• Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging, and Enjoyable Meetings with Mamie K. Stewart

    9 JUN. 2022 · Mamie Kanfer Stewart learned about organizational culture and management from her family business--GOJO Industries, inventors of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer--before launching Meeteor. Her company builds an organizational culture in which people thrive. She holds degrees from New York University Stern School of Business and Kansas City Art Institute. Check out Mamie’s author Website: www.mamieks.com and her book and business website at: www.meeteor.com/momentum
    12m 22s
  • How StoreConnect's CRM Software is Giving Entrepreneurs the Edge to Succeed, with Mikel Lindsaar

    7 JUN. 2022 · Mikel Lindsaar, CEO and Founder of StoreConnect, is an experienced technology entrepreneur who wants to infuse small and medium sized businesses with the power to be successful in eCommerce and grow to the Nth degree. Small businesses can’t waste time setting up their business on a platform only to repeat the process by changing platforms when they want to scale, nor do they want to waste time figuring out how to integrate multiple platforms. StoreConnect (built on the World's Number 1 CRM, Salesforce), gives clients a complete, powerful, configurable eCommerce and CRM solution where they can manage their website, online and in-store sales, provide amazing customer service, run all their digital marketing campaigns and have up-to-date detailed metrics, reporting and full understanding of their customer. They were awarded Salesforce’s 2021 International Partner Innovation Award of the year for the Retail sector and are changing the ease with which small businesses are run ─ with a manageable price tag. StoreConnect is Time. Well Spent. Visit www.getstoreconnect.com
    25m 37s
  • How Leaders Shape the Stories that Drive Action with Jamie Dixon

    31 MAY. 2022 · Jamie Dixon is a coach, trainer and author, who has worked with ambitious leaders in over 160 multinational companies over the last 10 years. He coaches and trains in both English and Mandarin. He is also conversational in Japanese. He is an IAC accredited coach, a certified Tiny Habits coach and also certified in Everything DISC. Jamie is the author of the books Overcome and Get It Done and Shaping Paths and instructor of online course Train the Trainer – PRACTICAL Training & Facilitation Skill. During his free time, he enjoys spending it with his family, reading, meditation, calisthenics, and Yoga. www.shapingpaths.com This June 2022 marks the release of Jamie’s new book: “The Story Habit” The Story Habit – A methodology for building simple and powerful habits for influencing at work through the power of storytelling Check out other amazing Savvy guests at: savvybroadcasting.com
    21m 2s
  • New Playbook Needed To Combat 3 Deadly Cs Of Sales with Bryan Gray

    19 MAY. 2022 · Revenue Path Group CEO Bryan Gray has the unique ability to apply the big thinking necessary to help leaders steer their organizations through times of velocity and uncertainty. Having previously led two businesses to the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies, Gray is well positioned to understand today’s highly competitive arena and help companies activate their prospects to make better and faster decisions. Gray has had the pleasure of presenting B2B insights and revelations in a variety of keynote addresses, workshops, and conference sessions across the country. His energetic and animated presentation style wins the audience's attention and delivers key information that leads to continuous business growth. www.RevenuePathGroup.com
    19m 23s
  • Arrive & Thrive with Leadership with Leadership Wellbeing Expert Susan MacKenty Brady

    17 MAY. 2022 · Susan MacKenty Brady is the Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Chair for Women and Leadership at Simmons University and the first Chief Executive Officer of The Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership. www.inclusiveleadership.com. The Institute develops the mindset and skills of leaders at all stages of life so they can foster gender parity and cultures of inclusion. As a relationship expert, leadership wellbeing coach, author, and speaker, Susan educates leaders and executives globally on fostering self-awareness for optimal leadership. Susan advises executive teams on how to work together effectively and create inclusion and gender parity in organizations. She is passionate about working with women at all levels of organizational leadership to fully realize—and manifest—their leadership potential. In her upcoming new book, Arrive & Thrive: 7 Impactful Practices for Women Navigating Leadership, Susan inspires women in leadership who have made the brave choice to go for it to strive for a top job to make an even bigger impact, and to lead by example with courage and purpose. www.ArriveAndThrive.com Check out other amazing Savvy guests at: savvybroadcasting.com
    18m 49s
  • Future of Work - Why Privacy Matters for Employees, Contractors, Customers with Nicole Spracale

    12 MAY. 2022 · Nicole Spracale joined the team at Thrivacy as the Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder where she is able to do the work she loves and is most passionate about - creating and implementing processes and programs that will help both the company and its amazing talent grow and be successful while being purposeful and leading from the heart. Nicole completed her MBA at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Over her career, she has led people, operations, and marketing teams and co-founded several ventures with other partners. Her biggest passion is helping to build systems and processes that are people-focused to drive scale and efficiency. Nicole is often sought after as a speaker and facilitator on culture, purpose, and team-building. https://www.thrivacy.io/ Check out other amazing Savvy guests at: savvybroadcasting.com
    24m 21s
  • Discover Your Success with M_S_G (Mindset, Skillset, Get Off Your Asset with Sallie Wagner

    10 MAY. 2022 · Sallie Wagner (Intentional Life Coaching) – speaker, author, lawyer, real estate broker, and Life Alchemist! Sallie employs EFT, NLP, and trauma-aware modalities, so her coaching clients launch into action for rapid, concrete results, as they ditch unwanted habits, behaviors, fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, and decisions. Sallie spent the majority of her law career in the corporate world. She currently provides broker and contract compliance services to real estate brokerages throughout Florida. She also owns and operates a real estate school. Sallie also hosts a podcast titled High Frequency Mindset SallieWagner.com
    13m 58s
  • Tips for Small Businesses to Start, Run, And Grow with Jackie Reses & Lauren Weinberg

    7 MAY. 2022 · Jackie Reses is the Chief Executive Officer of Luna Financial Group, a fintech building banking-related financial infrastructure for tech and crypto companies and the Chair of the Economic Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Previously, she was the Executive Chairperson of Square Financial Services and Capital Lead and Head of the People Team at Square. She has been named one of Forbes “Self Made Women,” Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business” and American Banker’s “Most Powerful Woman in Finance.” She has held leadership positions at Yahoo! and was a Partner at Apax Partners Worldwide, one of the largest private equity firms in the world. Reses serves on the board of directors of Endeavor, Affirm, and Nubank. Lauren Weinberg is the Chief Marketing Officer of Square, where she leads global Marketing and Communications for the $100B company that provides business solutions for millions of small business owners all over the world. She has been named on Forbes “CMO Next,” Brand Innovators “Top Women in Marketing,” and Fintech Hub’s “30 Most Influential Fintech Marketers.” Weinberg has held leadership roles at Yahoo!, MTV, and AOL. She is an Adweek Executive Mentor and advises early stage startups. For more information, please visit www.SelfMadeBoss.com. Check out other amazing Savvy guests at: savvybusinessradio.com/
    22m 53s
  • Mixicles Founders from Side Hustle to Thriving business with Jen Morales & Jason Stitt

    4 MAY. 2022 · Jen Morales & Jason Stitt are the founders of Mixicles, which are frozen premium cocktail mixers in ice-cube form. Simply top a Mixicles® cube with your favorite spirit, sparkling wine, or other beverage, and enjoy as the flavors unfold and infuse your drink. The founders, Jen Morales [former lawyer turned cocktail mixer entrepreneur] and Jason Stitt [current lawyer and cocktail whisper] will share their riveting entrepreneurial story from startup to thriving business. www.mixicles.com
    19m 50s
  • Importance of Protecting your Skin with Dr. Marta Pazos

    28 ABR. 2022 · Dr. Marta Pazos is a creator and innovator with more than 20 years of experience developing specialty formulations for cosmetic and skincare products. As the lead cosmetic chemist for Rejuvalift, Dr. Marta leverages her expertise as a formulation chemist to develop products using the minimum number of ingredients with the goal of delivering non-surgical advanced tightening and lifting results. Her passion for skincare began in her teenage years when she battled acne. She quickly learned that when you look good, you feel good. www.rejuvaliftbeauty.com
    19m 29s

Christina Rivera, founder and host of Savvy Broadcasting has more than twenty-five years of experience in the field corporate finance. Savvy was founded in 2012 to supports business owners in...

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Christina Rivera, founder and host of Savvy Broadcasting has more than twenty-five years of experience in the field corporate finance.

Savvy was founded in 2012 to supports business owners in sharing their expertise, knowledge, tips and stories with the world.

Savvy is host to over 3.5 million listeners per month and growing.

Besides my radio show, my family (husband, and our lovely dog Henry Hobbs) I love flying, airplanes, dogs and mega walks.

Join our online community at: LifeUnscriptedRadio.com
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