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  • ROHNJ Jackie Goldshneider Opens Up About the Role That BRAVO Had In Her Battle With Her Eating Disorder

    7 NOV. 2023 · It's hard being vulnerable... but when every aspect of your life Is put out on display for the world to see, it's hard to keep your internal battles a secret. In light of BRAVOCON going down this week, I have Jackie Goldshneider from RHONJ on to chat about her new book "The Weight Of Beautiful" and how she struggled with body dismorphia & an eatting disorder that severely impacted her life.
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  • Wicked Is Coming To Philly & Is Bringing a Homegrown Local With Them...

    6 NOV. 2023 · Brett Stoelker, a Washington Township native and cast member on the traveling musical Wicked, is returning home to Philly for the month of November! Brett joined me to chat about his role in the show, and what It means for him to come back home to perform a show he loves on his home teather of the Kimmel Cultural Campus.
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  • We're Letting The World Know: Who Really Is LAUV?

    29 AGO. 2023 · We're all entering different era's of life, and Lauv is spearheading the movement. The Reading, PA native gets vulnerable talking about life changing for him for the better and he finally honors his true self. Another soul fulfilling postcast for ya!
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  • I've Found My Spirit Animal.. and her name is COCO JONES

    11 JUL. 2023 · I couldn't even form a sentence around this absolute GODDESS, Coco Jones. We deep dive in to the routes of Country, Faith and our (really mine that Coco just so happens to live in real life) aspirations of being a Disney Channel Star.. While of course dishing out the tea on ther relationship to Philly while playing the role of Hillary in the modern day Fresh Prince of BelAir! What an inspo, check out my soul sister in this episode of Serving SiRACHa!
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  • Andrés Quintero of Moulin Rouge is SERVING 'Baby Doll in Philly' Vibes

    11 JUL. 2023 · I grew up in the theater... aspiring to be the triple threat that actor Andrés Quintero is in the musical of Moulin Rouge that's coming to Philly in July! Take a listen to hear more about the party that's about to pop off nightly in the Kimmel Cultural Campus.
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  • Chlöe Bailey Has A Different Opinion About Philly Fan's Than Most of the World....

    20 ABR. 2023 · And that's why we love her the most ya'll... Chlöe from the iconic sister duo stopped in to chat about her (in my words) ~biased~ towards Phillies fan's while performing the anthem at the 2022 World Series. And of course I had to get all the tea about her new musical & album -- including the VERY up close and personal music video she shot with Chris Brown that I needed ALL the dirty details about. So get them HERE
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  • Explícito

    Ashlee Keating, A Jersey Girl Returns Home To Talk About Her Musical Journey

    14 MAR. 2023 · Did yall know there was a blonde version of me in the world?! Well her name is Ashlee Keating and she's an Italian from South Jersey and the only difference is that she quite literally has blonde hair and probably definitely sings better than me... but it's fine. We put this Jersey girl to the test!
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  • Carolina Rial Talks About How 'The Voice' Lead Her From Jersey to Times Square!

    28 FEB. 2023 · If you haven't seen Carolina Rial on NBC's 'The Voice' -- well then let me introduce you to the Jersey girl herself who's voice has not only lead her to national television, but also an internet sensation to the big screens of Times Square!
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  • Jenna Bush Hager From The TODAY Show Raves About The Power in Reading & Her New Virtual Book Club

    21 FEB. 2023 · Listen, I'm not a reader but whatever Jenna Bush Hager says -- I do. All hail one of my favorite inspo's in the Television & Radio industry, the Co-Host of the Hoda & Jenna Show on NBC's the TODAY show. And as always, Jenna is deep diving into the local community with her new virtual book club called #ReadWithJenna to showcase some of the amazing talent behind novel writing that deserves to be in the spot light. I chat with Jenna about how she finds time to strap down & read, and how it's become her escape.
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  • Theresa Caputo Shares How Anxiety Is What Actually Lead Her To Her Gift

    20 FEB. 2023 · Now all this time I just thought I was a hormonal, anxiety ridden, empathic aquarius... who knew the feelings that we internalize could actually be a greater gift then we thought. The Long Island Medium who we all know and love, Theresa Caputo, actually explains how her anxiety turned out to be stemmed from her ability to communicate with the dead. Check out the pod!
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