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    Lovers in a dangerous time

    10 JUN. 2024 · rv flip happy birthdays scared to die live forever never grandpas cough medicine july 6th show kid lock in
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    The future is f*cking crazy

    21 MAY. 2024 · Lots of big changes over at back home media. Hope and Mae do a imprmptu Q and A with their viewers and get ditched by derek. 
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    they not like us

    13 MAY. 2024 · Episode 10 id the jankiest of janks.
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    How you stay faithful in a room full of hoes

    6 MAY. 2024 · Hopw and Mae learn about farming with Mae's brother.
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    Throw out the lifeline, someone is sinking today

    29 ABR. 2024 · What can you do to make your situation better? 
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    But soon the world had its evil way My heart was blinded love went astray

    22 ABR. 2024 · Tonight, we're focusing on the challenges facing our youth in Elkhart, Kansas. With the recent closure of Rick's Video and no new recreational venues like arcades, what are the implications for our young people? We'll explore the gap left behind and what it means for community engagement. In addition, we're tackling a complex and often misunderstood topic: sex work in 2024. We'll discuss the stigma versus the reality of what many call the world's oldest profession. Is it deplorable, or is it just another occupation facing societal bias? Lastly, we want to hear from you! Do you trust the media in today's fast-paced information age? Your insights are valuable as we unravel these intricate discussions. Don't miss out—tune in by searching for @Derek Evan Releford on YouTube and join the conversation. Let’s shape a better future by understanding these crucial issues together.
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    It's over now, Take it like a man

    15 ABR. 2024 · Show Title: Seven Day Circle w/ Hope & Mae Network: Back Home Media Date/Time: January 14, 2024, at 9 PM CSTEpisode Overview:Tonight, Hope and Mae delve into controversial and thought-provoking topics that challenge societal norms and ethical boundaries.Hour 1: Assisted Suicide – A Right to Die - Topic Details: Exploration of assisted suicide, including countries where it is legal and the implications of choosing to end one’s life autonomously. - Discussion Points: Why do individuals seek assisted suicide? How do laws differ globally? What ethical questions arise from this choice? Hour 2: Open Relationships – A Modern Take on Ancient Practices - Topic Details: Discussing the concept of open relationships, their history, and their relevance in today’s society compared to traditional monogamy. - Discussion Points: What drives couples to choose open relationships? How do they manage jealousy and other emotional challenges? Insights from couples living this lifestyle. Additional Topics: - Capital Punishment in Oklahoma: An examination of the state's use of capital punishment and the ethical dilemmas associated with seeking revenge through the justice system. - New Merchandise: Introduction of the latest Back Home Media and Seven Day Circle merchandise available for fans. Conclusion: Wrap up with reflections on the discussed topics and a preview of the next episode’s themes.Contact Information: For more details, visit backhomemedia.com
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    I'm dirt mf, I can't be crushed

    8 ABR. 2024 · Church All I want is sex Random questions Plans for next week
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    It's enough. Grow the F*ck up

    1 ABR. 2024 · Small town rumors missing people the death of fuck boys
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    I cuss when I pray

    25 MAR. 2024 · backhomemedia.com
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    Let's talk about the S word. Yea, that one.

    18 MAR. 2024 · email the girls, sevendaycirclepod@gmail.com backhomemedia.com
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    I am the bad person my parents warned me about... F*ck....

    10 MAR. 2024 · This thought-provoking episode delves into the complex interplay between mental health, addiction, self-worth, and the redemptive power of unconditional love. The hosts share their intimate experiences with addiction, self-doubt, and the struggle to overcome societal stigmatization, emphasizing the importance of open dialogue, understanding, and empathy. Through personal stories, they explore the challenges of internalizing negative perceptions rooted in past experiences and highlight the healing potential of love and community support. They aspire to create a supportive environment for listeners to candidly discuss their journeys and encourage a shift towards self-kindness and away from judgment, aiming to foster a sense of belonging and acceptance. 00:00 Introduction and Casual Conversation 01:08 Discussing Personal Relationships and Interactions 01:22 Conversations about Shoes and Personal Stories 02:10 Talking about Family and Friends 02:51 Sharing Personal Experiences and Emotions 03:23 Discussing Basketball and School Life 03:37 Saying Goodbye and Reflecting on the Meeting 04:06 Transitioning to a New Topic: Vaping and Weed 05:02 Deep Dive into Personal Experiences with Weed 06:09 Exploring the Effects of Different Strains of Weed 06:31 Discussing Anxiety and Meditation 07:04 Conversation about Grounding and Spirituality 07:45 Discussing Podcasts and Their Structure 09:00 Reflecting on Personal Experiences and Mistakes 09:41 Discussing the Concept of 'Bad' and Its Implications 12:16 Personal Stories of Addiction and Recovery 13:42 Discussing the Impact of Drugs and Addiction 15:57 Reflecting on the Consequences of Drug Use 17:07 Discussing the Role of Prescription Drugs in Addiction 20:12 Exploring the Reasons for Drug Use 22:55 Discussing the Effects of Drugs and the Desire to Feel Different 24:20 Reflecting on the Impact of Drugs on Personal Life 26:12 Discussing the Role of Gambling in Addiction 37:56 Understanding Addiction and Fear 38:41 The Bulldog Within: Facing Challenges 39:44 Setting Boundaries and Standing Up for Yourself 41:43 The Struggle of People Pleasing 42:19 The Power of Listening and the Struggle of Being Heard 42:42 The Challenge of Helping Others Who Don't Want Help 44:29 The Importance of Respect and Self-Worth 45:00 The Struggle with Suicidal Thoughts 47:29 The Power of Unconditional Love 48:48 The Impact of Suicide and Mental Health 51:18 The Struggle with Self-Perception 56:01 The Power of Connection and Understanding 59:41 The Importance of Self-Preservation 01:08:18 The Struggle with Self-Worth 01:10:28 The Power of Unconditional Love Revisited 01:11:04 The Struggle with Suicidal Thoughts Revisited 01:18:30 The Importance of Love and Understanding
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A podcast about active recovery. With realistic vibes.

Text the girls your thoughts. Or leave a voicemail. ‪(480) 420-6880‬

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