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  • Ringside Heat - Episode 141 - It's That Darned Phil Again

    17 JUN. 2024 · It's our recap and review of WWE Clash at the Castle with Lex, Jose, Chico and Colin! What happens next as WWE heads toward Money in the Bank in Toronto and SummerSlam in Cleveland? And Colin comes up with an idea about the Money In the Bank that you might not have heard before!
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  • Ringside Heat - Episode 140 - The Kids Are Furious!!!

    10 JUN. 2024 · We have nearly a full Ring Crew today, with Lex, Jose, Chico, Colin, and John! We talk about: - The Stanley Cup Championship Title Belt - The latest on the Liv Morgan Revenge Tour, featuring Dirty Dom: Are we seeing the end of Judgment Day? And how big will Rhea get when she's finally healed up? - AEW, MJF and Baron Corbin? And we have a huge announcement regarding Ringside Heat at Money In The Bank!
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  • Ringside Heat - Episode 139 - Is the REAL Forbidden Door Opening?3

    3 JUN. 2024 · Jose (@Taboada93) guests hosts in Lex Tan's (@LexTanMedia) absence and is joined by AEW "Apologist" Colin Dodge (@Risen72) and @JohnDawsonMusic as they chat about Ethan Page and Jordynne Grace's surprise appearances on this week's episode of NXT! Is the TRUE forbidden door olpening? Jose and John consult with Colin, now deemed our AEW apologist as they talk about Double or Nothing, the fallout on Dynamite and where the heck MJF was, and Adam Copeland injuring himself on an unnecessary spot with a dangerous landing!
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  • Ringside Heat - Episode 138 - Really Darby, A Flamethrower?

    27 MAY. 2024 · It's another one-on-one episode, this time featuring Lex and Colin reviewing WWE King and Queen of the Ring and teeing-up AEW Double or Nothing! We the talk about the implications of Gunther and Nia Jax's King and Queen of the Ring reigns, how despite the result of Cody Rhodes vs Logan Paul being expected it was touted as a classic, as well as match placement on AEW's Pay-Per-Views!
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  • Ringside Heat - Episode 137 - Good Ol' King Cole

    23 MAY. 2024 · (Originally aired on May 19, 2024) It's a one on one episode with Lex and Jose!  On the heels of Kevin Patrick's first comments on WWE since his departure, Lex and Jose discuss Michael Cole's impact on wrestling commentary over his 27 year career, and whether we'll see him continue into his 30th, and maybe a 40th year with WWE? Also, they bring back "All You Can Heat", as Lex asks Jose about his opinions on a wide array of topics in the wrestling world!
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  • Ringside Heat - Episode 136 - $1500 and Flair Noggins

    13 MAY. 2024 · Happy Mother's Day! Lex, Colin, Chico and John reflect on WWE Backlash in Lyon, France and sound off about the crowd reactions and interactions throughout the show. We also discuss the latest shenaningans of Nature Boy Ric Flair as well as teeing up the first 5 (of 85) matches for AEW Double or Nothing!
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  • Ringside Heat - Episode 135 - Three Years and Counting

    6 MAY. 2024 · Lex, Chico, John, and Jose celebrate 3 years on the air! Since we recorded this before WWE Backlash in Lyon, France we talk about what we COULD do for WrestleMania 41! We also talk about Ronda Rousey's statements about WWE and former WWE/UFC commentator Jimmy Smith's reaction and rebuttal!
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  • Ringside Heat - Episode 134 - A Lethal Dose of Poison???

    29 ABR. 2024 · In this AEW-centered episode, Lex, Jose, and Colin talk about the good, the bad, and the UGLY: The good: AEW Dynasty (except for the EVPs), Tony Khan's kayfabe on the NFL Network The bad: Tony Khan's commitment to the tribalism in professional wrestling fandom The UGLY: Tony Khan crossing the line when shooting on WWE. Lex also pays tribute to Canadian broadcaster Bob Cole, the great hockey play-by-play announcer who died on April 24, 2024 at the age of 90.
    Escuchado 1h 13m 15s
  • Ringside Heat - Episode 133 - How Do You Solve A Problem Like Tony Khan?

    22 ABR. 2024 · What would be the sound of music to our ears? Hearing the answer to "How do you solve a problem like Tony Khan?" Lex, Colin, Chico, Jose, and John tee up AEW Dynasty this weekend, we all give our two cents about the last few weeks of AEW programming with dichotic messaging regarding the pro wrestling business? Are they saying we should be celebrating and enjoying wrestling in its many forms like Adam Copeland and Jon Moxley have said? Or do we give in to the tribalism by showing the AEW All In footage, proving CM Punk right for leaving AEW, making Jack Perry look weak, embarassing Tony Schiavone and even Eric Bischoff telling a cautionary tale? We also tee-up AEW Dynasty, the first AEW PPV since WWE WrestleMani, and we also react to the reveal of the new World and WWE Tag Team Championship title belts, as revealed by Triple H and awarded to Awesome Truth and A-Town Down Under!
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  • Ringside Heat - Episode 132 - From WrestleMania to Wayside

    15 ABR. 2024 · Ringside Heat is back from Philadelphia after Lex, Chico, John, Jose, Steve Peconi and guest Ring Crew member David talk about their experiences of WrestleMania 40, live in the stadium and watching the broadcast! We also bring in the youngest members of the RIngside Heat family, JP and Luke to talk about what their first WrestleMania experience was like
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You have found what can only be considered to be "The Next Echelon" of wrestling talk on the GTA Airwaves and online! Wrestling fans... ACKNOWLEDGE US! Ringside Heat is on...

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You have found what can only be considered to be "The Next Echelon" of wrestling talk on the GTA Airwaves and online!

Wrestling fans... ACKNOWLEDGE US! Ringside Heat is on your radio and online!

Crack open a little bit of the bubbly, raise your ones to the sky and tune in every Sunday night at 7, Tuesday night at 9 and anytime on your favorite podcatcher, as the Ringside Heat Ring Crew give the people what they want: Coverage of WWE, AEW, Impact Wrestling, and the independent wrestling scene!

Listen live on Sauga960am.ca and anytime on Spreaker, Spotify, Google Podcasts and iHeartRadio!

'Cause when you ride with Ringside Heat and the Ring Crew, you never walk alone!!!
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