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  • Nerd Halen's Caleb Rapoport & Comedian Courtney Cronin Dold

    16 JUL. 2022 · The rock and comedy connection is here, Courtney Cronin Dold is an accomplished comedian and writer and her current project has been working with rock stars to turn their stories into comedy gold. One of the few true Van Halen tribute artists with the band's blessing, Nerd Halen has taken the legendary songs in an entertaining direction. Both will take the stage July 21 at the world famous Vamp'd rock club here in Las Vegas along with Hal Sparks, who is also the lead singer of Nerd Halen. We talked to Dold about working with rock legends and Rapoport about the success of his band.
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  • Filmmaker Thomas Verrette on His "Zero Gravity" Documentary

    22 SEP. 2021 · Thomas Verrette took a little over a month to cover a life changing competition. Middle schoolers from across the country were competing to code satellites aboard the International Space Station and Thomas was there to tell the stories of these students with many differing backgrounds. The contest hopes to inspire students not only to reach for the stars but to use what they learned to help achieve their own dreams. We talked to Thomas Verrette about making the documentary and the themes he hopes came through.
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  • Folm Producer and Director Michael Blevins

    31 JUL. 2021 · Having worked heavily behind the scenes and creating his own lighting company, Michael Blevins has started to create his own visions. The L.A. based producer has used his former hometown of Kansas City for many of his movies, including the already released "Digging to Death" and the upcoming "The Devil Comes to Kansas City". We talk to Blevins on his beginnings in the movie world, his filming style, and some stories behind the scenes of his movies.
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  • Rapper and Entrepreneur Lil Litty

    29 JUL. 2021 · Having sold lemonade at the age of 12, Lil Litty has expanded his empire into music and clothing. Litty made his way into the rap scene with "Lemonade Juice" and this past year, his video for "Paint" has reached over 100,000 views on youtube. We talked to Lil Litty about his clothes, music, and producing music videos.
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  • Stevee Wellons from Soulful Femme

    2 JUN. 2021 · The Pittsburgh scene is once again open and Soulful Femme has already entertaining audiences prior to their new release "It Is Well With My Soul." The 12 track R & B and soul album has been getting rave reviews from critics. We talk to half of the duo Stevee Wellons about producing the album, her influences, and coming back to performing.
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  • "Sergio Mendes & Friends" Producer and Director John Scheinfeld

    26 MAY. 2021 · Coming off two critically acclaimed documentaries "The U.S. Vs. John Lennon" and "Herb Alpert Is…", producer and director John Scheinfeld l’s newest project features another legend in the music scene. Sergio Mendes is known for bringing Bossa Nova from his native Brazil to the U.S. and then the world. His music has influenced musicians for over five decades including John Legend and Will.I.Am. "Sergio Mendes and Friends: A Celebration" will be available on PBS starting June 1, with a more extended cut being made available soon. We talked to Scheinfeld about producing the documentary, working with Mendes, and his passion for documentary filmmaking.
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  • Producer Steven Hellmann

    3 MAY. 2021 · A brilliant cast come together for a film that explores societal pressures of millennial culture in "Taking the Fall" which is available on Apple TV and Amazon. Writer/Producer Steven Hellmann's first film tells the story of recently released Tyler, who was serving six years in jail for procession of marijuana. He is soon welcomed back by his old college friends, who have changed quite a bit from the ambitious students he once knew. The film has found critical acclaim on the festival circuit and won the Audience Award at the Charlotte Film Festival. We talked to Hellmann about producing the film with a very short schedule, the incredible cast, and some tales from the set.
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  • Hip Hop Artist Nomad N3lson

    28 ABR. 2021 · As things are starting to open us, Nomad N3lson is already performing live again. The Boston based Hip Hop artist is touring the region in promotion of his new album "Sorry in Advance" and is getting ready to release new material. Sourcing beats from around the world, Nomad is always looking for inspiration to take his game to another level. We talked to N3lson about his process in songwriting, working with people from across the planet, and finally getting to do concerts once again.
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  • Indie Rock Artist Nouhi's Nomad

    26 ABR. 2021 · Having played instruments since he was young, Nouhi's Nomad soon branched out from classical music to indie rock. Having graduated from the prestigious Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York, his music brings not only his knowledge or rock and classical music, but percussion from Iran and the middle east. We talked to Nouhi's Nomad about his self titles album, his ideas when it comes to producing songs, and his work with the non-profit NIAC (National Iranian American Council).
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  • Country Artist John Vento

    14 ABR. 2021 · After a literal changing of his voice, John Vento has shifted gears with his new project. With the task of producing and releasing a song a month, Vento's "Brick by Brick" album is building from the ground up. He has several singles out already, including "New Mexico Way" with an accompanying music video, Vento's voice grew deeper in the past few years after a few incidents caused some damage to his vocal cords. A retrained voice and a new way of using it has given him a new sound and a new way to look at his music. On top of this, Vento currently helps with an Autism charity "Band Together" out of Pittsburgh that does regular concerts and events. We talked to Vento about his thought processes making music, his charity, and his goals in 2021.
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"Somewhere in Vegas" is a show dedicated to stories about fascinating people from all walks of life, from all over the world. The "Somewhere in Vegas" podcast used to be...

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"Somewhere in Vegas" is a show dedicated to stories about fascinating people from all walks of life, from all over the world. The "Somewhere in Vegas" podcast used to be headquartered somewhere in Las Vegas, but now we travel the globe in search of the the most interesting people and places. We've featured top comedians, actors, wrestlers, MMA fighters and more. Exotic, sexy, dangerous, funny or just plain fascinating -- join us "Somewhere in Vegas."
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