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Reimagining Humanity's Future and Yours

  • Dr. David Gruder Interviews - DIANE FORSTER - Reimagining the Entertainment Industry

    11 JUN. 2024 · Reimagining the Entertainment Industry to Support Humanity's Best Future:  In this amazing episode, we delve into the entertainment industry's pivotal role in fostering self-development, with the help of multi-award-winning TV host & America's Mindset Coach, Diane Forster. She shares innovative ways the industry can enhance mental health support and empower women, especially in their second half of life. Discover the life-changing possibilities that arise from reimagining entertainment's impact on women's happiness, mental health, and personal growth around the globe. Prepare for inspiration as we journey to reimagine the entertainment industry with trailblazer Diane Forster! As an award-winning TV host dubbed America's Mindset Coach, Diane is founder of the I HAVE TODAY TV NETWORK, through which she is shaping a new era of transformational television. Her many accolades include “TOP TV HOST and MINDSET COACH” and “AMERICA’S MOST INSPIRATIONAL MINDSET COACH” from the International Association of Top Professionals. Her podcast, "BE A TV STAR HOST," further solidifies her well-deserved reputation as a game-changer in personal development television. Diane's dedication to equipping women to thrive in the second half of life also led her to create the STAR TV HOST Academy Program, to enable women with valuable messages to become industry stars. Join us as we discuss innovative ways to harness media for a better society in "Reimagining the Entertainment Industry to Support Humanity's Best Future." Get ready for an engaging conversation with my colleague, the one and only Diane Forster!
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  • Dr. David Gruder Interviews - MIKE VERA - Reimagining the Future of Health

    25 MAY. 2024 · Reimagining the Future of Health: Becoming Health Self-Sovereign in the Disinformation Age. Why does public health keep declining while root causes remain unaddressed? Our health system often prioritizes symptom control over high-level health. In this episode, I discuss with health resilience expert Mike Vera how to become "health self-sovereign" by propaganda-proofing, elevating self-awareness, and connecting with local food systems. Get actionable steps for cultivating your mental resilience and reimagining how to boost your optimal health despite today's conflicting health messages. Prepare to be captivated by the visionary force that is Mike Vera! With a rock-solid foundation as a Board Certified Health Coach (NBC-HWC), Mike has taken his passion for health and wellness to new heights. Combining his MS in Exercise and Health Promotion with years of experience as an adept personal trainer, he’s become the driving force behind Avantia Health Optimization. But that's not all – Mike also hosts the Healthy & Awake Podcast, where he dives deep into the fascinating intersection of health, medicine, and the subtle undercurrents of persuasive influence. Armed with a deep understanding of cognitive psychology, Mike expertly unravels the strategies that shape our perceptions, empowering you to elevate not just your health, but every aspect of your life. Get ready to be inspired by the one and only Mike Vera!
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  • Dr. David Gruder Interviews - DR. MILUNA FAUSCH - Reimagining Your Voice

    11 MAY. 2024 · Reimagining Your Voice: Command Your Life & Shape the World In our divided world of people constantly talking over each other, feeling heard is often a challenge. Harmful speech damages relationships and society. Dr. Miluna Fausch views elevating our language as a huge key to self-sovereignty and positive impact. In this thought-provoking episode, she will shine a light on ways you can elevate your communication to more effectively strengthen your connections, collaborations, and communities. The dynamic and multifaceted Dr. Miluna Fausch is our fascinating guest in this episode. She is an executive coach and Forbes author of "Uplevel Your Communication: Evolve Your Presence and Speech to Change Everything,"  fondly known as Dr. M, she combines her extensive experience in vocal performing, acting, camera technique, and energy healing, with her doctorate in holistic psychology and being a Marianne Williamson-certified Miracle-Minded Coach, to help purpose-driven leaders and executives elevate their confidence and effectiveness through their presencing and voice. This unicorn blend makes her a sought-after guide for those yearning to make a significant impact through effective communication. On a more humorous note, this Swiss passport holder and Formula 1 aficionado delights in trying to resist devouring an entire bag of jellybeans in one sitting! Get ready to discover how elevating our presencing and language can profoundly impact our connections, collaborations, and communities.
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  • Dr. David Gruder Interviews - STEVE FARBER - Infusing Love Into Business & Government: No Longer Optional -- Imperative!

    27 ABR. 2024 · Is love a woo-woo concept for businesses and governments, or a critical overlooked success ingredient? Renowned leadership expert Steve Farber illuminates the damage created by an organization's love deficits and offers practical tips for infusing "operationalized love" into your culture's DNA, to drive high-level engagement, collaborative innovation, unwavering loyalty, die-hard supporters, and ultimately, bottom-line results that propels your business or government group to new heights. Ranked on Inc.’s Global Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts list, Steve Farber is a Wall St Journal and USA Today best-selling author and the founder and CEO of The Extreme Leadership Institute. His first book, The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership, was named one of the 100 Best Business Books of All Time. His 4th book, Love Is Just Damn Good Business, was listed by Book Authority as a top business strategy book. His most recent book, Twisted Business: Lessons From my Life in Rock and Roll, was co-written with Jay Jay French, founder, manager and guitarist of the iconic rock band, Twisted Sister. Steve has been writing songs and playing guitar for 50 years, and it doesn’t take much to convince him to play during one of his keynote speeches, which he delivers frequently in the US and around the world.  
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  • Dr. David Gruder Interviews - TONY BODOH - Reimagining Satisfaction: Crafting Experiences that Transform Lives

    30 MAR. 2024 · Tony Bodoh is the CEO of Tony Bodoh International (TBI), a customer experience consultancy. TBI applies the science of human experience to deepen customer relationships that build brands and grow businesses. Named one of the “Top Customer Service Movers and Shakers You Should Follow,” Tony is a speaker, co-author of four #1 Amazon Best Selling books, and the co-host of the “REALLY Know Your Customer” podcast.  He has served on multiple for-profit and nonprofit boards, and is the Chief Strategist for The Congruity Group, and the Strategy Director for the positive behavior change marketing agency, DiGo. He spends his “free time” volunteering in his community with his daughters and binge-watching historical documentaries.
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  • Dr. David Gruder Interviews - MARK DIMASSIMO - Redefining Marketing

    18 MAR. 2024 · Ready to break free from manipulative marketing and deceitful brands? In this enlightening conversation on the power of ethical purpose-driven publicity in the 21st century, Positive Behavior Change Marketing expert, Mark DiMassimo, talks with host Dr. David Gruder, to illuminate marketing gone wrong and how to spot ethical marketing in a sea of manipulation. Join us to reimagine branding, marketing, and buying, which enables ethical businesses to attract the conscious consumers who seek them. Mark DiMassimo is a trailblazer in the branding, marketing, and advertising industry. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DiMassimo Goldstein, Mark champions the concept of "behavior change marketing" that fuels growth in businesses and brands committed to improving lives. Recognized four times as a “Future 50 CEO” by SmartCEO magazine, Mark is a sought-after media commentator on the profound impacts of advertising and branding on popular culture. He also co-authored, "Inside the Minds: Innovation Unleashed," an insightful book exploring the creative force behind successful marketing communications. Join us as Mark shares his invaluable insights on reshaping the marketing landscape for a more ethical, purpose-driven, and positive future.
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  • Dr. David Gruder Interviews - RICK BRONIEC - Reimagining Masculinity: Becoming a Psychospiritually Mature Man in the 21st Century

    5 MAR. 2024 · Tired of boy-men, tyrants, or overly sensitive guys? Done with traditional notions of masculinity? In this episode, Dr. Gruder interviews men's work expert Rick Broniec on mature masculinity in the 21st century. They explore 3 common-yet-immature versions of masculinity, what's fueling them, and 3 key ingredients in a reimagined vision of healthy masculinity that integrates being nurturing and challenging. Join us to discover how we can elevate masculinity to help shape humanity's best future! Rick Broniec, M.Ed., is a renowned leader, speaker, consultant, coach, and multi-bestselling author with a deep understanding of men's needs in today's world. Since 1990, he has facilitated personal growth and leadership workshops for thousands of men across 11 countries and 5 continents. Rick is a leader and trainer for the ManKind Project (MKP) and has co-created successful multicultural awareness trainings, including "Isms & Issues: An Introduction to Multicultural Awareness" and "Power, Privilege, and Difference in the Workplace" (PPDW). As a sought-after speaker, he shares his wisdom worldwide on the benefits of multicultural awareness in organizations. His latest #1 bestseller, "Power Tools for Men: A Blueprint for Healthy Masculinity," co-authored with Leonard Szymczak, guides men in developing positive, empowered identities.
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  • Dr. David Gruder Interviews - MARK HEWITT - Regenerative Economics

    18 FEB. 2024 · While we all know the world’s economic system is broken, few people have a truly viable fix for this. One that actually elevates humanity. My guest, Mark Hewitt, does. In this episode, we explore how an innovative approach to economics, called Regenerative Economics, holds the key to creating a sustainable and prosperous future for humanity, and for each of us as individuals. It does this by connecting economic, social, and environmental systems, to support personal and societal wellbeing. Mark Hewitt is a renowned leader in Regenerative Economics, sustainability, and banking economics. A business innovator and “sustainabilist,” Mark has dedicated his career to curating and creating innovative solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with regenerative economic principles to create an elevated future. With over 40 years of experience in technology and finance, Mark is among the very few who are at the forefront of driving the kinds of positive change in the business world that actually can build a better world for all. https://medium.com/@mshewitt317
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  • Dr. David Gruder Interviews - DAVID CORBIN - Reimagining the Future of Business

    3 FEB. 2024 · Are you tired of brands that don't practice what they preach? In today's Transformation Economy, full-time brand integrity is crucial for business success. Join us as we talk to brand integrity expert David Corbin, who reveals how to spot brand slaughter symptoms, uplevel your brand's integrity, and take action to become your industry's integrity leader. If you want your enterprise to thrive in the Transformation Economy, or if you simply want to be a happier consumer, don't miss this episode!
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  • Dr. David Gruder Interviews - PEGGY O'NEAL, JD, CIMC - You Already Are What You Seek

    23 ENE. 2024 · Peggy O’Neal worked in President Bill Clinton’s administration. She holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Arkansas and is a Certified Integral Master Coach. Peggy has coached leaders and entrepreneurs throughout the world for more than 35 years, after having practiced law for 12 years. Her mission is to help free changemakers from the illusion of separation that is the root cause of personal, organizational, and world problems… not only so we can live authentically and effortlessly, but so we can far more fully turn our highest aspirations into reality. The foundation of Peggy’s work is what she calls Wisdomary Leading, an enlightened approach to extraordinary leadership that combines the great wisdom teachings with evidence-based science. She also spearheads “ Unite for Democracy,” a grass-roots method for dissolving divisiveness and polarization.
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Get ready to reimagine the future of humanity and unlock your true potential! Welcome to 'Reimagining Humanity's Future and Yours,' hosted by Dr. David Gruder, an internationally renowned integrative psychologist,...

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Get ready to reimagine the future of humanity and unlock your true potential! Welcome to 'Reimagining Humanity's Future and Yours,' hosted by Dr. David Gruder, an internationally renowned integrative psychologist, human potential expert, author, and social change catalyst, as he delves into the most urgent issues of our time. With the world facing unprecedented challenges and social and political divides growing deeper, it's time to take action. Each episode of this groundbreaking series will empower you with invaluable insights, strategies, and tools to heal these divisions and restore personal freedom and societal well-being. Whether you're a concerned citizen, a courageous leader, an influential figure, or an ambitious entrepreneur, 'Reimagining Humanity's Future and Yours,' will guide you on a transformative journey. Discover your unique role in creating a brighter future for yourself and society at large. Dr. David Gruder, will draw upon his extensive knowledge and experience to provide practical solutions for shaping the world we live in. With his passionate exploration of social change, he will help you navigate through the complexities of our time and inspire you to make a meaningful impact. So, prepare yourself for an eye-opening experience as we delve deep into the heart of the matter. 'Reimagining Humanity's Future and Yours,' will challenge your perspectives, ignite your imagination, and equip you with the tools you need to reimagine and redefine the world around you. The time to transform our future is now. Join us on this incredible journey and enter a new era of possibility.
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