin Smart from TSG Associates to discuss remote medicine, operational planning, triage, hypothermia prevention and TSG's latest studies and products to support our role in rescue, expedition, disaster, wilderness and tactical medicine. Midway through Colin demonstrates TSG's new Xtract Heatsaver stretcher hypothermia management kit. To view the demo, please check out our YouTube channel (Servicios Medicos SOS). We later discuss TSG's new AFloat device to support water rescues, disaster management and later segway to SOS' medical missions in rural Guatemala, supported by our gourmet Guatemalan coffee and volunteer opportunities.
    1h 43m 4s
  • Episode 32 Which Trauma/Tactical course? PHTLS, TCCC-MP, TECC, CLS, TECC-LEO, PHTLS Military, RED MED?

    2 FEB. 2021 · Which trauma/tactical course is right for me? A brief overview of the PHTLS TFR, PHTLS (civilian), Military PHTLS, TCCC-MP, CLS, TECC, TECC-LEO and RED MED courses along with the IBSC Tactical Paramedic Certification (TP-C) and Tactical Responder Certification
    27m 41s
  • Episode 31. Disaster Guatemala

    30 NOV. 2020 · Overview of the phases of disaster management, impacts of recent hurricane, tropical storm, and COVID-19. Response operations, international disaster response teams, preparation, deployment, Remote24 telemedicine and diagnostics system, SOS Coffee supporting medical missions during the recovery phase and the launch of the RED MED online and onsite course.
    36m 36s
  • Ep. 29 Hostile Environment Close Protection: Interview with Damian Rawcliffe of Apollus Medical (Medical Training)

    10 MAY. 2020 · We interview Damian Rawcliffe, an experienced close protection officer, ambulance professional and CEO of Apollus Medical: we discuss the training, preparation and equipment for remote and hostile close protection operations. From embassies, deserts and oilfields, we look at medical emergency response planning, clinical governance, planning, communications and continuing medical education.
    1h 49m 3s
  • Episode 28 - Medical Missions (coordination, volunteering, epidemiology, safety, security, equipment & cultural considerations)

    29 ABR. 2020 · Overview of coordinating medical missions for underserved communities, considering epidemiology, logistics, security, risk assessment, cultural issues, terminology, point of care testing etc. Ideal for anyone planning a medical mission or considering supporting one as a volunteer.
    47m 12s
  • Episode 27 POCUS for COVID-19 (Lung Ultrasound)

    7 ABR. 2020 · An intro to performing lung ultrasound in the field, the benefits, how to identify a normal lung, benefits of POCUS in COVID and to identify lung pathology associated with COVID-19
    19m 30s
  • Episode 26 Yale NP-C on Wilderness Education: Interview with Dr. Ben Woodard MSN NP-C FAWM

    21 MAR. 2020 · A dive into wilderness medical education from a didactic and kinaesthetic perspective. We discuss Ben's career, wilderness courses, the Fellowship process, his doctorate, favourite gear and some COVID-19 tips, along with future wilderness CME trips and the launch of the RED MED book.
    1h 4m 22s
  • Episode 25 COVID-19 on RED MED Operations

    20 MAR. 2020 · An overview of the disease (COVID-19), precautions, disinfection, signs and symptoms and considerations for remote operations.
    21m 18s

RED MED is a platform for healthcare professionals (HCPs) working in or aspiring to join Rescue, Expedition & Disaster Response teams, along with HCPs working in the wilderness, humanitarian or...

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RED MED is a platform for healthcare professionals (HCPs) working in or aspiring to join Rescue, Expedition & Disaster Response teams, along with HCPs working in the wilderness, humanitarian or tactical spheres. On this podcast we share information, ideas and experiences, course information and connect like-minded members of the RED MED community

Hosted by: Chris Gibson FAWM WP-C TP-C (Wilderness, Flight & Tactical Paramedic, SOS Medical Services, author of Rescue, Expedition & Disaster Medicine).
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Autor Chris Gibson
Categorías Medicina
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Email info@redmed.education

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