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Shaken with Steve Sunshine

  • Resilient and Redeemed Lessons from Suicidality and Depression - Chris Morris

    12 JUN. 2024 · Chris Morris has battled depression and suicidal thoughts (and attempts) for most of his life. You may be surprised to know that these problems continued after he became a Christian. But Chris is redeemed, and he has dedicated his life to helping other people see that mental illness does not disqualify you from the love, mercy and grace of God. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3Vw3i0W *NOTE: This is a heads up that you might want to put ear buds in for this episode as there are topics discussed that are sensitive for young ears, and may be triggering. 
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  • God Sees Your Grief - Randy Parker

    15 MAY. 2024 · Randy Parker's life changed forever when his wife got sick. He went from professor to caregiver and loved her to the very end. Life without her was devastating. But God saw Randy, just as He sees you in your pain. Listen to how God has seen Randy through the most difficult of times. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/4ak2UH5
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  • Not What I Signed Up For - Nicole Unice

    1 MAY. 2024 · Ever have something happen in your life that runs contrary to your hopes and dreams? We all have - or will. Nicole Unice talks about this and her insightful new book & Bible study, Not What I Signed Up For. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3UnKxuJ
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  • A Good Steward of Suffering - Randy Phillips

    24 ABR. 2024 · Randy Phillips is part of the vocal group Phillips, Craig and Dean, and pastor at Life Family Church in Austin, Texas, as well as an insightful goofball. We hope this light-hearted episode lifts your spirit. Steve and Randy talk, and joke, about Randy's music career. Then Randy offers some powerful pastoral insight into the problem of suffering. And then it gets goofy again. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3WfBYFa
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  • Life is Hard, God is Good, Let's Dance - Brant Hansen

    17 ABR. 2024 · The Bible talks about having joy in all circumstances. It turns out that's not only for a small group of super-Christians a long time ago. Followers of Jesus can experience joy even when life is falling apart. In this episode, Steve talks with author speaker Brant Hansen about his book God is Good, Life is Hard, Let's Dance. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/4aAKQJv
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  • Shaken Out of Addiction with Stephen McWhirter

    13 MAR. 2024 · Stephen McWhirter tells the miraculous story of how God took his anger, addiction, and brokenness, and gave him peace, a passionate love for God, and an urgent desire to tell everyone the Good News He is now a worship leader and Christian music artist, with the hit song Come Jesus Come. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/4catJQ8
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  • In the Blink of an Eye

    6 MAR. 2024 · Mike Angstadt has always been an active guy, His idea of a good time is a workout known as The Murph: a 1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, and another 1 mile run. In a split second, his life changed. Now, with God’s help, Mike is on a long road to recovery. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/48HQecj
    Escuchado 24m 22s
  • A Person of Perseverance

    28 FEB. 2024 · Ann Kirsten's journey to Jesus has been unique. Rather than an a-ha moment followed by problems vanishing, the trials in her life continued and were joined by new challenges. Through all of it, her love for Jesus has only gotten stronger. Ann is a blogger at AllMomDoes.com. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3IcksJo https://www.allmomdoes.com/
    Escuchado 40m 20s
  • Achieving and Losing a Dream

    14 FEB. 2024 · Jesse Bradley was like a lot of kids in that he dreamed of being a professional athlete, Unlike most other kids, he saw his dream come true! But then it was snatched away by a health crisis. It was a painful loss, but God was in it. Today Jesse is a pastor at Grace Community Church in Auburn. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3wgPjC0
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  • God Will Sustain You with Laura Story

    7 FEB. 2024 · Laura Story is a popular singer-songwriter, worship leader, and author. For more than 20 years her husband Martin has been battling the debilitating effects of a brain tumor. Laura and Martin are walking a difficult path. And it's by no means over. But through it, they have experienced God as their sustainer. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3HRcTIg
    Escuchado 34m 22s

Season 2: Shaken with Steve Sunshine Even followers of Jesus experience things in life that can make a firm foundation feel kind of well shaky. I will be sharing stories...

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Season 2: Shaken with Steve Sunshine

Even followers of Jesus experience things in life that can make a firm foundation feel kind of well shaky. I will be sharing stories of people finding hope, joy and even humor under difficult life circumstances. The common denominator in these stories is God.

Season 1: Hope When Life Hurts with Erica Parkerson

Welcome to Hope When Life Hurts, a special 5-episode podcast series designed to shine a light on what God is doing during the darkest moments of our lives. God wants to meet you in the middle of your mess. There is Hope for when you lose a loved one and your heart splits in two. Hope for when a transition in life leaves you feeling empty. Hope for when the life you expected to live…simply unravels. The struggle is real, but so is the hope!

“You, LORD, keep my lamp burning,” David wrote in the psalms. “My God turns my darkness into light.”
(Psalm 18:28)
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