• S3 Finale

    26 SEP. 2023 · As ever thank YOU SO SO much dear listeners!
    2m 56s
  • S3E9 Hannah

    19 SEP. 2023 · Hannah and I may have confirmed that we're obsessed with skincare even more so than make up. Although Hannah's make up skills far outstrip mine (it doesn't take much) as she is a budding make up artist having just recieved her qualification. We had a chuckle about children in theatre, the saga of my lost debit card and the need to make those difficult life decsions and be brave in pursuing what you want.
    1h 14m 36s
  • S3E8 Daniel

    12 SEP. 2023 · The second Daniel to be featured on the pod this season! Daniel is the fourth Mackechnie brother and I was so touched that he made a space to record the pod on his recent trip to South Africa. Daniel is thoughtful and fun which makes this episode a treat for the ears as he unpacks being a social chameleon, his passion for people and how he holds fast to relationships as a true marker of success.
    1h 3m 53s
  • S3E7 Sarah

    5 SEP. 2023 · So chuffed to have got Sa onto the pod! She's a joyful delight with such a great sense of humour and the most incredible ability to laugh at herself. From bonding after many years apart, our mutual lack of direction and name recalling and learning to extend grace to others this pod is rich in its array of topics. Also I'd happily throw glasses to protect your belongings anyday of the week Sa xx
    50m 19s
  • S3E6 Jess

    29 AGO. 2023 · My cousin Jess Cat recounts our shared tour experience down a Polish salt mine that left us feeling rather salty with a new found appreciation for the outside world, a con artist cat going by the name of Tabatha and planning a wedding amidst a pandemic.
    42m 44s
  • S3E5 Dan

    22 AGO. 2023 · Cousin Dan recounts his numerous travel experiences travelling with yours truly and he doesn't hold back as our relationship includes roasting each other until we think we may need to apologise. I couldn't give him the introduction he deserved in person as it wouldn't be on brand for our friendship so I shall do it here and see if Dan notices. Dan is incredibly detail orientated which consequently makes him a deep thinker and a gentle and thoughtful friend who notices the minutest of occurences. He is a great addition to my life and I am grateful for his loyalty and intentionality. I'm also not very good at being nice to Dan in person as we're very similar in some ways and thus he is an easy target to pick on but as I often tell him when I've taken it to far: "I only bully out of love because I think the person is worth my time so in a weird way it's me expressing the little known sixth love language which is roasting to show affection".
    45m 57s
  • S3E4 Cass

    15 AGO. 2023 · Cass is such a dear friend to me and it was always my goal to have her on the pod as she has been its keenest advocate since the start. My girl Friday coming to you on this fine Tuesday! Her zest for life is contagious and I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. It was a true pleasure to take a trip down memory lane with one of my best friends. I will so treasure this recording- can't wait to play it again in a few years and add further adventures to our already brimming repertoire.
    1h 7m 23s
  • S3E3 Robs

    8 AGO. 2023 · Robs was a joy to have on the pod! Beware there are many tangents to be enjoyed in this episode for example a ten minute analysis about the grape juice and bread used in commuinion. A rich array of topics ensue including sugar daddies, being set up, recycling, remeeting each other as adults, plot twists, weird hugs, love languages, facial expressions and more Egyptian travel stories (for more refer to S1E4 Margs).
    1h 37m 1s
  • S3E2 Cait

    1 AGO. 2023 · In short this epsiode zones in on the many highs and lows of our trip together to Greece last July. It was shared, funny and character building in the extreme from flight dramas, piano concertos accompanying deep stress, learning to drive a boat in three minutes, almost dying multiple times on a bus driving on narrow roads, dinners with the army, seasickness, a blasing hot sun, sleeping pills and all the hilarity of the people we encounted along the way. It was a memorable time that 10/10 would recommend!
    1h 12m 36s
  • S3E1 Liesl

    25 JUL. 2023 · Liesl is one of the wisest and kindest people I know. She is someone who celebrates victories with you joyously and grieves with you in your sufferings. This epsiode is a trip! From car dramas, sayings that are now entrenched and learning to love others better. I hope you delight in hearing a snippet of Liesl's heart for people.
    57m 40s
The podcast that asks guests to share their most humorous, eclectic and character-building life experiences.

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