• We Back

    27 FEB. 2022 · We have not been able to record as much as we would like. Life happened and sometimes you have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Regroup and come back stronger. Welcome back Ladies of RMJ!!!!
    55m 50s
  • Explícito

    More Than My Trauma Part II

    8 AGO. 2021 · The Ladies are back with part II of More Than My Trauma with special co-host Jocelynn. On this episode we talk about the after. We discuss ways to move forward and the steps to take to come out of the dark and walk unashamed of your trauma.
    1h 23m 31s
  • More Than My Trauma

    17 JUL. 2021 · Tess and Shay are back for another episode of Respex My Journey. The Ladies are joined by special guest Jocelynn and Artell and dive deep into the past of Shay and Jocelynn. Shay and Jocelynn share a personal dark past and they are ready to release the trauma and move on.
    1h 21m 17s
  • Hot Girl Summer: Situationships, Transparentships, and Missuationships

    13 JUN. 2021 · Tess and Shay come through with another fire episode. Cus WE OUTSIDE! We are speaking on A Hot Girls Summer and the benefits and downfalls of being the coleslaw in a situationship. We talk about past experiences.
    46m 24s
  • Explícito

    Thats what you on 2021? Bet!

    5 JUN. 2021 · We are back! Tess and Shay just wanted to stop through to say hey or what not. The Ladies have been on a hiatus and are happy to start the Summer with a new Episode.
    40m 22s
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    She About Her Bag

    7 MAR. 2021 · Tess and Shay talk about maintaining a small business during the Pandemic. They are joined by special guest Keisha Brock owner of Kaybee Kids Care and Taylor Javey owner of 1011 Fabrics. The Ladies discuss their road to business ownership.
    34m 29s
  • Explícito

    Love Languages: A Roundtable

    14 FEB. 2021 · Shay and Tess have a guest filled round table about all things Love. With Special Guests: Turhan, Jason, Justin, Shanel, Jocelynn, and Artie. They talk about Love in its rarest form.
    1h 16m 17s
  • Explícito

    When The Smoke Clears

    10 ENE. 2021 · The ladies of RMJ are back for the New Year!!!! Bringing you the laughs, love, and always transparency. The Ladies explain the events that forced them to take a hiatus for the Holiday Season. They also discuss current events.
  • Explícito

    From Outside of the Closet Looking In

    15 NOV. 2020 · Tess and Shay are back with another fiyah episode with special guest ryan and Chandler. We have a first hand look at what its like to be in the LGBTQ community and what we should learn from this community. This episode is informative and we hope many take something from this episode. Thank you Ryan and Chandler for your transparency.
    1h 27m 18s
  • Jesus Baby Sister

    8 NOV. 2020 · Tess and Shay are back with special guest Kendoll and Keisha discussing their walks with religion and spirituality. This episode is filled with laughs and love as Tess and Shay talk with their spiritual Sisters and open up about different topics on religion and spirituality.
    1h 8m 13s
Two strong women who overcame trials and tribulations sharing the journey of how we became who we are today
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