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  • Christian Toto on Top 5 all-time summer blockbuster movies; Friday Fool of the Week revealed

    21 JUN. 2024 · Christian Toto, Hollywood In Toto podcast host joins Ryan to review their list of the Top 5 all-time summer blockbuster movies. Kelly tells her harrowing tale of getting stuck in the iHeart elevator, live during the show. Marlon Wayans absolutely skewers an unsuspecting Nathan Wade in an interview about his affair with Fani Willis. The Friday Fool of the Week is revealed, and this might be an all-timer.
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  • Immigration attorney Hector Quiroga, former ICE agent John Fabbricatore on illegal alien driving truck in fatal crash

    21 JUN. 2024 · Hector Quiroga, immigration attorney (and Columbian immigrant) joins Ryan for a pre-recorded interview to discuss what has to be done to strengthen immigration enforcement of deportation to prevent a crime such as the most recent fatal truck driving accident in Colorado from happening again. John Fabbricatore, former ICE agent joins Ryan to discuss the recent fatal crash caused by an unlicensed illegal alien, who had been ordered by ICE to leave the country 16 times dating back to 2002. Why was Ignacio Cruz-Mendoza still in the United States? Also, John details his candidacy for Colorado's 6th Congressional District, challenging incumbent Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO). He is running unopposed in the GOP primary.
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  • Confusion on 1A freedom of religion vs. freedom from religion; George Brauchler on baseball, 23rd DA race

    21 JUN. 2024 · "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"  The First Amendment clearly states that no act of Congress shall establish a national religion, and nothing can restrict a person from freely exercising his or her own religion. Ryan feels this has been distorted over the years, as Louisiana's governor is backing an effort to require that the Ten Commandments be posted in public schools. Also, George Brauchler joins to recap the Rockies-Dodgers game he attended with Ryan and Kelly for her early birthday celebration. He also comments on the barrage of attacks his primary opponent, Dagny Van der Jagt, and her campaign have been launching against him in the race for 23rd district attorney.
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  • Media coverage of illegal alien truck driver deadly crash leaves out key details; Legendary musician Don McLean

    21 JUN. 2024 · Contrasting the local coverage of the illegal alien truck driver who was responsible for a fatal crash on US-285, including a 9 News reporter who failed to mention that Ignacio Cruz-Mendoza was in the country illegally and should never have been allowed behind the wheel of an American semi.  Legendary musician Don McLean joins Ryan and Tom Martino for a special interview about his career and new album 'American Boys,' part of his current tour across the United States.
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  • Breaking down and cracking up at CBS News 'Confirmed' segment on 'Cheap Fakes'; Jimmy Sengenberger on DPS 'discipline matrix'

    20 JUN. 2024 · Getting into the details of CBS News Confirmed following the Biden administration's lead on 'cheap fakes' talking points, and how ridiculous their water-carrying for the wobbly President has become. Jimmy Sengenberger, Denver Gazette investigative columnist joins Ryan to discuss his latest article, entitled 'DPS misses the mark on safety, discipline - again.' What is the 'discipline matrix'?
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  • 'Cheap fakes' is a Biden team term made up out of whole cloth; Rep Brandi Bradley on protecting girls sports and spaces

    20 JUN. 2024 · Outlining the media narrative surrounding 'cheap fakes' being pushed by the Biden administration and gobbled up by their willing accomplices on mainstream outlets. Ryan points out this term did not exist prior to last week, and is just the latest in a desperate effort to spin videos showing a disoriented and clearly addled President Biden. Also, Rep. Brandi Bradley (R-32, Douglas) joins the program to update an ongoing battle in Douglas County schools over transgender identifying individuals in girls sports and spaces. One the school board directors, Bradford Geiger, gave a rather snide response to an inquiry about the issue.
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  • What is a Republican woman? Deborah Flora, CO-4 candidate gives her answer one week before state primary

    18 JUN. 2024 · Are Republican women okay? How did Republican women end up like this? These two questions posed by the ridiculous article written for New York Magazine by Rebecca Traister prompt Ryan to ask Deborah Flora, candidate in the 4th Congressional District primary, the very basic question: 'What is a Republican woman?' Deborah gives a wide-ranging answer and focuses on conservative policies which greatly benefit and protect the rights of girls and women in a world being intruded upon by a radical trans agenda looking to erase the very definition and existence of the females of the species.
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  • Rep. Lauren Boebert (CO-3) on New York Magazine article lampooning her and all Republican women

    18 JUN. 2024 · Rebecca Traister writes a scathing article for New York Magazine completely belittling Republican women during the time of Trump, and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has plenty to say on behalf of conservative women everywhere in response.
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  • Why Gov. Doug Burgum (R-ND) makes sense as VP; Stephen Varela, GOP candidate for Congress (CO-3)

    18 JUN. 2024 · While Doug Burgum is not Ryan's first choice for Donald Trump's running mate in 2024 (Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is), a strong case can be made for why the North Dakota governor is a good fit as a complement to Trump's campaign on energy and economics as a tremendous business mind with a very composed demeanor. Also, Stephen Varela joins the program as a new Republican (as of 2020) in a primary field for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District which includes Jeff Hurd and Ron Hanks. With Hurd showing a lead in the polls and Hanks touting an endorsement from the state GOP, what is the path to victory for Varela?
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  • Trump scores big political points campaigning at Detroit church; Denver gains $5 million in grocery bag fees

    17 JUN. 2024 · Ryan applauds Donald Trump for campaigning at a black church in Detroit and listening to the needs and concerns of urban voters who have been ignored, overlooked, or abandoned.  Denver robs already-hurting grocery shoppers with over $5 million in bag fees, which are inherently another tax on consumers without our consent via TABOR. Also, another classic 'Deep Thoughts by Vice-President Harris' on the topic of community banks.
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Ryan is on 630 KHOW weekdays from 2pm-4pm. Catch up on anything that you might have missed or listen again. 

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