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  • Social Dilemma July 20th - Small Cities VS Big Cities

    21 JUL. 2023 · Today's Social Dilemma, Jason.Aldean's new song and video has sparked a debate on the imagery used and the lyrics that are very critical of violence in big cities. Today I want to focus on the aspect of rural vs urban. Aldean's songs suggests that small town people are looking out for each other while city people are uncaring and less likely to help their neighbor. From your experience, do you think that stereotype is true?
    Played 11m 6s
  • Social Dilemma July 19th - Rudi The Pig

    20 JUL. 2023 · Today's Social Dilemma, a westside of Madison woman has been told that her miniature pet pig, Rudi, has to go. Rudi has become quite the fixture on a bike path where her owner brings him to see children. Someone ratted out the owner and now the city says he has to go because pigs are prohibited from being in the city. Considering that the pig usually stays inside, shouldn't we either make an exception or change the law? After all, Madison just changed the law allowing people to have more chickens in their backyard.
    Played 8m 1s
  • Social Dilemma March 24th - 1 Meal A Day?

    27 MAR. 2023 · Today's Social Dilemma, it turns out,.Bruce Springsteen only eats one meal a day for long periods of time. Cris Martin from Coldplay joined the Boss for lunch and is now following the same plan If you restricted yourself to one meal per day, what time of the day would you eat it and what would you eat?
    Played 9m 44s
  • Social Dilemma March 23rd - Dick Van Dyke

    24 MAR. 2023 · Today's Social Dilemma, actor Dick Van Dyke was injured when his car slid into a gate. The 97 year old was driving his Lexus during a rain storm. Is there an age where you are simply too old to.drive? Should people over 75 be tested every couple years?
    Played 10m 21s
  • Social Dilemma March 22nd - Roger Waters

    23 MAR. 2023 · Today's Social Dilemma, a group of artists are coming to the defense of Roger Waters. His concert in Germany was canceled by the Frankfurt city council because of his anti Israeli comments over the years. Waters is going to take legal action against the city as well. The ironic thing is, Waters has been publicly shaming artists and bands that perform in Israel for years. Shouldn't concerts be immune from politics?
    Played 9m 9s
  • Social Dilemma March 21st - Death Penalty

    22 MAR. 2023 · Today's Social Dilemma, Idaho is about to join Utah, South Carolina, Mississippi and Oklahoma in allowing death by firing squad as a form of execution. Some say this form of punishment that is cruel and barbaric others say that's the whole point of the death penalty being used as a deterant so people don't kill innocent citizens. Is this a good thing?
    Played 10m 12s
  • Social Dilemma March 20th - Street Racing

    21 MAR. 2023 · Today's Social Dilemma, we all know that reckless driving has become a huge problem, even worse, street racing is now the new rage in cities all over America. I'm been thinking about how to punish drivers that like to show off in their sports cars and put themselves and others in danger. They definitely should lose their license and pay a huge fine but what about after that? How about making them drive the most un hip cars with a governor installed on the vehicle so it can't speed? What automobile would be the best punishment for these punks?
    Played 9m 55s
  • Public Dress

    7 ABR. 2022 · People's dress in public has continued to go down hill. What do you wear when you leave your house? Should pajamas and the like be outlawed?
    Played 17m 48s
  • Aren't We Supposed To Celebrate Diversity?

    6 ABR. 2022 · Today's Social Dilemma, Disney will no longer welcome ladies and Gentlemen or boys and girls to its theme parks, Alaska Airlines is adopting gender neutral uniform and the Canadian military will no longer require male soldiers to wear buzz cuts. What do you think about these efforts to make everything gender neutral:? I thought we were supposed to celebrate diversity,, isn't there a way to be inclusive without eliminating gender differences?
    Played 18m 12s
  • Was Taylor Hawkins Selfish?

    5 ABR. 2022 · Today's Social Dilemma, Ted Nugent is weighing in on the death of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. We do know they found various drugs in Hawkins system but we don't the official cause of death as of yet. That didn't stop Ted from passing judgment, he says people who are addicted to drugs are selfish. Is it really that simple? When someone overdoses and dies from substance abuse do you condemn them?
    Played 18m 56s
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