• Navigating Vegas and Anxiety: Behind the Scenes at Infocomm and Upcoming Performances

    12 JUN. 2024 · Welcome to another episode of Song 43! In this week's journey, your host Laura Davidson brings you along to Las Vegas, where she's attending Infocomm, a major tech conference that's quite out of her usual realm. Despite the hustle and her uneasy relationship with Vegas, Laura manages to find joy in unexpected reunions with fellow creators Sean Daniel and Døvydas, and even lines up a fun dinner. As she juggles trade show duties, music performances, and a whirlwind of creative projects—all while battling sleep deprivation and anxiety—Laura shares her candid thoughts on content creation, parental pride from her daughters' recent performances, and the relentless pursuit of balance. Buckle up as we navigate the colorful chaos of Vegas with Laura in this heartfelt and relatable episode of Song 43.
    11m 51s
  • Practical Tips for Growing Your Social Media Presence

    30 MAY. 2024 · Welcome back to Song 43.  Last week, I hosted eleven amazing creators in Chicago. We hung out, learned from each other, and had a blast at the Shure headquarters. James from Wet Nose Woodworks – shout-out to you! You asked for tips on beating the algorithm, and Chris Stone from Dealcasters shared some gold. I also had an incredible time at Reel Sounds studio in Skokie. We re-worked my song "Oak Tree" with a new feel and recorded “Not Responsible” in one take! Everything came together so smoothly, and Sean had it out on YouTube in no time. Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/shorts/ngoX3dz6Kcw After all that, it was back to mom mode. Blake turned ten, and we celebrated big-time over Memorial Day weekend. It was totally exhausting, but totally worth it. If you have content creation questions, I’m here. Hit me up anytime! That’s it for today. Thanks for listening, have an awesome week, and keep creating. Catch you later! Follow Sean Daniel and Dovydas  https://www.youtube.com/@seandaniel23 https://www.youtube.com/@DovydasMusic  
    14m 41s
  • A Week in the Life: Music, Algorithms, and Motherhood

    15 MAY. 2024 · Hello, everyone, it's Laura Davidson here, and welcome to another episode of Song 43. In this week's episode, I'm diving deep into the chaos and creativity of balancing life as a full-time worker, mom, and passionate musician. This time around, I'm flying solo, without a guest, due to life’s unpredictable twists, but that won't stop us from delving into some juicy topics. A large chunk of this episode is devoted to discussing the struggles and strategies of keeping a small business visible on platforms like Instagram, a challenge brought up by my good friend James from Wet Nose Woodworks. As I venture to Chicago next week to meet some top-tier influencers and content creators, I plan to gather insider tips on mastering the algorithm which could help small businesses shine. On a personal note, I share experiences from my niece’s school concert – a proud but technically fraught event, dinner adventures post-show, and the everyday juggle of tasks that fill up life’s to-do list. Plus, I touch upon the transition back into music-making, including an upcoming collaboration with influencer Sean Daniel, and a peek into upcoming performances and studio sessions. Throughout the episode, I open up about the pressures of multi-faceted responsibilities, the physical and mental toll they take, and the ever-elusive search for additional 'time’. Ending on a personal note, I share my song "Here We Are," penned around the tumultuous times of political upheaval, aiming to offer a piece of solace amid the ongoing chaos. Whether you’re from nearby or tuning in from miles away, this episode is crafted to connect, resonate and hopefully add a little extra music to your day.
    13m 38s
  • Crafting Joy Amid Chaos: Laura Davidson's Tales of Work Woes and Musical Highs

    1 MAY. 2024 · In this episode of Song 43, our host Laura Davidson takes us through a whirlwind of emotions and experiences from her past week. With no guest to interview, Laura shares her candid thoughts on navigating professional changes, personal projects, and the highs and lows of her busy life. From the emotional aftermath of layoffs at her job to the pride and chaos at her last talent show at Cox, Laura opens up about her feelings of survivor guilt and the stress of managing multiple responsibilities. We also get a glimpse of her musical side as she recounts a rejuvenating songwriting showcase with old friends, and details the thrill of being part of a new product launch at her company. As always, Laura's resilience shines through as she finds small moments of happiness and invites listeners to share their own stories of finding light in dark times. Join us for a personal and touching episode of Song 43, where life’s complexities are met with courage and heart.
    10m 12s
  • Julie Harris: Reflections on Prop Jets, Proposals, and Different Paths in Life

    17 ABR. 2024 · Hey there, Song 43 listeners! I'm thrilled to have my fabulous mom, Julie Harris, back for part two of her interview where she takes us on part two of an adventure that's not just about travel, but about life's unexpected twists and turns. Mom shares the most amazing tale from back when the world was a bit slower, and flying from New York's Idlewild to Paris via Gander took a whopping 17 hours!  Mom's journey reminds us all to seize the day, no matter where the road or the flight plan takes us. Keep dreaming big, and we'll catch you on the next episode where we explore more melodies, memories, and the magic in between. Signing off for now, see you soon!
    31m 57s
  • Enrique's Adventure: Music Production, Coffee Tasting, and Teaching Passion

    27 MAR. 2024 · This weeks episode is a journey into the past. During the pandemic, I connected with my friend Enrique Gonzalez Mueller to chat about life, music, coffee and Providence, RI. Join us as we laugh and babble about all thing Berklee and life from this 2020 flashback episode where Song 43 was almost called Songs From the Everyday. So grab your headphones, settle in, and let's unravel the tapestry of sounds and stories in this heartfelt episode of Song 43. Watch on Youtube at https://youtu.be/42-XBZSjh5g
    39m 13s
  • The Healing Power of Music: Sarah De Valliere's Path to a Fresh Start

    13 MAR. 2024 · Welcome back to Song 43. In today's stirring episode, we dive deep into the fascinating world of songwriting with the talented Sarah De Valliere. Sarah shares her intricate journey of penning melodies, from the years it can take to perfect a song to the inspiration drawn from life's profound experiences, like becoming a parent and moving through a divorce during the uncertainties of the COVID lockdown. Sarah opens up about her latest album "the Healing," a collection whose creation spanned across several years. This work not only signifies a personal rebirth through her music but also marks a pivotal transition as she assumes her new name post-divorce, retelling her story in her own words, under her own terms. Together, we'll explore the bittersweet challenges of rebranding in the digital age, the powerful process of re-releasing older tracks to new audiences, and the vulnerable act of sharing music built from raw, authentic emotions. Sarah speaks candidly about overcoming the fear of rejection, the catharsis in her lyrics, and her vision to reach a place of fearless self-expression. Prepare to be moved by her striking honesty, laugh along as we contemplate the quirks of Twitch streaming, and get a sneak peek into the excitement surrounding the release of Sarah's first single off the new album. It's an episode full of wisdom, warmth, and the unwavering spirit of creating art amidst life's chaos – a true testament to the ever-evolving journey of a musician. Make sure to visit sdvmusic.com after the show to support Sarah and her exceptional work. Let's get right into it.
    40m 7s
  • The Balancing Act: Rock Aspirations and Family Ties with Sean Sullivan

    28 FEB. 2024 · Welcome to another episode of Song 43, this is your host, Laura Davidson, reaching out from the beautiful cities of Rome. In today's journey into the depths of musical passion and the intricate balancing act of life, we have the pleasure of hosting the ever-charismatic Sean Sullivan. From his roots in an Irish Catholic upbringing and his early encounters with music that sparked a lifelong love affair, to the garage band days that shaped his identity as a singer and a musician, Sean's story is a rich tapestry of highs and lows. Join us as we delve into the harmony of Sean's life, unpacking his partnership with Charlie—the other half of the dynamic duo Sean and Charlie—and how their synergy on stage has captivated audiences across countless venues. Despite the physical toll of playing instruments, particularly the tambourine, Sean's spirit remains high, buffered by the calluses that tell tales of musical battles fought and won. We'll explore the pragmatic side of a musician's life, the commitment to family that has seen Sean slow down from the grueling pace of up to 250 shows a year and the decision that led to his wife's return to the workforce. It's a reflective chapter as Sean considers the crossroads of performing versus the responsibilities that come with age and fatherhood. So set the stage in your mind as we take you through the rhythm of bar gigs, the lost recordings of memorable performances, and the heartwarming decision to propose to the love of his life on stage. It's about the inspiration drawn from the deep well of creative fulfillment and the spiritual peace that Sean's music brings to others. From the undeniable link to 'Cat's in the Cradle' to the unseen scars from tambourines, Sean's story will resonate with the symphony of life's intricacies, right here on Song 43. Stay tuned. Learn more at https://seanandcharlie.com/ Follow Laura @lauraclappmusic
    38m 43s
  • Life's Twists and Turns: From Theatrical Dreams to Unexpected Adventures with Julie Harris

    14 FEB. 2024 · In this episode, we dive into the fascinating life of my mom, Julie Harris, as she recounts her journey from her early days in theater to her various experiences in different cities. We learn about her time in San Francisco, her search for a job and a place to live, and the unexpected twists that led her back to Kansas City. Join us as we explore the ups and downs, the joys and challenges, and the many adventures that have shaped Julie's life.   https://www.amazon.com/stores/Juliana-Harris/author/B0CPJRSS6N?ref=ap_rdr&isDramIntegrated=true&shoppingPortalEnabled=true  
    35m 27s
  • Laying Down the Beat with Pete Wilhoit: Family Man Meets Drummer

    31 ENE. 2024 · In our season opener, Pete Wilhoit shares how picking up sticks for Fiction Plane led to a call from Sting's house. Laura Davidson dishes on how Eddie Vedder’s voice (almost!) made it to a birthday party. Plus, surprise run-ins with stars, like Pete's casual chat with the Pearl Jam icon, guarantees to intrigue. Pete gets personal, recounting family moves and Kathy's pivot to neurology. And, oh boy, did baby Ethan bring a shift in priorities! We delve into how rockstars, like many of us, juggle life’s encores with lullabies. Connect with us: - Twitter: @Song43Podcast - Instagram: @song43podcast - Facebook: /Song43Podcast
    44m 10s

Laura Clapp Davidson is a mom, a singer/songwriter, a wife and a marketing guru for Shure Incorporated. Song 43 is a podcast about how she juggles all of these things...

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Laura Clapp Davidson is a mom, a singer/songwriter, a wife and a marketing guru for Shure Incorporated. Song 43 is a podcast about how she juggles all of these things and sometimes gets a chance to create some music along the way.
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