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  • EP21: The Wonders of Homeopathy

    9 NOV. 2023 · Anke Zimmermann, BSc, FCAH, is a homeopathic consultant with a special interest in supporting families affected by neurological, neurodevelopmental, immunological and behavioural challenges. These challenges may include syndromes named autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorders, ADHD, learning disabilities, epilepsy, tics, night terrors, anxiety disorders, excessive aggression and jealousy. Anke does not treat conditions; homeopathy helps the body to come into a better state of balance so it can heal itself naturally. There are no specific homeopathic remedies for any of the above conditions. It is always the individual that is being treated. https://www.ankezimmermann.net
    1h 25m 13s
  • EP20: Rethinking the Body with Malcolm Clark

    26 OCT. 2023 · Malcolm’s unique outlook allows him to meet clients and students in their individual needs. He turns old art forms into efficient life skills and has built techniques to relieve physical, environmental, and emotional stresses. Client involvement is an integral part of healing. He has been inspired by, but not limited to: Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Feldenkrais, and Zero Balancing. As well as practicing out of U Retreat, he currently teaches at Pacific Rim College, in the Acupuncture and Doula program. https://www.uretreat.ca/malcolm
    1h 5m 38s
  • EP19: Beyond Talk Therapy with Christy McLeod

    10 OCT. 2023 · Christy McLeod has been in psychology for approximately 20+ years and is trained in EMDR therapy. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. https://christymcleodcounselling.com/
    56m 9s
  • EP18: Mycelial Mind Tony Oakworth

    6 SEP. 2023 · Tony Oakworth is a registered herbal therapist, owner of Woodward Phytotherapy (herbal medicine clinic in Brentwood Bay, BC), and educator at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC, working in the fields of plant medicines, nutrition, and mycology. http://www.woodwardherb.com/ http://www.delosworld.com/ http://www.mycelialmind.com/ https://www.instagram.com/mycelial_mind/
    1h 7m 5s
  • EP17: Radical Self-love with Niki Hughes

    31 AGO. 2023 · Niki Hughes is a certified hypnotherapist, BLAST trauma practitioner, energy healer, empowerment coach, and meditation and mindfulness teacher in a private practice on Vancouver Island in North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada. Niki is the creator and former radio show host of the Past Life Explorers Show, which aired on the News for the Soul network. As a heart-centred healer and change agent, Niki has worked with hundreds of people to help them thrive through change, enabling them to live more connected, abundant, joyful lives by igniting their divine inner spark and stepping into personal empowerment. Niki provides her hypnotherapy and coaching services in person or over the internet and serves clients worldwide. https://www.radicalselflovebook.com/
    55m 29s
  • EP16: Power and Presence with Karen McKinnon

    19 AGO. 2023 · Karen McKinnon specializes in Soul Coaching, Soul Counselling, Energy Readings, Meditation, Reiki and Yoga. She supports the enhancement and cultivation of deeper communication by bridging the facets of self - the conscious and the subconscious - by bringing ease and joy of expression into your body, mind and soul. https://www.karenmckinnon.ca/ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1199812814 https://www.instagram.com/karen_mckinnon_/
    1h 13m 42s
  • EP15: with Denise Turnbull

    2 AGO. 2023 · Denise Turnbull is a energy lightworker, a healing facilitator, Reiki Master Practitioner, and a certified Mind-Body-Spirit Coach. Her passion is to assist people with healing emotional traumas and beliefs which are holding them back from achieving their highest potential and to teach about Source Energy, Universal Laws, abundance and forgiveness. www.transmutedjourney.ca
    58m 35s
  • EP14: Divine Transformation with Hilary Porter

    25 MAY. 2023 · Hilary Hraefn Porter is a Full Spectrum Healer, Frequency Catalyst & Tameana Starseed Oracle based in Victoria, BC. Through a blend of traditional and esoteric modalities, she guides others who are ready to take the next step in their Spiritual Revolution. By bringing ease to the physical while supporting the Spiritual, she empowers you to recognize, integrate & embody your Original Source Frequency & Divine Illumination. Her heart focus is helping humanity feel at Home within this Human Experience as they step into a greater level of spiritual, emotional & Conscious evolution. http://www.sacredstarseedhealing.com/
    1h 42s
  • EP13: Cosmic Messages with Derek Pennett

    15 MAY. 2023 · After a life-altering gift of Reiki 1st Degree (in 2016), Derek never turned back. From that point forward, he pursued extensive advanced research into the realms of ascension, awakenings, and self-awareness while surrounding his being with all matters multidimensional-spiritual & got trained in multiple ultrasonic energy healing-activation modalities. He has extensive experience in keeping his entire lightbody fields tuned up via 12th-dimensional templates by receiving quantum treatments, trying a wide range of galactic modalities & dedicated harmonic self-care, so he can show up as his highest being to bring sacred medicines for Earthlings during this accelerated time in the Age of Aquarius. https://thecosmicmessenger.mailchimpsites.com
    1h 1m 29s
  • EP12: Birthing A New Paradigm with Andria Winters

    6 ABR. 2023 · By birthing a new paradigm and waking up to the truth, we can consciously choose to move through life as part of the solution, engage as positive change makers, and assist humanity in transitioning through its consciousness upgrade. Or can we? This includes moving towards a simple, organic, holistic lifestyle and creating harmony and peace with Gaia. It also means being aware of the present moment and becoming mindful of ours. Actions and words, and acknowledging the Oneness of All that is. But does it really matter? https://andrialeewinters.com https://www.instagram.com/andrialeewinters/
    1h 2m 54s

Some people say the scientific and mystical worlds are separate entities, but to Maureen Fontaine, nothing can be farther from the truth. Daily, she is an expert in Live &...

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Some people say the scientific and mystical worlds are separate entities, but to Maureen Fontaine, nothing can be farther from the truth.

Daily, she is an expert in Live & Dry Blood Analysis, an Ontological Coach, and a Spiritual Intuitive Reader. As a mother, grandmother, and mentor, Maureen aims to insight curiosity, and celebrate those who inspire.

Science is a practical, in-depth process of the mind. “It encompasses observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. This information is then systematically analyzed and proves it exists.

Mysticism is often considered to be unscientific and unfounded. Going beyond the obvious allows for an expanded state of consciousness. It goes beyond the average sensory experience and the obvious. Those things we can explain and those that we can’t. Both science and mysticism co-exist and reveal the truths of the universe. How curious are you?

Join Maureen and her guest speakers as they bridge the space between Science and Mysticism.
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