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Sounds Like A Cool Script

  • If the Writing is Good Enough, You’ll Hook a Great Actor (Every Time) – Interview with ‘Vikings’ actress Amy Bailey

    9 MAY. 2022 · Should everyone take comedy “improv” (improvisation) classes? How does an actor navigate the high turnover of directors on a professional TV show? What does a produced TV screenplay look like? Amy Bailey portrays the ‘sex-mad murderess’ Queen Kwenthrith of Mercia in Amazon Prime’s historical saga set in ninth-century Wessex. Bailey has also won praise for roles on stage in acclaimed musical productions like ‘Guys & Dolls’ and ‘Play it again, Sam’ (being nominated for Best Actress role in both of them). Recently, Amy Bailey was also the female lead in the award-winning short film, ‘Swallow Your Dreams’, directed by Dan Sloan - opposite Paul McGann (of “Dr Who” fame). She’s also worked with actor Daniel Day-Lewis, alongside a stellar cast of Hollywood A-listers including Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Dame Judi Dench and Sophia Loren. Amy isn’t just a high-flier on screen and stage. She’s witty, and full of insights about the sorts of things any writer or director needs to know: about being prepared for your cast and crew, the way to approach an actor if you think the part’s right for them and about the kind of fast-paced writing needed for a successful TV series! NB: Don’t forget to listen to ‘Vikcast - It's A Viking Thing’ with Amy Bailey and Clive Standen: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/vikcast-its-a-viking-thing/id1594846654
    45m 4s
  • The Music of 'Pig' - An Interview With Composer Phil Klein

    28 ABR. 2022 · About two years ago, Phil Klein co-wrote the score for "Pig" with Alexis Grapsas... an entrancing film featuring the actor Nicolas Cage and a truffle-hunting companion... Klein also has written music for other films as well, ‘Wish Dragon' and the war-film, 'The Last Full Measure'. It was a directorial debut for a writer / cinematographer, Michael Sarnoski. The film is set among the dense forests and woodlands of Oregon on the Northwest Coast of the United States, as well as in Portland’s happening restaurant scene. "Pig" really is a wonderful film to watch - and also to listen to. A lot of people have been downloading the score and listening to Phil’s music by itself. Within this interview, there’s a lot about the story-telling process or some aspect of it, like the dialogue. Happy listening!
    38m 52s
  • 27m 7s
  • Tsar of the Scriptwriters - Mike Walker

    2 ENE. 2022 · The Tsar of Scriptwriters! Writer Mike Walker has written a series of radio plays about Russia’s supreme rulers down the ages - and how the powerful individuals who have governed Russia have wielded their power. “Tsar” was directed for Radio 4 between 2016 and 2017 - yet it remains one of the most compelling series of portraits ever written of Russia’s supreme rulers, from Ivan the Terrible to Vladimir Putin. Interviewed by Theo Schofield.
    35m 33s

I'm Theo Schofield and this is my podcast. 'Sounds Like A Cool Script' is dedicated to scriptwriters and filmmakers and to anyone interested in the industry. The genesis for this...

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I'm Theo Schofield and this is my podcast.

'Sounds Like A Cool Script' is dedicated to scriptwriters and filmmakers and to anyone interested in the industry.

The genesis for this podcast was a feeling that too many writers starting out are not getting enough opportunities to: (a) learn how to improve their writing; (b) learn more about how their scripts are used once the script moves into pre-production and thereafter and, thirdly; (c) hear a guest speaker and a scriptwriter get together to talk about the topic they’ve written about.

Hopefully, this podcast should do a little to counteract all that!

If you want to see more about scripts and scriptwriting, catch my online live event on Facebook – ‘Script to Screen’: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LondonSWFOnline/events

For ‘Script to Screen’, I roll the script of a film or the pilot episode of a TV series in sync with the vision. We then have an absolutely no-holds-barred talk about it all.

‘Script to Screen’ has produced so many interesting chats about scripts and scriptwriting, with some fascinating guest speakers adding to the mix, it seemed only natural to begin a podcast!

In addition, we invite guest speakers: screenwriters, actors, video editors and directors. Just the kind of industry experts who will be contributing to the podcast too!

So, if you’ve written a cool script, or you would like to – this is for you!

Happy listening, guys!

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