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Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman

  • Women in Leadership Board Member Stephene Klein, MBA, MPH, MPHA

    21 NOV. 2023 · An academic scholar and SME in sales, business strategy, stakeholder engagement, instructional design, curriculum creation and emerging technologies, Stephene is at the forefront of EdTech, leading global conversations and developing executive education programs that align with the future of work, AI, emerging technology, women's initiatives, and DEIAB on a global scale. She currently leads and facilitates the National Women in Leadership Advisory Board Member program, representing 20+ universities and more than 10,000 CxOs and senior executives, globally, delivering 500+ University Executive Education Program Advisory Board meetings annually.
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  • Selling In a Skirt: Tim H. Samuels, of Ascend Institute and Dallas College

    25 OCT. 2023 · What’s happening at Dallas College and The Ascend Institute? Tim and the team at Ascend Institute and Dallas College are creating a way to engage the community, organizations and companies with a new workshop series that will Elevate Business Excellence …another great way to bring value and show gratitude to our neighbors and communities. Join me and my guest Tim Samuels as we talk about what's happening and what's coming up.. So many changes coming up...here's a peek...It's about the outcomes that lead to certifications and credentials. It's not always about the degree. It's about the skills that you have and it tells the employers what you can do on the job. More to follow...
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  • Resilience and Reinvention: A Woman's Journey in Business Restart

    19 SEP. 2023 · What happens when you decide to start over? Whether it’s by choice or by situation, it is a change in your life and your career. It’s the time when you are called on to navigate the challenging terrain of setbacks, transformations and restarts while highlighting the capacity to bounce back from setbacks, reframe obstacles as opportunities and get focused on what you want your business and career to look like…for you. Join me and my guest Lyndsey Monahan as we share the challenges, strategies and qualities that empowered her to start over and the profound impact of resilience and reinvention she had on her journey.
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  • Associate Chief of Workforce/Sr. Director of Corporate Partnerships,Tim Samuels

    2 AGO. 2023 · Tim Samuels has worked in Higher Education for 17-plus years as an Executive Dean of Academic programs, including several recent years providing leadership of college Career and technical programs. Currently, Samuels is functioning in the role of Associate Chief of Workforce/Sr. Director of Corporate Partnerships of the Ascend Institute at Dallas College. Samuels has earned four college degrees, which include a Master's degree in Science from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, and a Master's Degree in Education from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. Samuels has gone on to complete doctoral studies from Walden University, and along the way has picked up business and industry certifications in project management and in change management, with the latter focusing on the “people side of change”. Despite his lengthy career thus far in higher education, Samuels has other unique work experiences, which include owning and operating two different, and successful businesses; nine years working in the mental health arena as a clinical diagnostician; three years as a Chief Operations Officer for a moderate size health care practice; three years as a General Manager/General Sales Manager of a DFW metropolitan radio station; and to this day, Samuels enjoys “moonlighting” as a radio broadcaster of high school and college games, of any sport you can imagine. Samuels, the father of four wonderful young adults, has a passion for life…a passion for work…a passion for meeting the needs of business/industry…and a passion for spending any time he can with his wife and family. In closing, Samuels is always striving to become the best leader of people he can possibly be, and lives by the words of John Quincy Adams, & If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
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  • Betzy Santiago & Maureen Edwards | Selling In A Skirt

    22 JUN. 2023 · Betzy Santiago is a strategist, volunteer, and communicator that loves to drive change and empower others. She has served as a liaison and board member on almost 40 local professional groups and nonprofits including serving as President of the First Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in 2010. Betzy has spoken at various events, been featured in magazines, radio, and television, and loves to be a part of significant projects. Her passion for helping others has served her well as the City of Jacksonville’s International Officer, the Director of International Programs at LSS, and now as a Business Strategist at FSCJ. Maureen Edwards Branding, Marketing & Business Strategist 8 Simple Steps Maureen Edwards is an award-winning branding, marketing, and business strategist as well as a 2x award-winning inventor. She has built 6 profitable companies from conception to commercialization and has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to start, turn around, or scale theirs. Her company, 8 Simple Steps, takes the hard out of converting customers for small business owners starting or struggling so they can have a sustainable business. Her approach includes teaching simple real-world best practices and easy-to-implement effective blueprints with hands-on guidance (she loves being in the trenches, guiding entrepreneurs every step of the way). She is a keynote speaker, media guest, university instructor, and national business educator. Her motto is "you don't need to know everything in business, only what works."
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  • Founder of FearLess Dallas, Jill Nastasia

    23 MAY. 2023 · Jill Nastasia's Bio: If you’ve talked to Jill, you know she’s all about relationships. Throughout her career she’s had the pleasure of working with professionals and entrepreneurs across the country to grow their businesses to reach their goals AND – in turn – create jobs within their communities. As a small business owner herself, she loves to create jobs for others and help her employees grow and reach their full potential. As a teen in Bridgeport, CT, Jill aged out of foster care, and while she had the street smarts and skills necessary to survive, she found herself and women like her struggling to thrive due to a lack of Life 101. Over time, she realized that it was the other women in her community who helped her survive and learn how to navigate adulthood, and over the years she noticed it was not just women fresh out of the foster system who needed this service. Women+ of all ages were hitting walls, wondering what their next chapter would be. In 2019, Jill founded FearLess Dallas, a nonprofit that provides women valuable life skills to help them acquire a sustainable career, establish a healthy living environment, and teach self-care practices. This is accomplished through the creation of a member network that fosters life-long learning through full-circle mentorship and a sense of community. As of today, FearLess has been able to touch 500+ women and help them acquire the tools necessary to live their best lives.--
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  • Impact Begins With Discovering Your Origin Story

    10 ABR. 2023 · Impact Begins With Discovering Your Origin Story Stories are for sharing whether they are a fairy tale or a learning experience. Stories are powerful and we wait to see what happens when we turn the page or get to the next volume in the series or see how we are doing in our own journey to success. Stories are all around us. Everyone has a story and every situation is a story. We always hear that our stories can be a great book but in truth a story doesn’t have to become a best-seller. Sometimes simply telling the story creates a movement or encourages people to do something or it can be a way for us to be able to just move forward. There are 2 ways to share knowledge…you can push information out or you can pull them in with your story.
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  • The Battle Between Work, Life, and Balance

    3 ABR. 2023 · The Battle Between Work, Life, and Balance The battle between work, life, and balance is a discussion everyone talks about and is where people struggle to keep their personal and professional balls in the air. Does everything have the same value and importance? When you focus on what truly matters and prioritize those areas of life that contribute to your overall happiness and well-being, you are on your way to living an optimized life. How do we do that? That's where expert Scott Heinila comes in. https://3.basecamp.com/3579132/buckets/29903064/boosts/new?boost%5Bboostable_gid%5D=Z2lkOi8vYmMzL1JlY29yZGluZy81OTczODU0ODIy
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  • You Only Get One Chance To Make A First Impression

    17 FEB. 2023 · The saying is 'you only get one chance to make a first impression'. Whether you are going on an interview, meeting someone for the first time, attending an event, appearing on a virtual platform or anything in between, what's the impression you are making? How are you going to show up? You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to wear a designer label. It's about YOU. What is your personal brand? How do you want to be seen? Does it include a smile, being present and yes being on time? How do you want someone to describe the person in front of them? And...do they want to see you again? Appearance does matter! Enter https://www.turnkeystyle.com/, a wardrobe stylist who works with successful business professionals and entrepreneurs. Her approach to personal styling is more than a wardrobe haul, it’s a total transformation that helps you discover a version of yourself that you’ve never met before.
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  • What Do You Still Want To Accomplish?

    19 ENE. 2023 · As we start a new year, what are some of the things you still have on your list to complete? Have you held back on launching a product, or unveiling that special system or sharing a new process? Why? If you don't do anything differently, how different will this year be for you and your business? Today on Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman, her guest Christopher Plumlee is here to talk about this and more. He is the Co-Founder and President of ELEVATE Strategy Group. Don't wait until it's perfect. While you're waiting to reach perfection, someone is missing out on you and your brilliance. It's about progress and taking imperfect action. And so what if it isn't exactly perfect? What's the worst that can happen...and add on, what's the BEST that can happen? So, Judy's question is: What do YOU still want to accomplish?
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Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman is about women in business both inside and outside the home, work/life balance, leadership and current events. It’s your connection to women nationally,...

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Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman is about women in business both inside and outside the home, work/life balance, leadership and current events. It’s your connection to women nationally, internationally and globally. As the host, I have the opportunity to “brag” about my guests and promote them and their business so that my listeners have access to them. It’s a conversation not an interrogation and I do my homework. Be prepared to be inspired, motivated and challenged.
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