• Ep. 22: GREENLAND (02-24-21)

    24 FEB. 2021 · Today we review the Gerard Butler film, GREENLAND, and discuss how it just doesn't stand up to other epic disaster films like 2012, Armageddon, and The Day After Tomorrow.
    11m 43s
  • Ep. 21: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (02-22-21)

    22 FEB. 2021 · Episode 21 looks at the fantastic teen coming-of-age film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) starring Emma Watson!
    10m 51s
  • Ep. 20: The Clovehitch Killer (02-20-21)

    20 FEB. 2021 · On Episode 20, we look at the slow-burn serial killer movie, The Clovehitch Killer!
    8m 18s
  • Ep. 19: An American Crime (02-18-21)

    18 FEB. 2021 · On Episode 19, we look at the based-on-a-true-story thriller, An American Crime!
    8m 18s
  • Ep. 18: DOWN A DARK HALL (02-16-21)

    16 FEB. 2021 · In Episode 18, we look at the Based-on-a-true crime movie, An American Crime!
    6m 57s
  • Ep. 17: Remember Me (Valentine's Day Review) (02-14-21)

    14 FEB. 2021 · On Episode 17, we look at a romantic film in honor of Valentine's Day. REMEMBER ME is a romantic drama that is currently free on Netflix!
    10m 22s
  • Ep. 16: PENGUIN BLOOM (02-12-21)

    12 FEB. 2021 · On Episode 16, we look at the 2021 Netflix Original movie, Penguin Bloom, starring Naomi Watts and Andrew Linkcoln!
    7m 44s
  • Ep. 15: Hell Fest (02-10-21)

    10 FEB. 2021 · On Episode 15, We look at the horror / slasher film, HELL FEST, currently streaming free on Netflix.
    7m 24s
  • Ep. 14: KONG: Skull Island (02-08-21)

    8 FEB. 2021 · On Episode 14, we will review KONG: SKULL ISLAND - with the new Godzilla vs Kong movie due out in March - it seems like a perfect chance to look back at the 2017 Blockbuster!
    9m 48s
  • Ep. 13: The Next Three Days (02-06-21)

    6 FEB. 2021 · On Episode 13, we will look at the slow burn thriller, The Next Three Days, currently streaming on Netflix!
    6m 50s
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