• Interviewing Sam Bankman-Fried on December 6th, 2022

    27 DIC. 2022 · Interviewing Sam Bankman-Fried on December 6th, 2022 linkedin.com/in/DeFi/ twitter.com/rekt
    45m 42s
  • Interview with Brandon Millman, CEO of the Phantom Wallet, the #1 Solana Crypto Wallet

    18 SEP. 2021 · The phantom wallet is the #1 Solana wallet by downloads, reviews, and daily active users. In this interview, we discuss the Solana crypto chain, how Brandon got into the crypto space, what's on the horizon for Phantom, and how the Solana blockchain interacts with Ethereum, EVMs, and the blockchain ecosystem. #SOL #Solana #Phantom
    18m 17s
  • Interview with Cannabis Industry Veteran Nick Tennant of Precision Extraction

    1 SEP. 2021 · Today's Twitter Spaces Interview is with Nick Tennant of Precision Extraction runs of one of the largest cannabis extraction consulting firms and can connect you with a marijuana expert, cannabis expert, medical marijuana expert, or manufacturing contact if you're a MMJ business looking to grow. https://precisionextraction.com/ Rob: Nick has a huge operation going in terms of its influence in helping companies that are trying to get into the extraction space so they can create marijuana products with a consistent amount of dosing and is really doing a lot in the space for marijuana, making it more easy for companies that want to jump in to do so with a certain level of expertise and experience. Nick: Thanks for having me. It's a pleasure to be here. Rob: I think one of the most interesting areas that people outside of blockchain had been requesting an interview on or some sort of a primer on has been marijuana. I was telling you before the show that there's a lot of overlap, like VC funds that are in blockchain are also heavily. A lot of times. Medical marijuana here in Southern California, like getting either distribution or processing or manufacturing. How did you come into first blockchain and then marijuana in terms of as a career. Nick: Sure. So I've been in blockchain since 2016, and I guess you would kind of characterize me always as a technology enthusiast, right? Like any sort of disruptive technology I've always gravitate towards. And I just try to understand. As much as I can about why it's disruptive, why the technology is going to change the future state of the world and kind of run through scenarios in my head about, if this, then this and how will this progress and proceed. And what's the, the likely paths and the likely outcomes. And I think when you run through. That thought process, it leads you to understand the future state of the world. And blockchain was one of those things that obviously, with Bitcoin back then with the financial system set up the way that it is, and we can go into all that long-winded conversation of course, there, but just really saw the future state of the world being integrated with blockchain and being integrated with decentralized technologies and, and Independent currency, right? Like this parallel monetary system that's being built next to this old system that has many flaws of course, and live through the, the 2017 boom, watch the Ethereum go from seven bucks all the way up to, 1400 or thereabouts and all the way back down and made some good trades and bad trades. And the whole time I was still running.our company in the cannabis space. And so trying to. Follow both paths. We went, obviously went into the crypto winter there 2018, 2019, but I was still building everything in the cannabis space. And I'm not full time in crypto I'm full-time in cannabis, but still follow the technology, invest in and really have my ear to the ground and what's happening. Rob: You're so right. Like there's a lot of carryover in both spaces where you've seen a huge shift. I worked in private equity for about a year. And the guy that actually led my tech department went to go work for canopy and he kind of helped usher. Some huge investments into marijuana right. About the same time that a lot of blockchain projects were scaling. And I wonder from your point of view, it seems like during the early stages of blockchain, you had, people that were coming in as a hobbyist or the seriousness, wasn't quite there, sands a few projects here and there. And then the perception, at least in Southern California, that like with marijuana, That the seriousness wasn't quite there, like real scientists wouldn't get into it. And then as the legalization came and bigger and bigger scientists and influencers and celebrities got in like the series. Started to make a real shift. Did you see that shift in your own life, like interacting with other kinds of marijuana companies and scaling things? Yeah, Nick: definitely. I mean, I think that there's a parallel path here because what you have to understand is that they both came from a taboo sort of social interpretation, right? Like blockchain or Bitcoin being used on silk road, cannabis being an illicit drug. Right. They both have. The social interpretations of being taboo or negative or, or whatever it was. And so naturally the paths were somewhat similar, at least from like a socioeconomic economic perspective and the way that people interpreted them. So really, in the early days of cannabis, You were worried how far you could stick your arm out because it might get chopped off. And I think that a lot of the same held true in the early days of blockchain, right? I mean like the Mt. Gox hack and all these crazy things that happen. But as the infrastructure started developing. #cannabis #MMJ #marijuana
    31m 41s
  • DeFi Interview with Blockchain Watchdog Chris Blec

    29 JUL. 2021 · Chis Blec offers a fresh take on oftentimes guarded DeFi projects and keeps developers honest with the level of security their projects actually deliver and that which they purport to deliver. Check out my Blockchain Book, DAO: The Time is Now, free to read with Kindle Unlimited. https://amzn.to/3wU0drT
    18m 38s
  • Gamestop, Wall Street Bets, and Reddit become the Story and Drama Ensues

    29 ENE. 2021 · Regulators, Hedge Funds, Retail Traders, and billionaires collide!
    34m 20s
  • Rekt Radio: Interview with AI Expert Professor J. Scott Christianson

    26 OCT. 2020 · Today we're interviewing J. Scott Christianson, the well-regarded expert in artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, education tech, and the Internet of things (IoT). He's also Assistant Teaching Professor of Management - Trulaske College of BusinessCheck out his classes at the University of Missouri for MBA and university students as well as his blog and newsletter at:https://www.christiansonjs.com/https://mailchi.mp/f8f0219bc305/jscott-Want an audio version?https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/rekt-radio/id1525104123?uo=4https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuc3ByZWFrZXIuY29tL3Nob3cvNDUxOTU2Mi9lcGlzb2Rlcy9mZWVk
    20m 45s
  • Rob Discussions on the Ecosystem

    10 AGO. 2020 · Discussing the current state of the ecosystem and how it all integrated into the fast-moving world of DeFi which is leading the crypto conversation over the last few weeks.https://www.linkedin.com/in/defi/
    11m 13s
  • Building Blocks of a Brand in Blockchain

    25 JUL. 2020 · Hey guys, it's Rekt Rob. So, in case you're interested about me. I am a blockchain educator I guess you'd say computer science educator I teach the blockchain tech certificate program at California State University San Marcos, of which there's round coming up in Fall which would be starting the 31st of August, so check out the CSUSM extended learning info page where I did a few info sessions and have one coming up in the middle of August as well. That will talk about that if you're interested in in blockchain tech but just because I deal in blockchain tech and kind of cutting edge tech on this show we interview people that are involved with any number of tech projects or new media or a whole bunch of other subjects that are relevant and I think interesting to people that have certain interests in that space.So just because I do teach the subject doesn't limit me by any means to exclusively interview techies that are honed in on blockchain so there's a lot of liberties that I take in terms of the guests and reaching out to people who I feel are very compelling in their space, and would benefit from an increased audience of interested people that could absorb what they have to say. And in the process, position themselves as experts if they haven't already, so subscribe to the podcast and look out for fun content. And this channel is really exclusively for interviews, if you want commentary specific attack or blockchain. I have the alt coin author podcast, but this really is for interviews and so you can power through these a lot of the content will be evergreen and there'll be a good way to knock out your long drive so click subscribe and let's get rolling.
    2m 13s
  • Introduction to Rekt Rob & the Show

    25 JUL. 2020 · How's it going guys, it's Rekt Rob on the Rekt Radio Show.You guys may know me from my other podcasts where I'm AltcoinAuthor, where I talk a little bit about what's going on in the moment for blockchain and crypto. And this sort of offshoot show is exclusively going to be interviews, so much in the same vein of like, Anthony Pompliano, or just like a crypto show that exclusively deals in not only crypto but also new media business cutting edge types of careers and just watching what's going on in the new economy surrounding the Internet, and with AI and technologies of that type of stripe. So, in this program, I'll be doing the interviews with a lot of user input. So you can reach out to me at @rekt, and ask any sort of questions that you might have for a particular guest, or follow up questions for you know when a guest comes back. And yeah, feel free to subscribe. And we always love engagements and I'm active on Twitter, on that account for questions specific to this podcast so appreciate you checking it out and look forward to many more guests, and the summer of 2020, which is now which has been quite a year. And hopefully we'll go learn a lot.And we'll be asking a lot of incisive questions without the fluff. And we'll be doing it kind of in a conversational way but also giving the guests time to speak and really not speaking over them. So I have a whole interview style, whereby a lot of the questions I do give them advance notice, but it also gives them the time to well prepare, because I feel like as a listener. You should be respected, such that when a question is being presented to you know an expert or someone who's knowledgeable on a subject. You want yourself the best information possible to use for your own business, if you're at a dinner party to feel like you have a comprehensive understanding of the subject. So, do give them some for warning as to the questions. And that gives the interviewees an opportunity to feel more comfortable and give you, you know the podcast listener exactly what you want in terms of content. So we do miss out on a little bit of the banter from time to time, or, you know, some of the spontaneity, but really why you're listening to this podcast is to get information. And, you know, there's an endless sea of entertainment and media out there. And you're coming here because you feel like you can be delivered in actionable steps in the world of technology to be in the know, or because a particular speaker has an expertise in a subject, in which you're interested, and you want to build that knowledge base so that when you're asked on the job or on a project that you have more knowledge than the next guy who didn't put his time into learn about these subjects and research, various influencers in your niche that are knowledgeable so subscribe on iTunes or anywhere podcasts are available, and look forward to talking to you on Twitter.
    4m 1s
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