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Reform California with Carl DeMaio

  • 5 Top Problems With CA’s Bad Budget Deal

    25 JUN. 2024 · CA’S BAD BUDGET DEAL: Newsom and state Democrats just finalized a really BAD budget deal! I cover the top 5 worst items in the budget — LISTEN!
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  • A CORRUPT RULING! CA Supreme Court Silences Voters on Taxes

    22 JUN. 2024 · COURT ENDS DIRECT DEMOCRACY IN CA: The liberal CA Supreme Court showed they are completely corrupt this week by siding with Gavin Newsom to REMOVE the CA Taxpayer Protection Initiative from the November ballot — and end your right to propose and vote on citizens initiatives! Learn more and fight back — LISTEN!
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  • More Fraud Coming to CA Elections!

    21 JUN. 2024 · CA ELECTIONS WILL GET LESS SECURE: CA already has some of the worst election processes in the country, but they're about to get even less secure under 3 new laws coming soon! Get the details and help fight back — LISTEN!
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  • A Rare Win For CA Small Businesses!

    20 JUN. 2024 · BIG WIN FOR SMALL BUSINESSES: CA small businesses just scored a major victory in helping to block frivolous lawsuits! Under threat of an initiative we backed, Gavin Newsom and the Legislature have ACTUALLY agreed to a compromise reform package! Get the latest details and join the fight — LISTEN!
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  • Gavin Newsom Extortion Scandal!

    19 JUN. 2024 · EXTORTION BY NEWSOM AND DEMOCRATS: New email leaks and “poison pill” threats prove Gov. Gavin Newsom and CA Democrats are extorting law enforcement and voters to try to defeat the anti-crime Prop 47 repeal initiative in the November election! Get the details and help us expose Newsom — LISTEN!
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  • CA Democrats Sue to Make Homelessness WORSE!

    18 JUN. 2024 · HOMELESSNESS GETS MUCH WORSE: CA Democrats are now SUING to protect homeless encampments! Plus, they're already looking to divert money from the recently passed Prop 1 away from helping the homeless! Get the latest crazy details — LISTEN!
    Escuchado 18m 1s
  • FINALLY! CA Voters Revolt Against Democrats

    15 JUN. 2024 · VOTERS REBEL AGAINST CA DEMOCRATS: New polling data shows that a majority of CA voters don't approve of Newsom, the CA Legislature, or the direction the state is going! Find out how this news can affect the November election — WATCH!
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  • California’s Sham Budget!

    14 JUN. 2024 · CA BUDGET IS A SHAM: CA Democrat legislators are claiming that they've passed a budget, averting a June 15th deadline that would've cut their own pay — but they actually only passed a phony “placeholder” budget until they get what they really want! Learn all about the sham process – and how we fix it! WATCH!
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  • Special Interests Control California!

    13 JUN. 2024 · SPECIAL INTERESTS CONTROL CA: A new report shows that the far-Left and special interests, rather than the voters, ACTUALLY call the shots in CA! Find out more and help fight back — LISTEN!
    Escuchado 14m 17s
  • Democrats Build Luxury High-Rise for the Homeless!

    12 JUN. 2024 · HOMELESS HIGH-RISE: LA Democrats are building a taxpayer-funded luxury high-rise building to house the homeless, which will include amenities like skyline views, a gym, a computer room, and more. Get the latest and learn how to ACTUALLY solve the homeless crisis — LISTEN!
    Escuchado 15m 54s
Reform California with Carl DeMaio breaks down the latest news in California and what YOU can do to get involved in the fight to take back our great state.
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