• State Of the Art Search & Analysis for Patents - Signicent LLP

    10 AGO. 2022 · State-of-the-art research (SOA) refers to information that already exists in the public domain, such as patents, scientific publications or any existing product. State-of-the-art research is conducted to reach a complete perspective of a specific technological field. This type of search can cover patents all over the world or from a specific geographical area, depending on the interest.
  • Sound System Report: How do stylish speakers define trends in the marketplace? - Signicent LLP

    5 AGO. 2022 · The purpose of the report on the sound system is the technological exploration in the loudspeaker. It updates emerging technologies and different aspects of stakeholders. Further, the purpose of the sound system report is to procure the global market details for identifying the key players, and regions, under the domain of interest.
  • Freedom to Operate FTO Search by Signicent LLC

    14 JUL. 2022 · Freedom to operate search is an investigation of patents that can be potentially infringed when product is launched in the market. It covers patents that have been issued or pending patent applications.The Freedom to Operate (FTO) search or a clearance search is performed to identify the companies or the organizations and their respective patents which can obstruct the commercialization of the patent in question in the geography of interest.If there are any obstructing patents, the company can negotiate or in-license the overlapping patented technology before launching the product to avoid infringement later.
  • Patent Landscape Research & Analysis by Signicent LLP

    28 JUN. 2022 · Patent Landscape is research that seeks to understand a specific technological area. Many companies are asking the patent landscape to establish an internal database of relevant patents concerning the technology of interest. The trends that emerge from patent landscape can be very helpful for taking business decisions, R&D decisions, gaining insights about competitors, helping R&D team and to find out the white spaces in underlying technology. To know more visit us at https://signicent.com/patent-landscape/
  • Smart Wearable Devices Report How Innovative Products & Technology Research will Grow Market Size - Signicent LLP

    22 JUN. 2022 · The smart wearable report aims to find and analyze emerging technologies, innovative solutions & products in the area of “Smart Wearable”. Smart wearable devices find application in Sports, Manufacture, Construction & Medical Industry.Smart wearable technology report by Signicent will take you through trends, innovations, technology advancements by problem solution approach. Smart wearable technology is gaining popularity and expanding drastically.
Signicent LLP (IND & USA) is a well-established company that helps companies around the world with their technological innovation, patent, trade-mark, evaluation, licensing, technology transfer and market research needs.
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