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    Boarded By Pirates - Part 3: An Erotic Story of Discovered Sensuality and Cuckold Fantasies

    6 JUN. 2024 · https://link.chtbl.com/29kwswmr The Story Finale of this Menage pirate listeners fantasy With Janet and Roger heading toward their island of destiny, how can Janet possibly save Roger from being left on the island to fend for himself. And what is happening between Roger and the captain? In the exciting story finale and the shocking outcome that will everyone's panties melting! This story does contain descriptions of gay sex, lots of oral sex and light bondage.
    27m 41s
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    Boarded By Pirates - Part 2: An Erotic Story of Discovered Sensuality and Cuckold Fantasies

    31 MAY. 2024 · https://link.chtbl.com/29kwswmr Kidnapped and held at the captains pleasure, it is obvious that Janet and the newly renamed Roger are there to satisfy one need and one need alone. But when Roger discovers a taste for something that he could never have imagined would turn him on, as they sink further in to their depraved desires, where will this lead them?
    17m 13s
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    Boarded By Pirates - Part 1: An Erotic Story of Discovered Sensuality and Cuckold Fantasies

    30 MAY. 2024 · https://link.chtbl.com/29kwswmr Janet and Brad are relaxing on their yacht, despite the differences between them they are enjoying the time alone to relax and leave the stresses of the world behind them. But how will Brad react when they are boarded by Pirates? Will he rise and protect Janet or will he collapse to his knees? The Erotic Bedtime Story does contain descriptions of intimate spanking, bondage and hard, passionate sex.
    19m 43s
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    Teachers Pet - A Taboo Second Chance Erotic Romance

    15 MAY. 2024 · https://link.chtbl.com/29kwswmr This episode does contain references to sex in the class room, over a desk, and forbidden fantasies. Michelle takes a brave step back into her past. Confronting the man that set her desires alight all those years ago, knowing she must get control of this before she can truly move on. But what will happen when she comes face to face with the man that has occupied her thoughts, her desires for so many years now? Can she truly ever regain control when lust burns so fiercely?
    22m 51s
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    Salacious Sanctuary - A Paranormal Dark Romance

    2 MAY. 2024 · https://link.chtbl.com/29kwswmr Desperate to escape a past that has tormented her for far too long, Alice risks everything driving toward the storm. Determined to start her new life, travelling toward the torrent of rain and thunder. There is a moment when it all changes. Her world turns up-side down  A moment that leaves her bloodied and vulnerable. A moment she knows she now has to fight to survive. Dragging herself through the muddied dirt tracks, she finds the one sanctuary she can, an old hay barn she remembers from her childhood. Hiding in the shadows, away from the persecution of her life. From those shadows arises a man. A man whose strength invades every cell of her body. A man she cannot refuse. Is he her savior or her ruin? Can she survive the dark of the night and hope that dawn‚Äôs warm caress might provide the salvation she so desperately needs?
    39m 17s
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    The Passion & The Storm: A Friends to Lovers Erotic Story

    17 ABR. 2024 · https://link.chtbl.com/29kwswmr It is the last time lifelong friends Priscilla and Jon will be together, and this summer they have decided to spend it on a walking holiday.   But as the dark clouds of a storm dance around them, one of them will be caught out.  Will they help each other? Or just look to save their own skin?  But what does this mean for their friendship?
    22m 3s
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    Tidal Passions: Part 2 - A Sensual & Erotic Listeners Fantasy

    9 ABR. 2024 · You an enjoy even more aural pleasure by https://wyldeinbed.com, so you can enjoy the most sensual erotic audio available.  Those dreams torment her sleep.  Lost passion that will not be ignored,  Hardly satisfied by the touch of her hand,  Jocelyn knows she needs more.  But will she risk her friendship for this passion?  Will she take the chance on happiness, Despite her marriage?  Could this be all she has dreamed off?  Or is it just a fantasy too far?  This latest erotic story has been inspired by a listeners fantasy and contains graphic descriptions of sensual pleasure and intimate exploration.  Could the heat of passion still burn when one is unavailable? 
    30m 3s
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    Tidal Passions - Part 1: A Sensual & Erotic Listeners Fantasy

    4 ABR. 2024 · https://wyldeinbed.com Jocelyn's married life was not going to plan.  Lonliness stalked her days  As her husband worked away.  An empty chasm that drew her into darkness, Forcing her to take a job Just for the company. Making friends eased the pain,  But then the chasm opened up again  with the promise of holidays  But could an offer  From a friendly co-worker  Be her salvation?  Or would he just take her further into the darkness?  This story was written by Devlin, inspired by the real fantasies of a listener.  A sensual and romantic story of love making and passions kindled, it does contain graphic descriptions of self-pleasure and sex in a public setting, and possibly some other sexy ibits I've forgotten just now.  Enjoy!!!!! 
    23m 39s
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    A Soccer Milf Erotic Story of Thunderstorms and Pleasure.

    28 MAR. 2024 · https://wyldeinbed.com Ever wonder what it's like to be struck by lightning – not the deadly kind, but the electric jolt of raw sensuality that can strike when you least expect it? Join me as we unravel a narrative so drenched in desire, it could leave you breathless. Imagine the rain pelting down, the crowd roaring, and amidst it all, Anne – a woman who's about to rediscover a part of herself long forgotten in the throes of motherhood and routine. Her son's goal isn't the only triumph of the day as Jules, the enigmatic savior, sweeps her into an office escape where the storm outside pales in comparison to the fervor within. This episode of Wylde in Bed promises a tale of liberation, an encounter so vivid, you'll feel every raindrop and every pulse of newfound longing.   But what happens when the fantasy fades and reality beckons with its less than thrilling demands? We continue our journey with Anne as she teeters on the edge of an intense orgasmic reverie, a dream so potent it blurs the borders of her reality. Feel the push and pull of Anne's encounter with Jules, where even the prospect of organizing equipment becomes laden with innuendo and possibility. There's a dance here between the mundane and the magical, and I'm inviting you to sway to its rhythm. Let's savor the whisper of escapism that lives within us all – the secret dances of our imagination that fuel our most intimate escapades. No guests, just us, and a story that celebrates the sensual satisfaction and powerful awakenings found in our deepest fantasies.
    19m 56s
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    Red Feather : A listeners Erotic Fantasy

    11 MAR. 2024 · https://wyldeinbed.com He watched her from a distance Just a face in the crowd Her moves as she danced The carnal delight of watching her Glide across the floor Seductive and alluring Enticing him further in But now alone at last Hidden by just the shadows Could his devils feather Become his erotic reality
    32m 25s

Romantic Erotic Stories from Wylde In Bed. "These stories are sooo hot." Welcome to the world of sensual and steamy romance where passion reigns supreme! Join me, your host Devlin...

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Romantic Erotic Stories from Wylde In Bed.

"These stories are sooo hot."

Welcome to the world of sensual and steamy romance where passion reigns supreme!

Join me, your host Devlin Wylde, as we embark on a journey of love, lust, and intimacy in this tantalizing podcast.
We will explore the many desires and passions to entice you further into the stories and inspire your fantasies. Whether you enjoy strangers to lovers romantic porn, second chance sensual encounters or
even out of this world paranormal dark romance, we’ve got it all, just a click away.

But it’s not just about the fantasies, the stories are crafted to take you right into them, as if you were living within the desire, experiencing it all for yourself. Your body will thank you just for listening as you feel every desire come to life, as every word drips wth the passion you desire.

If there is a fantasy that I haven’t recored then let me know! I would love to bring your fantasy to life so you can hear it right here and experience the pleasure and satisfaction I would love to give you.

So, if you're ready for a little bit of romance and a whole lot of passion, tune in to our captivating podcast and let us ignite a spark within you with every episode, so you can have your very own happy ending.
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