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Relationship Chronicles

  • Episode 502 They Didn't Want You Until Someone Else Did

    18 MAY. 2024 · Unfortunately this is the case for many people. There are a lot of people who don't believe the saying "you don't miss the water until the well run dry." It's true!! Don't wait until it's too late, if you're in a relationship with someone, treat them right. Don't risk losing someone you claim to love.
    21m 56s
  • Episode 501 They Don't Want You So What

    14 MAY. 2024 · Many people won't or don't agree. That's your choice! However, people who understands, knows i'm speaking the truth. Our true mission is to love Jesus and God, but in the process we must also love ourselves. Most people are fixated and focused on loving the wrong people even though they think they're the right people. You can't blame anyone for how they treat you, because it is you who allow it and accept it. It is you who create the monsters in your life, whether people or things. If a person you want don't want you it is time to walk away, NOT go off the deep end. Life goes on. Learn from all things, become better, and move on. Waddling and pining over things gives power to negative ways of thinking and lead you down a dark path. No one or nothing is worth it!
    21m 24s
  • Episode 500 Communicate Your Concerns Because Most Things Aren't That Important

    11 MAY. 2024 · Too many people make unnecessary conflicts, battles, when everything isn't a battle or a conflict! Instead of acting out, open your mouth and communicate about things that bother you. Those conversations should be had before you do anything with him or her. By doing so, you'll already know upfront what's what!
    23m 49s
  • Episode 499 They Can't Fulfill You It's You Who Must Fulfill Yourself

    7 MAY. 2024 · Many people have the misconception that their significant others can fulfill them. They may be able to fill some of your wants, desires, and needs, in a tangible way (money, possessions, etc., but they can't ever fulfill you because it requires dealing with those things they can't see. Only you can do that for yourself. It is you who must heal your inner man or woman.
    21m 42s
  • Episode 498 Black Men Not All Black Women Are Of The Same Caliber

    7 MAY. 2024 · Please stop putting all Black women in the same category, it's wrong, for we are NOT all, of the same mindset!
    20m 30s
  • Episode 497 Yes It Is Your Fault

    4 MAY. 2024 · People want to blame and not be held accountable when they get themselves into unhealthy and toxic relationships. If you get into a relationship and do not adhere to the signs and red flags you will suffer the consequences of the choices you made. When people find themselves in toxic relationships they find comfort in hearing people say "it's not your fault." Well, they're lying to you, because it is. You chose it, you allowed it, and therefore it is you who is accountable and responsible for the choices you made. If you were forced into the relationship or you weren't in your right mind, that's a different story, but that's not the type of relationships I'm referencing. I'm talking about those people getting into relationships of free will. Lying to you will not help you at all! You may not have asked for it but if you allow it to happen you signed off on it.
    23m 47s
  • Episode 496 Many Facets of Your Life Is Affected Because of Your Mindset

    30 ABR. 2024 · How you think, affects you, your relationships, and many facets of your life. Unhealed hearts and minds leads many on paths of unhappiness. What's really sad is that people choose to remain where they've always been and never choosing change. The one person people neglect the most is the very one who needs attention, SELF! People go through life looking for the very things they need to possess within self. This is because of unhealed hearts and minds. If you don't deal with your unresolved issues, you can't heal from them and move on. People hold on to all of the negative thoughts and feelings, which leads to dysfunctional ways of living. People go through life wondering why they always go through things, but truth is 99% of the time people open themselves up to things they shouldn't. It goes back to unhealed mindsets. People cast blame, but how we choose to live or who we choose to become, falls on self.
    27m 35s
  • Episode 495 Don't Put Every Man In the Same Category

    27 ABR. 2024 · It's unfair to put every man in the same category. Not all men are on the same level. There are mature men in this world just as there are plenty of immature. The world is mostly ran by the immature minded individuals, who are chasing people and things to fulfull self gratification. Most people are full of greed, chasing the flesh, and lack self-control. Not all men are the same and not all women are the same.
    24m 41s
  • Episode 494 As a Parent and Adult Child Relationship Your Child/ren Don't Owe You A Thing

    23 ABR. 2024 · Many parents think their child/ren owe them for bringing them into the world and caring for them. I'm here to say you're wrong and it was your duty to take care of them, because you had them. Sometimes children grow up and don't give their parent/s the attention and time they once did. The children have relationships and marriages that takes precedent over parents, especially marriages. Some parents can't accept it and cause problems for their child/ren. You owe your child, your child don't owe you. Hopefully your adult child/ren will show you love and kindness, but in case they don't spend as much time with you, love them anyways. Don't cause your children problems because your feelings are in the way. Don't be selfish!
    19m 30s
  • Episode 493 You're So Blind You Don't Care That They Don't Want You

    20 ABR. 2024 · Trying to love someone who doesn't want you is a bad decision. You will suffer the consequences of your choices. Love yourself enough to respect yourself and know your worth. If you haven't figured you out or learnt to love yourself you will undoubtedly open yourself up to unnecessary and unwarranted drama, headache, and heartache. Stop trying to hold on to people who don't want to you. Love yourself enough to make better choices.
    24m 50s

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Relationship Chronicles is for education, motivation, inspiration, encouragement, and enlightenment. People all over the world experience similar issues. People desire and want for the same things. Most people seek in...

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Relationship Chronicles is for education, motivation, inspiration, encouragement, and enlightenment. People all over the world experience similar issues. People desire and want for the same things. Most people seek in others things they lack in self ending up in unhealthy relationships.
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