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    Comedy Showdown (part 1)

    13 JUN. 2024 · Sorry for the delay folks, but sometimes the Hard R closes a bit late... Welcome to another mug of Rukus Juice, the preferred swill of Philbilly and Brocephus! So, last episode, SOMEONE was in their feelings over comedy, comedians, and the such, so the next logical mood was a bracket fight, right? Who is the greatest comedian of all time, Cafe Style! ...that is if we can fill the damned brackets! Come and join your favorite pair of gin soaked morons as we fill the air with tales of our stupidity. Since stupid is as stupid does....you get it. Anyways, we talk comedy and our favorite comedians to fill the winner takes all bracket fight. Oh, for some reason if you are thinking this is a serious episode, and we keep it to the subject, I got three words for you: Wishful. Fucking. Thinking.  It's WE doing what WE do best...or something like that. Anyways, welcome to the Hard R Cafe!
    1h 38m 42s
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    Buttholes and A Crooning Brocephus

    6 JUN. 2024 · It's Wednesday and no matter if it SEEMS late, the boys are always on time....or as on time as the Rukus Juice will allow! The guys are back and Wednesdays couldn't be better. Another off the cuff jewel that goes to some very dark and serious places....and somehow ends with songs about a particular opening. Come and grab a cold one and hear tales of Vice's Dark Side series with a quick stop off in the wrestling world. Comedians become a hot topic and MAYBE the next episode, but who knows. Only so many ways you can AWESOMELY spend you life and Rukus Juice is better than all of them. Bar's open!
    1h 25m 4s
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    Coasties: The Movie

    30 MAY. 2024 · Oh ..drunken random ass movie ideas? Ok...WELCOME TO THE HARD R CAFE where ee serve up some Rukus Juice. Random was the name of the game here, so let the bullshit begin! Wanna hear the guys catch up? Life has been zooming by pretty fast and the fellas just wanna take a load off and reconnect in only the way they can. Nothing says bonding like writing a movie (Coasties) or trying to figure out what the hell an executive producer really does. They discuss their recent movie viewing adventures.....then shit gets real. Wanna know how much to fill one of the guys holes? Check. Terry Crews getting his dong fondled pre Me Too? Yep. You know, just press the damn play button. The guys are a little tasty and as always, in rare form. We don't have any clean glasses, but pour yourself some of this RUKUS JUICE!!
    1h 2m 46s
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    Fat Guy In A Chainmail Coat

    25 MAY. 2024 · Apparently we got a lil TOO drunken up and missed a date....NAW, due to a busy schedule and some other craziness, we missed the mark, and the show didn't go up... Allow us to apologize....BUT THE BAR IS OPEN! Hard R Cafe presents SUPER SATURDAY. Just a fancy "sorry" with the weeks content in tact.  The guys are back and it's baddies on the brain. For some reason, 80's nostalgia has crept up, and it's all about the bad guys. Join Philbilly and Brocephus as they bring up AND bracket, some of the best 80's baddies to ever hit celluloid. It's crass, but thoughtful. Loud, but pleasant. Vulgar, but also warm.  It's baddie against baddie in OUR list of the best of the best in a world of cocaine and hairspray. We pretty much took ever fav 80s flick of ours, grabbed all the best bad guys, and had em square off. Yes, we realize we are gonna get ALOT of "you shoulda added this guy", but that's why we do it. Enjoy, cause we about to get the rukus started.
    2h 26m 11s
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    Coasties, Shiny Meek, and Hip Hop Beef

    16 MAY. 2024 · The boys are all sauced up and the Hard R Cafe is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  Welcome to another crazy ass episode of Rukus Juice. There is a special art form in having no form, and shooting from the hip. Apparently, we are trying to build a mini museum over here, cause it's time to art it up! This one is all over the place but oh the fun we have. So, if you have no idea who Drake is, we got you covered. If you wanted to know how we feel about our beloved armed forced, oh boy do we have you covered. Round it out with alot more bits and pieces of rambling and filth...and for some reason, way too much focus on Meek Mill and him being oiled up. You just have to listen. Bars open, and this ones gonna sting!
    1h 58m 26s
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    Let The Hair Metal Brawl Begin

    9 MAY. 2024 · Welcome to the Hard R Cafe, where we are serving up some Rukus Juice! It's been awhile since we got bracket busy, so it was about that time. I mean....all the shit that we've tossed in brackets.....it's time we dusted off the hair metal albums.  In one of the most random turns, we hone in on all of the hair metal bands we can think of, and send them to war. What the holy hell did we talk about for two hours?  Grab a glass, it's time for some Rukus Juice. 
    2h 28m 43s
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    Dirty Henry and the Dark Side Of The Whip

    2 MAY. 2024 · Oh boy...Welcome To The Hard R Cafe. We're just gonna kick this one off nice and early. Billed as "the episode we didn't want to publish"...you just have to listen.  We've gone after Jesus...we've made fun out of Drake Bell...in this random episode, it goes off the rails. It was supposed to be a "what if" episode, but you see how it goes.  We're so so sorry Indy.... Anyways, ITS A NEW EPISODE OF RUKUS JUICE! ...we feel so dirty
    1h 25m 42s
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    Wheelkicks, Gloryholes, and The Brokeback Sequel

    25 ABR. 2024 · Welcome to Rukus Juice....where we pretty much LIVE in The Hard R Cafe, and trust me, this episode is no different. Oh are the boys back! After Philbilly's series of opening, we open the gate for all the beautiful drunken humor that you've come to love. We talk the invention of glory holes, partially cast a Brokeback Mountain sequel, and make Jesus a wheel kicking badass for justice.  And there is alot of gross "protect your holes" type shit too. It's Philbilly and Brocephus at their worst, but isn't that what you love about them? Bars open! Come get some juice.
    1h 23m 10s
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    The Road To Rukusmania (part 2)

    18 ABR. 2024 · Welcome back....KEEP THAT BOTTLE OPEN AND GRAB A CLEAN GLASS! It's part two of The Road To Rukusmania... Enjoy!
    2h 2m 36s
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    The Road To Rukusmania (part 1)

    10 ABR. 2024 · You ordered your weekly shot of Rukus Juice and boy are we here to deliver. Welcome to another crazy ass episode of the podcast you can't help but love. It's been awhile since ol Philbilly has poured one and touted his favorite moments from the illustrious squared circle, so guess what time it is? Wrestling fans, bring it. Bring all of it, cause our on staff wrasslin historian is in rare form. Philbilly educates on all of the wrestling moments that caused those sweet feels. Still haven't figured out what Brocephus is doing, but Drake Bell gets it in this one too. Not for the faint of heart, but when are we ever? The boys are back and that ain't all bad, so come on into the Hard R Cafe and get some of this JUICE!
    1h 49m 2s
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