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    Reed Dollars Interview

    24 AGO. 2023 · Join us for an electrifying live interview on "Respect the Hustle" featuring Philly’s own Reed Dollaz, hosted by the dynamic trio Nina Capone, Mr. 3.0, and J. King. In this exclusive session, Reed Dollaz will dive deep into his remarkable journey from the gritty lanes of battle rap to the melodious realm of song-making. Known for his sharp lyrical prowess and undeniable stage presence, Reed will share insights on his evolution as an artist, the challenges he faced, and the victories he celebrated along the way.Tune in to hear Reed discuss how his experiences in battle rap have shaped his approach to music, the influence of Philly's rich musical heritage on his style, and his aspirations for the future. The hosts, each celebrated in their own right, will explore Reed's creative process, his thoughts on the current state of hip-hop, and what fans can expect from him next.Don't miss this deep dive into the life of one of Philadelphia's finest as he lays bare his soul and his sound in this must-watch installment of "Respect the Hustle." Whether you're a long-time fan or just getting to know Reed Dollaz, this interview promises to be an enlightening experience filled with real talk and raw talent.
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    Son of Jan Throwback Interview

    20 AGO. 2023 · "Respect the Hustle Live" brings an exclusive interview with Philadelphia's very own Rambo, also known as Son of Jan, hosted by the dynamic trio of Nina Capone, Mr 3.0, and J. King. In this compelling session, Rambo, formerly known as Reed Dollaz, dives deep into his storied music career, tracing his evolution from the early days with Task Force and Naam Brigade to his powerful solo ventures as Son of Jan. The discussion not only highlights his artistic journey but also touches on personal themes such as coping with loss, showcasing how his experiences have shaped his music and persona. Tune in to hear how Rambo continues to influence the Philly rap scene, maintaining his relevance and authenticity in an ever-changing industry.
    1h 27m 42s
  • Why Crisis Management for Small Businesses, with My Biz Consulting CEO

    2 ENE. 2023 · Last year was an amazing learning experience for our agency. We have taken growth to new heights. As we started to work more strategic with small business we had the opportunity to witness crisis both on the way and in full bloom. We were on stand by with our experts to help resolve many of these incidents with quick response tactics but those tatics are not the final solution. Being supportive of our customers have once again lead us to another huge pivot. A pivot that we are excited about.  Tune in as we discusss the Who, What, When, Where and Why on our Biz Talk Podcast with host and Owner of My Biz Consulting
    30m 1s
  • 5 tips on How to shift your thoughts to a healthier way of thinking

    27 ABR. 2022 · People often ask me how I stay motivated. Especially Entrepreneurs and I'm always honest with my answer for many many years it was easier said than done. As a business a business consultant I knew I had to practice what I preach so I worked really hard at being positive so much that I felt physically sick around toxic people with bad energy. I realized that being alone was much better and mental house cleaning really made a difference. During this time I learned how to really shift my mindset and it changed my life.  Today I want to share 5 tips that helped me in hopes that you can utilized these as well and become a more positive person and attract more positivity in both your growth and business.   
  • Ep 15 How to Start a passive business with Low to $0 investment

    25 ABR. 2022 · Alot of people started businesses during the pandemic and during that time business was booming. Now that things are kind of getting back to normal business might be going a bit slower. I've received several calls requesting information on how to keep the business going with passive income. Most people I speak with don't have alot of money or time to invest in this passive side income venture. So I decided to share 5 ideas with you that will allow you to start your passive income without dropping the back or losing focus on building your empire.   
    1h 11s
  • Business Start up Conversation

    20 MAR. 2022 · Join me this Sunday afternoon 3pm I know you are not looking forward to going back to the office on Monday so let's talk strategy. I wanna share some cool tips that can help you get started. Starting a business is not an easy task. There are many things that need to be taken care of before you can even start on your business. We will discuss the necessary information that you need in order to start your own business. We will discuss how to choose the right location, I'll share some of my pitfalls, I'll also discuss how to choose what type of business to start and how much it costs to start a small business.Get motivated and stay focused. I wanna touch on these topics:  1. Understanding the Market Trends and Objectives in your niche.  2. What are Your Proprietary Skills?  3. invest in the Right People - Your Employee! 4 Consider Bootstrapping your business in a creative way.  5. Be Prepared for Challenges and Handle them Gracefully! 6. Why you could benefit from a business consultant.
    58m 29s

    17 MAR. 2022 · Join our host Tech Guru Jamilah Lawry on My Biz Talk as she does her best to break down the definition of Web3 a few terms you should be familar with. What is Web3 you ask? Web 3 is the next evolution of the web. It's a peer-to-peer network of decentralized apps and services, built on open standards and open source code. Web 3 is about giving power back to people and putting an end to large corporations.
    53m 14s
  • 5 Big Reasons You Need a Trademark Right now

    2 DIC. 2021 · Brian joins us live to answer trending questions like:  Can you trademark a business name and Logo? When to trademark a business name? Does a small business need a trademark? Introduction: What is a Trademark and Why Should I Care? Big Reason One: It Protects Your Brand Big Reason Two: It Helps Your Business Succeed Big Reason Three & Four: It Gives You Legal Rights & Protection Big Reason Five : Digital Branding Security  
    58m 51s
  • Why you're struggling to hire for your SEO?

    24 NOV. 2021 · Search engine optimization is essential to the success of your business. You can't attract customers if they can't find you. Is your website optimized for search engines? One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization is keywords. Before you start optimizing, analyze your competitors. What keywords are they targeting? Choose relevant words that are valuable to your customers. Your online presence is up to you! Do your research now to avoid being penalized by search engines in the future. Get started with SEO now so that customers can find you! But where do you find someone who can successfully do your SEO and provide results? Finding the right person for your company is not an easy task. Hiring a SEO specialist is complicated because there are too many unknowns and it’s hard to tell if they will fit into your company’s culture and work style. It is also difficult to know what you should be looking for in an SEO specialist because there are many conflicting opinions on the subject. And the problem only gets worse when you take into account how competitive it is to find someone with experience in this field. This podcast will help you solve these problems and overcome these challenges so that you can find the best SEO expert for your company.
    59m 29s
  • Local Businesses are struggling to hire digital marketing Pro's here's why

    27 OCT. 2021 · Why is this such a challenge? Why aren't they able to get the people who really know what they are doing? Why am I getting people who only know one piece of the puzzle?  These are common questions that I have been hearing over the past year. I've watched the market pivot in an amazing way but there is something that most companies are overlooking and I'm going to tell you exactly what that is. 
    50m 5s

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The "Respect The Hustle" podcast, featured on http://www.indastreetsradio.com/, is a dynamic platform where the worlds of creativity, industry, and hard work converge. Through engaging interviews with a diverse lineup including...

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The "Respect The Hustle" podcast, featured on www.indastreetsradio.com, is a dynamic platform where the worlds of creativity, industry, and hard work converge. Through engaging interviews with a diverse lineup including artists, authors, models, industry executives, influencers, and podcasters, the show offers a unique insight into the relentless pursuit of success. By highlighting the stories behind the grind and hustle, it serves as a bridge connecting personal journeys with professional achievements, showcasing the dedication and passion that fuel success across various fields. This podcast celebrates the spirit of perseverance, innovation, and ambition. Hosted by Nina Capone.
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