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Right Person, Wrong Time with Falen

  • Episode 17 Seth

    16 MAY. 2023 · Today's episode is season 1's finale. Today's episode addresses addition. I start by reading a couple of emails and go into an interview with Seth discussing his relationship, and the ups and downs with his addiction throughout. Thank you for listening to season 1!
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  • Episode 16: Travolta

    9 MAY. 2023 · Does distance make the heart grow fonder? Find out in today!'s episode There are many cases where it did, others that didn't and some in-between. We have stories about the BEST SEX EVER, a guy with a nickname of "Travolta", and more! My rambling ends, and the emails begin at 1:11! Thank you for listening, and submit your stories for season 2: falen@kdwb.com
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  • Episode 15 Shannon

    2 MAY. 2023 · Shannon's story is quite uniqe. She actually married her person, and they are giving it another shot. Hear why they split, why they got back together and more in today's episode! Thank you for listening! Around 10:40 my discussion with Shannon begins!
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  • Episode 14: Note on Windshield Guy

    25 ABR. 2023 · Today's podcast does offer a Trigger Warning. Assault is mentioned but not described in the first email. Emails begin around the 10 minute mark. This episode features on-and-off-and-on-and-off relationships, infidelity, completely "meant to be" moments and more! Thank you for listening to my podcast! Also, hear a tease for next week's guest at the end! Submit your stories to falen@kdwb.com
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  • Episode 13 Claire

    18 ABR. 2023 · Claire met a guy in college, and one night changed their entire friendship. She moved on and eventually got married, but she started thinking about him again...find out where she is now. My rambling ends at the 4:14 mark. Thank you for listening!
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  • Episode 12: High School Sweethearts

    11 ABR. 2023 · Emails begin at 10:55, and don't miss the clip at the end for next week's episode!
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  • Episode 11: Kate

    4 ABR. 2023 · Kate knew Paul from a young age. You will not beleive who showed up on her door while they were engaged...or what he said when she confronted him. Are they still together? Did timing make a difference? Also, my rambling stops at 11:30, and I realize at that point I was recording through my computer speakers and not my fancy microphone. I apologize, but the main portion of the podcast is not like that! Just the intro! Thank you for listening! Send your stories to falen@kdwb.com
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  • Episode 10: Reconnected After 60 Years

    28 MAR. 2023 · I get to the emails at 7 minutes in! We read an story about a relationship reconnecting after 60 years, a 12-year-long relationship and more! I'd love to read your story. Submit to falen@kdwb.com And don't miss the teaser at the end for next week's episode featuring a guest!
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  • Episode 9 Cameron

    21 MAR. 2023 · Cameron ended up in the ER in one of the scariest moments of his life, and in that moment of uncertainty, he received a text saying "I don't think I can do this anymore". But did they reconnect, and did it work out? Find out here, and thank you for listening! 13:40 is when Cameron joins me. (I casually called him "Cam" in the beginning...I did not ask him if this was okay, so I hope he forgives me lol)
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  • Episode 8: High School Reunion

    14 MAR. 2023 · Emails begin at 5 minutes in! We have some high school/college relationships today. We have a guy's persepective too! He includes recent emails back-and-forth between his ex leading up to their big high school reunion, and where they stand now!
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Have you ever been in a relationship that didn’t work out? Have you ever wondered what could have happened if that person came into your life at a different time?...

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Have you ever been in a relationship that didn’t work out? Have you ever wondered what could have happened if that person came into your life at a different time?

In “Right Person, Wrong Time” Falen helps share stories of real relationships that ended, and then reconnected, to uncover if timing really does make the difference.

I'm calling this the sister-podcast to Heartbroken. Some episodes will have guests, and on others, Falen will read stories submitted. Submit yours to falen@kdwb.com
New Episodes Tuesdays!
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