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  • 052. Joy & Wonder vs Stress (&Farming)

    10 NOV. 2019 · Out for a walk. Stress comes from physical exertion, work challenges, and emotional conflict. It takes energy and wears us down no matter the cause. But there are wonders at our feet and bite-size bits of joy, if you know where to look. Plus a brief aside on the dual challenges of mechanized farming. Happy trails!
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  • 051. JP Dave - The Happiness Lab

    5 OCT. 2019 · Psychology and behavioral economics have important lessons about being HAPPY! Running with friends and talking with strangers both make me happy. And that can work for you, too. #freakonomics #thehappinesslab #everybodylies
    Escuchado 25m 16s
  • 050. Consistency, Delayed Gratification & Baseball

    21 SEP. 2019 · Three thoughts: highlight of Red Sox season is giving up a home run to the grandson of a legend; consistency in training and life is powerful, and delayed gratification is a key to getting what you really want . . . Just not today.
    Escuchado 21m 48s
  • 049. JP Dave - ADU - 100 miles - A Great Day to Do Great Things

    21 AGO. 2019 · 30-minute Recap of Anchor Down Ultra 24-hour Race. Individual accomplishment or team effort. Single-minded focus wins the day. (Warning: brief mention of bodily functions)
    Escuchado 29m 2s
  • 048. JP Dave. Suffering is optional

    15 AGO. 2019 · Taper week proved that mental preparation is as important as the physical training. Less than 48 hours to the Anchor Down Ultra 24-hour trail race. Healthy. Excited. Positive.
    Escuchado 6m 11s
  • 047. Heat Training & Night Run

    21 JUL. 2019 · Preparing for August 2019 ultramarathon requires doing hard work in the heat and running in the dark.
    Escuchado 21m 55s
  • 046. JP Dave - Coaching / Watuppa 50Khts

    19 MAY. 2019 · Thoughts as I start working with a running coach, run on the race trails a week before the race, and recap of 50Km trail race on 19 May 2019.
    Escuchado 34m 6s
  • 045. Spring Color the day before Boston

    14 ABR. 2019 · Three main thoughts: 1) the colors and sounds of a warm day at the start of Spring, 2) politics is about communication and compromise, 3) gratitude that the weather was warm & sunny when I ran the Boston marathon. For the second year straight, Patriots Day weather will be wet & windy, and bonus 4) I may run a 50k next week.
    Escuchado 20m
  • 044. The Listening is the Hardest Part

    9 MAR. 2019 · One work day, three meetings. Three examples of communication styles. For information to flow both parties need to be receptive. You can’t catch a pass if you are not ready to receive. If you focus on rebuttal, and waiting for “your turn” to speak, then we probably are not going to successfully exchange ideas or information.
    Escuchado 21m 53s
  • 042. Bonus: Ambulance Chaser in Cow Country (story slam)

    2 NOV. 2018 · 5 minute story, recorded in preparation for Story Slam competition.
    Escuchado 4m 53s
What crosses my mind . . . generally in the "endurance sport" basket, with a side serving of philosophy.
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