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    Season 3 Episode 3 Might Mike Lewis Memorial

    3 JUN. 2024 · This weekend we headed off to White Mountain Motorsports park to enjoy some thunder in the mountains! Mini Late Models had a big 1k to win event along with great racing through all other divisions of Late Models, Strictly Stocks, Flying Tigers and the kids division  Had a couple friends podium and had a couple of our buddies get booted from tech as well (TATER)  Watched long time late model competitor families battle it out under the lights, and BG00 go 3 for 3 for the year in the Tigers after a late race caution erased Logan Powers half a track lead. Stictly Stocks had some fire works with Mckenna Merchant going tires up on the back stretch after contact between 2 other competitors along with late race effort by Patrick Switser sealing off the win over Jack Hayes and adding to his points lead  Kids division had a great race 1 caution but Cooper Benoit-Cox leading it green to checkered for that race with Colby Stygles and Conner Charbonneau in tow for the race lead  Mini Late Models had some fire works between Nick Anderson and Nick Miller early in the race resulting in some fuel cell shots after the yellow flew. Matt Leblanc had a stout car but fatigue got the best of him coming out of 4 almost collecting 2nd place runner at the time Chris Moulton. Chris ran a smooth race from there leading the race all the way to the checkered flag over Garrett Labounty and Matt Leblanc to end the night of racing for WMMP. Sunday we headed off to the High Banks of Hudson Speedway for the Mighty Mike Lewis Memorial  We had Six Shooters, Pure Stocks, NELCAR Legends and Bandoleros, and Super Streets all in competition that day  Six Shooters Michael Yeaton took off from the green growing a half a track lead while Miller Jr and Sr tried to get around the 52 of Mike Comtois in the 25 lap feature, Patrick Joslin had a late race drive to put him into 3rd when the checker flag flew  Pure Stocks had Kenzie Belisle leading most of the way of the race but with a couple cautions and 1 restart during the race Bobby Payne made a great move grabbing the lead and setting sail from there over Kenzie and Chris Quin at the end of the 25 lap feature  NELCAR Legends had a eventful race with lap 1 Jacob Burns going for a spin into turn 3 collecting a couple competitors along the way. Later in the race the leader Cole Robie and Josh Parsons got together bringing out another caution in the legend race. Both Jacob Burns and Cole Robie made their way through the pack. Jacob Burns taking down the win over PJ Evans and Jase Mongeon and Cole came home 4th  NELCAR Bandoleros went green to checkered with Bryson Robidoux setting pace and winning the race over Brody Wakefield and Grayson Day  The Mighty Mike Lewis Memorial had 17 cars take their best shot at bringing home the win in the Summer Six Pack Super Street Series yesterday. Andrew Morin set the pace for the race growing his lead to almost a quarter of a straightaway at one point. A late race caution with 8 to go erased all that and the battle between Andrew Morin and Bill Helliwell was on. Andrew finally cleared Bill and went on to win the 26th Annual Mighty Mike Lewis Memorial with Justin Beecher rounding out the top 3. It was a long hot weekend this weekend but we enjoyed all the action at both WMMP and Hudson Speedway we thank both tracks for having us and letting us enjoy their tracks this weekend from the infield !  Thanks to the sponsors that make this happen  https://www.facebook.com/SCPEracing?__cft__%5B0%5D=AZW95jhrqTmDaW6EB6SInYoIQ1giK-W9dH9hogoPkNBBjDNYJzj-q6MRDJVi8S3SsRKdeYWNMsvFgAikVyDD8rMH4fyRDianGRZhFUPhRQS52VYESq6yo6y8vk0yylBcBT0pDUNz7adE9WXepVgzNLInlFdoRRNbP_aPbV9qzP3DUeXp1psIG_IdahDThvE2O1CVQr9GY2QKEnkkhfa3P91G&__tn__=-%5DK-R https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100095425067899&__cft__%5B0%5D=AZW95jhrqTmDaW6EB6SInYoIQ1giK-W9dH9hogoPkNBBjDNYJzj-q6MRDJVi8S3SsRKdeYWNMsvFgAikVyDD8rMH4fyRDianGRZhFUPhRQS52VYESq6yo6y8vk0yylBcBT0pDUNz7adE9WXepVgzNLInlFdoRRNbP_aPbV9qzP3DUeXp1psIG_IdahDThvE2O1CVQr9GY2QKEnkkhfa3P91G&__tn__=-%5DK-R Thomas Welding (Please make a facebook page ) Gendron Motorsports Brandyns Meat Shop https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100040885465953&__cft__%5B0%5D=AZW95jhrqTmDaW6EB6SInYoIQ1giK-W9dH9hogoPkNBBjDNYJzj-q6MRDJVi8S3SsRKdeYWNMsvFgAikVyDD8rMH4fyRDianGRZhFUPhRQS52VYESq6yo6y8vk0yylBcBT0pDUNz7adE9WXepVgzNLInlFdoRRNbP_aPbV9qzP3DUeXp1psIG_IdahDThvE2O1CVQr9GY2QKEnkkhfa3P91G&__tn__=-%5DK-R  
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    Season 3 Ep 2 Community Bank 150

    6 MAY. 2024
    29m 35s
  • 48m 2s
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    Season 2 Episode 42 We Are Back

    9 ABR. 2024 · We are back after a hiatis we cover everything from upcoming races to bristol and much more  Send James angry mail thanks ! 
    1h 16m 38s
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    Season 2 Episode 41 Hailee Deegan In Car

    1 MAR. 2024 · Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/roughing-fenders-podcast--5244198/support.
    1h 10m 43s
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    Season 2 Episode 40 Honest Man w/ Matt Swanson

    7 FEB. 2024 · Matt Swanson is a honest man Got his start in midget racing at the age of 8 years old just getting his feet wet in dirt racing. Matt is a third generation driver his grand father did drag racing and his father got into running Busch North along with PASS At the age of 9 he went from getting his feet wet to running 130 feature races in 1 year and having quarter midgets getting air freighted from Colorado after selling a car he was racing of a chassis deal he had He then jumped up to Tour Mods where he got his first start at Star Speedway while Bobby Sr over looked the facility cause no other track would allow him out there at his age to run the Tour Type Mods became a Tour Type Mod Champion at Star in 2014 under car owner Marco Turcotte He then jumped down to go SK Light racing at Stafford and absolutely hated it going from 600 HP to a crate car wasnt his cup of tea then jumped into VRMS along with the Nascar Whelen Modified Touring Series 2016 became Rookie of the year with his house car earning a couple top 10s along with top 5 finishes for the year along with running Nema Lites at Seekonk that year and making his first Pro Stock start at Seekonk aswell and came home 6th As years went on he caught the attention of the owners of Old Blue #3 Boheler Racing Enterprises that got in contact with Matts family and started a 3 year journey for him in that prestigious car and team. There he learned he can keep up with the best of them but also learned to start setting pace and to stay out of trouble with a car that can win a feature on the NWMTS, they parted ways and Matt just went back to running his house car starting out at 10 races with goal to win all 10 races and to keep his racing fun going. He then linked up with Howie #97 NESS owner and started running big blocks first race being at Thunder Road the most technical track in all of New England running 9 second lap times. He shares the differences going into a modified or a 350 super into a big block and how you have to caress the steering wheel and not to run a big visor helmet cause the air will definitely try to rip it off and how big aerodynamics deal with one of those cars Great episode with a great story and many laughs with Swanson ! Enjoy and make sure to share the episode with friends !
    1h 35m 35s
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    Season 2 Episode 6 Shop Tour Lightning Chassis w/ Chris Riendeau and Lightning

    6 FEB. 2024 · Chris has been a vocal racer for sometime Hard nose but is a racers racer Well acomplished and traveling all over the North East to down south for races His dad ran some big races and was very stout from the drop of a hat with some run in's with his own son which you can pretty much call this a family racing gig Have a listen and enjoy !
    2h 57m 6s
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    Season 2 Episode 39 Billy Meazell III The Infield Tractor Tire

    6 FEB. 2024 · Billy Meazell III is a third generation driver from his grandfather running in the big leagues of Nascar along with his father himself making some starts in ARCA as well back in the day aswell Billy got his start at the age of 15 running go karts but got out of it cause of all the prepping just wasnt into it He also has a great story with his younger brother while racing him one night aswell on the go kart track, Billy moved to Mini stocks and caught fire picking up 17/22 race wins for the year and even said when people started booing a 16 year old kid he knew he was doing something right and that it was time to move up into Hot Stocks a suped up street stock out in Texas for a basic run down Had horrible luck car just didnt handle right and pissed Billy off. He graduated high school and went to college for body work and paint, taking odd jobs by painting woman literally painting the woman herself for side gigs along with Radio DJ going through the years of college as side gigs. Through those years he was helping his old man that was still racing and dabbling in go kart racing for the 8 year hiatis of racing then jumped full bore back in after his little brother got a full body car. He touched on how he met Hot Karl along with why the infield tractor tire got its name Billy is a great character who is very funny and made us laugh alot who has accomplished alot in social media and racing throughout his years doing it From getting kicked outta the Dome to going after it with Tyler Carpenters wife along with sneaking into both Dome and Chili Bowl with beer in hand on the infield taking victory lane pictures with drivers that just won. Billy has his sights set on Austrailia along with some other things hes doing this 2024 season Have a listen share a laugh and definitely enjoy this podcast episode we enjoyed doing it and definitely follow THE INFIELD TRACTOR TIRE on Facebook and follow along his comical self through his life from memes to great videos
    2h 4m 4s
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    Season Episode 38 Bustin Ours To Kick Yours w/ Clay Jones

    23 ENE. 2024 · Clay Jones has been runing everything from 4 cylinders to the snowball derby qualifying 3 out of the 4 Snowball Derby's he has attempted qualifying in on the time with many big named guys in all ranks for short track racing to even Nascar. Clay is a 3rd Generation driver watching his dad race along with his Grandfather over the years growing up along with uncles and many family members even working at the track Wilson County Speedway.. Ran 4cylinders to late model stocks to supers to even Hooters series traveling all around the east coast with a small team of family and friends finishing respectable even 8th in 1 event We dive into dirt guys having big money races and ideas on how to get asphalt to that caliber, Clay even purchased himself a dirt car 2 years ago just havent got to it yet. 2022 and 2023 Wake County champion in the late models battling amongst great drivers like Tyler Matthews which actually recommended Clay to come on for this episode in his ! We talk about alot james has alot of long pauses and I dont know where I am per usual but enjoy Season 2 Episode 38 Bustin Ours To Kick Yours w/ Clay Jones
    1h 22m 10s
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    Season 2 Episode 37 Danny Bohn Tie A Balloon On The Outside Of It

    18 ENE. 2024 · Danny Bohn a 3rd Generation driver watching his father race throughout the years and then got to hop in a seat himself Danny Bohn started his racing career at Wall Stadium running bandoleros and started winning right away capturing 13 wins out of a 16 race season He then moved up to a SK Light the following year where he continued his winning ways where he clicked off 6 wins and then the following year another 7 wins both resulting in championships along with a Turkey Derby win in 2006 Became good friends with long time chassis guru Ray Everham and moved his operation down south where he jumped into a dirt modified after making a deal with Ray when he got down there Did that for a couple years which resulted in a championship at East Lincoln Got his feet wet for the first time at Bowman Gray at 2011 Jumped into a Whelen Southern Modified and went racing full time in 2012 with his father where they started with a couple wins but 2013 was his kick in the nuts year which resulted him destroying a car not once but 2 times in about the span of a month but had a great season none the less the trouble finishing with in the top 10 of points of a heavily fledged field of modified racers down south. 2014 he double dutied running a car at Bowman Gray full time along with the Whelen Southern Modified Tour winning a handful of races at Bowman Gray and stamped his championship down that year at Bowman by winning the 150 lap season finale at Bowman. Etching his name in the record books at the mad house that is flooded by Burt Myers and Tim Brown. Along with that has won every big modified race you possibly can at Bowman including the North South Shootout 199 2 times (2014/2015) before they got rid of the race. Fast forward to 2018/2019 he got a call from a guy to run a modified down south at On Point Motorsports to where he glanced over at their team Nascar Truck sitting there and said "I really wanna drive that" After getting some funding from a close friend that knew Brantley Gilbert and made a deal come together at the end of the 2019 season Danny made his first Nascar Truck start at Martinsville Speedway. Even got to party backstage with Brantley himself after unveiling the truck. Danny first race was a eye opener heavier chassis different gauges 27 people yelling at you over the radio but he stayed competitive throughout the whole race all the way to the checkered where a maylay ensued sandwiching Danny and popping both his right side tires as he crossed the finish line in 8th place, which was the best finish first start by a rookie in Nascar Trucks until most recently. He went to finish out the year with On Point Motorsports racing at Phoenix and Homestead which was a big eye opener for a guy that was use to just running modifieds with nerf bars to being 2 feet off a fence at 160 mph plus at Homestead or running a hard dog leg at Phoenix. 2020 he came back to On Point Motorsports half way through the season where he got a little taste of a full season in what we claim the big leagues of stock car racing. Best finish that year was again Martinsville finishing 7th so you can say he had that tracks number but really opened his eyes to the bigger tracks like Talladega, Las Vegas, Kansas, Texas, Richmond, Darlington and a couple others. 2021 is when Covid affected all of the world and made a guy that barely got his feet wet make his practice time put into a climb in and start the race situation. Daytona being his first start there that year was a big eye opener almost went full flight miles that race aswell but didnt get the FULL experience or seat time throughout that year which played dividends to his learning curve to it all. 2022 made his first start in a Xfinity Car at Daytona finishing 8th which is crazy and then ran one more race at Darlington before he went back to his roots of Modified racing. Dont get me wrong Danny was running a modified sometimes double duty while doing all this throughout 2019 to 2022 This guy spent 3 hours talking with us while trimming up body panels on his modified to sweeping his floor in the shop sharing his story I can say Danny got to experience some cool moments from running Bandos as a kid to running full blown modifieds around Charlotte Legends tracks to running a full season in trucks and slinging dirt at Eldora and almost taking flight at Daytona It was awesome to talk to him and we hope you enjoy it as well !
    3h 5m 25s

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