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Rich Dad's StockCast with Andy Tanner

  • S2E38: GameStop Sequal: Understanding a Short Squeeze

    20 MAY. 2024 · In this episode of Rich Dad stock cast, host Andy Tanner dives into the resurgence of the GameStop short squeeze phenomenon that took the world by storm in early 2021. With a recent 60% spike in GameStop stocks, short sellers faced over $2 billion in losses. Tanner explores the concept of short selling, shares his perspective on the GameStop situation, and reflects on the broader implications on the stock market.  The episode covers the dynamics between hedge funds and retail investors, particularly how the collective action on Reddit led to a significant market impact. Tanner cautions against speculative trading, emphasizing education, long-term value investment, and the ethical dimensions of investing. He wraps up by advising against involvement in the volatile GameStop stock, advocating for a focus on solid, value-creating investments
    36m 42s
  • S2E37: What You Need to Know About Warren Buffett's Apple Moves

    13 MAY. 2024 · In this episode of the Rich Dads Dockcast, guest host Andy Tanner and financial expert Noah Davidson discuss the potential for a market crash, triggered by various economic indicators and historical patterns. They explore Warren Buffett's recent financial moves, including selling part of his Apple stock, and the implications of Buffett's increasing cash reserves. Tanner and Davidson discuss the importance of financial education, technical and fundamental analysis of the market, and the use of charts to predict future movements. Additionally, they delve into the strategies for protecting investments and profiting during downturns, emphasizing the importance of preparation over prediction. They conclude with thoughts on the inevitability of a significant market correction and the importance of having a proactive strategy to manage risk and seize opportunities in volatile times. Andy Tanner's Free Online Training:  https://bit.ly/3JsRdmj
    36m 1s
  • S2E36: How to Invest in 2024

    6 MAY. 2024 · In this episode of the Rich Dad Stockcast, guest host Andy Tanner interviews Corey Halliday, the chief risk manager at the Cashflow Academy, about the intriguing dynamics of stock and options trading, especially in a volatile economic landscape. Tanner and Halliday dive into the sustainability of the U.S. financial situation, the ramifications of derivatives, and the potential impacts of political unrest on financial markets.   Emphasizing the philosophy that the stock market climbs the wall of worry, Corey explains the logic behind investing in assets over holding cash, highlighting the importance of producing over consuming in both good and troubled times. The conversation provides a deep dive into investment strategies, including the benefits of owning businesses through stocks, the practice of compounding dividends, and insights into specific investments like oxy and its significance.   Get access to StockCastBonus.com:  https://bit.ly/3JsRdmj
    32m 44s
  • S2E35: 4 Income Streams to Grow Your Wealth

    29 ABR. 2024 · In this episode of Rich Dads Stockcast, guest host Andy Tanner is joined by Noah Davidson to into financial education and investment strategies. They introduce listeners to four different income streams from investing in stocks, particularly focusing on options and dividends without the necessity of predicting market movement.   Andy and Noah also cover the basics of investing in stocks like Altria for their dividends and how options can substantially increase cash flow from these investments. The episode includes an exploration of market dynamics, the value of dividend income, and the potential to enhance returns through options trading, promising a comprehensive overview for both seasoned investors and newcomers aiming to create passive income streams.   Free Trainin with Andy:  https://bit.ly/3JsRdmj
    32m 35s
  • S2E34: Up, Down, or Sideways: Making Money in Any Market

    23 ABR. 2024 · Andy Tanner is joined by Noah Davidson, a key educator at the Cashflow Academy, to discuss strategies for managing risk, anticipating market movements, and leveraging options for protection and cash flow regardless of market direction.   Adopting a disciplined, rule-based approach to investing is emphasized during their discussion, along with the potential impact of AI on business profitability and market trends.   Tanner and Davidson also explore the importance of mindset in financial success, criticizing traditional education for not cultivating wealth-building attitudes. Finally, they advocate for buying and protecting assets as a universal strategy for financial growth.   Get access to Andy’s FREE Webinar “Zero to Cashflow” - https://bit.ly/3qEiRqN
    34m 8s
  • S2E33: Risk Management Tips for Investors

    15 ABR. 2024 · In this episode of Rich Dads Stockcast, Andy Tanner interviews Corey Halliday, a renowned risk manager and colleague from the Cashflow Academy. They discuss the importance of risk management in investing, how options can be used as tools for hedging and generating income, and debunk common misconceptions about investing in options. Corey's extensive background in the financial markets, particularly in options trading, is highlighted, along with practical insights into how education and risk management strategies can improve investment outcomes. The episode also touches on the psychological aspects of investing and how fear can be mitigated through education and proper risk management techniques.
    37m 12s
  • S2E32: Why Investors Will Get Screwed this Month

    1 ABR. 2024 · In this episode of Rich Dad’s Stockcast with Andy Tanner, the discussion revolves around the complexities of stock investing and achieving cash flow. Andy emphasizes that the price of a stock should not be the investor's main concern but rather the value and return on investment it offers over time. He argues that diversification, while commonly practiced, may only sometimes be the best strategy, especially when stocks are at an all-time high. Instead, investors should be more discerning, focusing on businesses with potential for growth and stability. Get Andy’s FREE Webinar “Zero to Cashflow” - https://bit.ly/3qEiRqN
    30m 25s
  • S2E31: How to Pick a Winning Stock

    26 MAR. 2024 · This episode of Rich Dad's Stockcast with Greg Arthur and Rich Dad Wealth Expert Andy Tanner reveals key strategies for selecting profitable stocks, focusing on understanding cash flow and the essence of a winning business. Andy Tanner highlights the importance of financial education, analyzing a business's fundamentals, and the concept of 'moat' — a business's ability to sustain its competitive advantage. The discussion also touches on learning from successful investors like Warren Buffett and the significance of focusing on businesses that provide essential services. Additionally, Tanner emphasizes the value of a stock generating passive income and dividends over mere price appreciation, advocating for a mindset shift toward cash flow investing. Attend Andy Tanner's FREE Webinar "Zero to Cashflow": https://bit.ly/3qEiRqN
    35m 34s
  • S2E30: Bitcoin Investment Strategies for Stock Investors

    18 MAR. 2024 · In an era where the lines between traditional and digital assets are increasingly blurred, this episode stands out as a crucial guide for anyone looking to understand the synergies between stock investment principles and cryptocurrency.   Andy Tanner explains the versatility and relevance of his course 'Zero to Cashflow' for both stock and Bitcoin investments, highlighting the possibility of generating cash flow from Bitcoin similar to stocks. Tanner elaborates on the process of cash-flowing Bitcoin through options trading, the potential risks involved in different asset classes including Bitcoin, and the importance of financial education and skepticism in investment decisions.   Why Listen? - Expert Insights: Andy Tanner, a seasoned stock investor, shares his expertise on leveraging Bitcoin for cash flow, debunking common misconceptions about cryptocurrency investment. - Educational Journey: Beyond mere financial advice, this episode emphasizes the importance of financial education, with Andy advocating for a deep understanding of investment vehicles, whether they be stocks or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. - Practical Strategies: Discover how traditional stock investment strategies can be applied to Bitcoin, providing a fresh perspective on generating cash flow and managing risks in the crypto market. Attend Andy’s FREE Webinar “Zero to Cashflow” - https://bit.ly/3qEiRqN
    38m 36s
  • S2E29: Unlocking the DNA of a Successful Investor

    11 MAR. 2024 · This episode of the Rich Dad's Stockcast, hosted by Greg Arthur with Rich Dad Wealth Expert Andy Tanner, dives into the essence of what makes a successful investor, termed as the 'DNA of an Investor'. The discussion revolves around the importance of applying cash flow principles across different asset classes, not just stocks but real estate and beyond, illustrating the universal applicability of these strategies.  Andy emphasizes the significance of personal development and education in investing, arguing that success is less about the asset class chosen and more about the investor's growth and understanding. The episode also explores the personal journey of an investor, touching upon the challenges and mindset changes required to navigate various investment landscapes, from real estate to stocks. Get Andy’s FREE Webinar “Zero to Cashflow” - https://bit.ly/3qEiRqN
    32m 20s

Rich Dad’s StockCast is a podcast that throws out all the media’s useless information about the stock market and stock investing and gives you real advice and real strategies from...

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Rich Dad’s StockCast is a podcast that throws out all the media’s useless information about the stock market and stock investing and gives you real advice and real strategies from a real teacher, Andy Tanner. Want real stock help and not the lies Wall Street is telling? This is your show.And... If you'd like to take a stock class from Andy or watch one of his FREE trainings click here to learn from the same man Robert learns from: https://thecashflowacademy.com/rd-stockcast/
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