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    Southpaws 6-7-24 Pod

    7 JUN. 2024 · Darren is still basking in the afterglow of Donald Trump being found guilty on 34 felony counts from his hush money trial. Other topics include: Republicans are looking to indict the left as revenge for Donald Trump's trials and convictions. The United Nations Secretary-General has floated the idea of a windfall tax on profits for fossil fuel companies. Mexico has elected their first female president. The Columbia Law Review website was shut down by their board after students published an article critical of Israel and the Gaza war. (The website is now back up.) Presidential primaries are starting to wrap up in the United States. Rural pharmacies are having a hard time staying open. Being a patient in the US health care system is becoming harder. And CEO's of S&P 500 companies are making on average 200 times more than their workers.
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    Southpaws 5-31-24 Pod

    31 MAY. 2024 · As we were finishing up the recording of this episode, we received word that the jury in Donald Trump's hush money trial had reached a verdict. Trump was found guilty on all counts. We'll have more of the fallout on next week's show. Other topics include: A New York City nurse was fired just days after receiving an award because she called the Gaza war a genocide during her speech. Police break up the pro-Palestine encampment at Wayne State University. Spain, Norway, and Ireland now officially recognize a Palestinian state and Israel is upset over it. The US is fighting Russian misinformation and disinformation. A Texas Democrat who supported a ban on gender affirming care for children was primaried out of office earlier this week. And two Democrats now serve on the Ottawa County, Michigan Board of Commissioners. It's the first time that's ever happened. Hammer Time: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) attacked Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) over her appearance. Crockett clapped back hard!
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    Southpaws 5-17-24 Pod

    17 MAY. 2024 · Darren discussed these topics: President Joe Biden and Donald Trump have agreed to debates. Slovakia's prime minister was shot in an assassination attempt. Trump said that South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) was "having a bad week" in regards to her admitting to intentionally killing a dog in her book. Will Michigan voters be energized to vote in the August primary and the November general elections? Recall elections in two Michigan counties may tell the tale. Michael Cohen takes the stand in the Donald Trump hush money trial. And the stock markets continue to climb. So much for Republicans claiming Bidenomics is killing the country. Hammer Time: Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker made anti-LGBTQ and anti-woman remarks during a commencement speech at Benedictine College. Hammer Time: Gannett Newspapers fired Holland Sentinel reporter Sarah Leach under dubious circumstances.
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    Southpaws 5-10-24 Pod

    11 MAY. 2024 · Darren discussed these topics: The United States has stopped the shipment of 2,000 pound bombs to Israel ahead of a possible attack on the city of Rafah. Stormy Daniels testified in Donald Trump's hush money trial. Trump was fined an additional $1,000 for violating his gag order. The judge has threatened to throw Trump in jail if he violates it again. At a fundraiser held at Mar-A-Lago, Trump claimed that President Joe Biden runs "a Gestapo Administration". Even though Nikki Haley dropped out of the presidential race in March, she got over 20% of the vote this past week in the Indiana primary. Ottawa County, Michigan commissioner Lucy Ebel was defeated in a recall election. Democrat Chris Kleinjans defeated her by 20 points. A recall election involving two members of the Grant, Michigan Public School board failed. Meanwhile, a Grant resident is facing federal felony charges after he built bombs that he was going to use against the Satanic Temple in Salem, MA. And details of a 2017 memo have leaked showing that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wanted to purchase the Associated Press wire service.
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    Southpaws 5-3-24 Pod

    3 MAY. 2024 · Darren discussed these topics: The 54th anniversary of the Kent State shooting coincides with college protests across the country condemning the Israel-Hamas War. Have we learned lessons from Kent State or are we doomed to repeat history? Colleges are having police crack down on protesters. Democrats in Arizona's Senate are trying to repeal the 1864 law that bans nearly all abortions. Trump was on the campaign trail in Michigan the day after the judge in his hush money trial warned him not to violate the gag order any further or possibly face jail time. In a recent interview, Trump said he would use the National Guard and perhaps the military to secure the southern border. The Drug Enforcement Agency is looking to reclassify marijuana from a class I schedule drug to class III. And the United Methodist Church has repealed a ban against LGBTQ clergy. Hammer Time: South Dakota Governor Kristi Norm (R) is receiving widespread criticism for killing a dog on her farm several years ago. The story was published in her new book.
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    Southpaws 4-26-24 Pod

    26 ABR. 2024 · Darren discussed these topics: The latest on the Donald Trump hush money trial. Trump's attorneys go in front of the U.S. Supreme Court to argue that the president has absolute immunity while in office. Pro Palestinian protests are breaking out at colleges and universities around the country. A top leader of Hamas said that they'll stop the war if an independent Palestinian state is granted based on borders prior to the 1967 Mideast War. Arizona indicted 18 Republicans on charges of election interference. The Federal Trade Commission on a 3-2 vote has banned non-compete agreements in the workplace. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said they will sue to block the new rule. The Federal Communications Commission on a 3-2 vote will once again enforce Net Neutrality. The TikTok ban was signed by President Biden. So what's next? And the Satanic Temple gave the invocation prior to a recent meeting of the Ottawa County, Michigan Board of Commissioners and right wing Christians lost their minds over it.
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    Southpaws 4-19-24 Pod

    19 ABR. 2024 · Darren discussed these topics: Jurors have been chosen in Donald Trump's hush money trial. Opening arguments could begin next week. Trump Media stock continues to drop in price. Climate change could cost the world economy $38 trillion by the year 2049 and may more than double by the year 2100, according to a new study. Laws regarding transgender rights have hit several courts this week, including bans on gender affirming care for minors. Sweden becomes the latest country making it easier for young people to change their gender. Florida tweaks a law making it easier for people to challenge books in schools after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) blames liberal activists for creating havoc. Democrats are blaming the havoc on the new law. Impeachment charges against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are tossed in the U.S. Senate on a party line vote. Former Michigan House leader Lee Chatfield (R) is charged with embezzlement and conducting a criminal enterprise. And a Hudsonville, Michigan family is suing Meritage Hospitality Group, a large Wendy's franchisee. The family's 11-year-old daughter was allegedly sickened after eating at a Jenison restaurant that had just reopened after a health department inspection found disgusting conditions inside. Now she has long term health issues, including learning problems.
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  • Southpaws 4-12-24 Pod

    12 ABR. 2024 · Darren is joined by Jack Prince this week to discuss these topics: Jack explains an effort to inform the Michigan Education Association about the detriments of Medicare Advantage. New tactics are being employed to sign up seniors to Medicare Advantage, including in person seminars. Jack attended one such seminar and gave his account of what happened. Arizona's Supreme Court ruled that a draconian 1864 anti-abortion law can take effect, which bans the procedure except to save the life of the mother. The Biden Administration has set new limits on the amount of "forever chemicals" like PFAS and PFOA can be in drinking water. This is the first time the government has set limits on these cancer causing chemicals. Internet providers now have to be more transparent about what you get for money, thanks to new Federal Communications Commission rules. President Biden is trying to cancel more student debt. Again, the Republicans are suing him to stop the effort. The parents of the Oxford High School, Michigan shooter are sentenced to 10-15 years in prison each for their roles. And former Ottawa County, Michigan Administrator John Gibbs has sued the county board of commissioners and board chair Joe Moss for wrongful termination, among other claims.
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    Southpaws 4-5-24 Pod

    5 ABR. 2024 · Darren discussed these topics: Donald Trump continues to escalate his rhetoric against migrants entering the country illegally. He held a speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan earlier this week where he called migrants "animals". The family of a murder victim said Trump never talked to them after he said in a speech that he talked to them. During Trump's visit to Grand Rapids, pro-immigration demonstrators took to the streets to protest his speech. Trump may have won his recent primary elections, but many Republicans continue to vote for Nikki Haley or uncommitted. Could the latest actions of Judge Aileen Cannon get her kicked off the Trump classified documents case? The strongest earthquake in 25 years hit Taiwan earlier this week, causing deaths, injuries, and damage. President Joe Biden teamed up with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to promote lower health care costs, including a cap on the price of inhalers. Israeli troops killed 7 aid workers in an airstrike that they claim was a mistake. Darren thinks the Israeli military purposely attacked that convoy to stop food aid to Palestinians. Israel is ready to expel Al Jazeera from the country, calling it a pro-Hamas group. And Darren finished the show by calling Israel a fascist country.
    56m 54s
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    Southpaws 3-29-24 Pod

    30 MAR. 2024 · Darren discussed these topics: The Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, MD fell into the harbor after a freighter ship collided with one of the supports. Six people were killed and two others injured. Donald Trump is now selling Bibles in his latest fleecing of his flock. Trump's hush money case is set to go to trial on April 15th. The New York Court of Appeals lowered Trump's bond in his civil fraud case to $175 million. Trump chewed out NBC News reporter Garrett Haake over questions about whether the orange wonder would spend his own money on his campaign. A settlement was reached between Disney and the state of Florida over how Disney World would be developed in the future. Democrat Marilyn Lands wins a special election to the Alabama legislature. Ottawa County, Michigan executive administrative aide Jordan Epperson is running for statewide office out of St. Clair County. Why is he allowed to carpetbag like this? And the U.S. Supreme Court is likely to throw out the mifepristone case over legal standing issues regarding the plaintiffs.
    59m 19s

Southpaws is a radio show where current events and political topics are explored from a progressive point of view. Started in 2012, Southpaws is hosted by Darren Gibson and Jack...

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Southpaws is a radio show where current events and political topics are explored from a progressive point of view. Started in 2012, Southpaws is hosted by Darren Gibson and Jack Prince from studios in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is syndicated nationally through Pacifica Radio and Global Community Radio.

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