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Shaking The Hidden Hand

  • 3/3/24 Sweeping Your Dusty Mind

    4 MAR. 2024 · on February 23rd there was a mass network outage that ATT and other carriers denied was a cyber attack. Several news outlets attempted to pass off the outage as a solar flare or Coronal Mass Ejection. Jack Richland of Blackscoutsurvival, pointed out how the CME from the solar event did not effect this side of the planet. As it was night time when the solar event occurred, According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA. In 2020 The Department of Health and Human Services was hit by a cyber attack in which the former CIO(Chief Information Officer) Stated the hackers were so sophisticated and intricate they followed the agencies programmers through the data stream through the network. Causing them to have to take the network offline temporarily. The World Economic Forum holds a cyber security convention each year. They recently released a PDF Document stating the urgency to merge private and public sectors in order to lockdown cyber security. Which sounds a lot like techno fascism. Part of the smart city agenda, the 15 minute cities, Agenda 2030 etc. Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero Radio and Aftermath Media has discussed this numerous times with incredible guests as well. There are two sides of the digital world considered fringe topics by mainstream talking heads. Yet heavily researched by the Kremlin and The CIA. Now that MK Ultra has become a popular discussion topic, we must be aware of the disinformation present. Between years of research and years of listening to Ground Zero, I believe personally that the Smart Dust and 5G are in synch with the overarching agenda. In addition to algorithms in conjunction with the evil intelligent dust Julian Assange spoke of, that Clyde discussed recently. Being able to use this technology for synthetic ESP and or Synthetic Telepathy, that much easier. I believe it's already in heavily processed food if not all food. You can already see nanoparticles used in food ingredients. This is a documented fact. Is it possible they combined food science with parapsychology? Technology for decades has been used as a gateway to enhance remote viewing abilities. I ask is it possible that they are using food science to make everyone cognitively palpable? Cashapp: $1victoryatatime patreon.com/ShakingTheHiddenHandPodcast shakingthehiddenhand.info
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  • A Dose of Truth: The Fentanyl Crisis

    21 DIC. 2023 · In the short history of our country, we have witnessed and lived through several wars against the people. One of the most notable, The War on Drugs, which was, by default, a blatant war on the civilian and veteran populous. According to the Associated Press, between 1975 and 2019, The prison population has multiplied drastically from 240,000 to 1.4 million, 1 in 5 inmates were incarcerated for drug related convictions. Though I intend not to converse of the incarceration rates or crack epidemic. Yet the modern day opioid crisis centered around the pernicious fentanyl and the decimation caused by this faux medicine. in 2022 there were over 107,000 overdose deaths perpetuated by this inferential synthetic drug. There is a page on Instagram I have followed called every 11 minutes. They post short clips of the overdose victims several times a day. In this cold unforgiving world, the victims are blamed. This is utter doltishness, as many victims are sold other forms of street drugs which are laced with fentanyl. The lives of over 100,000 individuals are eradicated due to the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army and Cartels using Social media to slang this illicit dope. Fentanyl, A Drug commonly used for cancer treatment. Is concealed via alternate pressing. Being manufactured into Xanax tablets, Percocet's and other common drugs sold in the streets.
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  • Put A Sock In IT(First Episode With Soupcan Mic)

    6 DIC. 2023 · Best of using the old mic I started with. Sockpuppets, Bots,OSINT Operations etc
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  • Men-Til Health

    29 NOV. 2023 · Mens mental health is often overlooked. Tonight i discuss a few factors in mental health.
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  • Mentis Imperium, Years of Delirium (Best Of)

    13 NOV. 2023 · For years, several nations governments have experimented with Mind Control. Something that not only effects those involved in the experiment, but those in the public as well. Those on the receiving end. The CIA was experimenting and researching both, the technological aspect and the biological and chemical aspect of mind control.
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  • A Dark Commune

    11 NOV. 2023 · When looking at the state of the world population. It is apparent, humans are very resilient. Historically, people want some element of personal independence. There are always so called leaders surreptitiously pulling strings in order to gain the upper hand on the peasants of the world. With technofascism being used to monitor our every move, and wanting us all living in our modern communes of convenience otherwise known as 15 minute cities, where we own nothing of personal equity, It's apparent the age old enemies have teamed up against the common peasants. Communists and Fascists have shifted their aim from each other, to the ones they both consider Deplorables
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  • Communism Caught Red Handed

    8 NOV. 2023 · Constant bombardment of agitprop distorts the mind into confusing reality and fact with fiction and agenda driven narrative. Global leaders advocate for sustainability through mergers of several multinational conglomerates. Describing a world governance as a peaceful utopia. Blatantly and transparently degrading the intelligence of Humanity as a whole. Yes there is always those masquerading as humanitarian saviors. Calling themselves the sons of Elohim. The World Economic forum is a proponent of godless communism with a hint of technofascism. With historians stating humans have no purpose, that humans are inherently stupid. This is blatant godlessness and disrespect in regards to all of Humanity. Their demeanor towards us is clear, their agenda is a false utopia geared towards blind compliance and hopeless stupor.
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This is the podcast for you if you're interested in the the hidden nature of things, mythology, history, hidden knowledge, theology, conspiracy history, parapolitics and many other great topics. The...

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This is the podcast for you if you're interested in the the hidden nature of things, mythology, history, hidden knowledge, theology, conspiracy history, parapolitics and many other great topics. The Hidden Hand, is in essence, the shadow puppeteers, cabal, global government and shady intelligence agencies, Or even the hand of God. Join me as we discuss the hidden in plain site complexities that make life so interesting and much more.
If you'd like to donate anything to help keep the show on air. Anything and everything is appreciated. It is just myself making the montages, editing and mastering as well as reasearch.
Thank you for listening!
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