• Congratulations to Gina from Seattle on Winning $12,075 in the SPIRIT 105.3 Secret Sound

    14 JUN. 2024 · WOW! That was so much fun. We had a blast with this sound and are so excited that Gina from Seattle just won $12,075 from the Elite Roofing piggy bank in the SPIRIT 105.3 Secret Sound and $500 to give away. Her daughter Zoey had the guess and she got through to play. They plan to take a special trip to a hot air balloon fest in Turkey!
    2m 42s
  • Congratulations to Jacob from Bonney Lake – Our Rad Dad Giveaway Winner!

    14 JUN. 2024 · We’re excited to announce the grand prize winner of our Rad Dad giveaway: Jacob from Bonney Lake! Congrats on winning a Blackstone 22” Tabletop Griddle with a Lid…perfect for any summer adventure! This is what Jacob shared with Erica on the Morning Show about his father:“My dad was diagnosed with malignant melanoma when I was 13 but he didn’t let that interfere with family life. We still spent time together doing all of our favorite activities while he grit his teeth and went through treatment.”We love how Jacob’s rad dad was a hero to his family amidst his health struggles. Thank you, Jacob, for sharing your story with us, and thank you, Robert Gardner Roofing, for helping us honor all the rad dads this Father’s Day!
    1m 34s
  • Pitching with a Purpose - A Conversation with Seattle Mariners Pitcher Logan Gilbert

    13 JUN. 2024 · Mariners Pitcher, Logan Gilbert, joins Erica and producer Max to talk about Mariners Faith & Family night coming soon! Hear about his faith journey, why he loves sharing his story and some insight into his relationship with father. You'll leave inspired!
    6m 8s
  • The Backseat of Mercy - A Conversation with DOG the Bounty Hunter!

    12 JUN. 2024 · "Even in my worst moments, God was THERE. He never left me." ~DOG the Bounty Hunter   His mother prayed for him all the days of his life. His stepfather beat him regularly and mercilessly. He ran with a notorious biker gang called the devil's diciples (not misspelled). He went to a maximum-security prison and wound up barbering the warden's hair. He went to rock bottom, more than once. And THE LORD JESUS NEVER LEFT DOG! Join DOG the Bounty Hunter and Erica for a conversation that is OFF THE CHAIN! Brew a strong cup of cold brew coffee cause this conversation is FIRE.
    13m 41s
  • Giving Foster Children Dignity and Hope - A Conversation with My Bag, My Story Founder, Cara Finger

    5 JUN. 2024 · Sometimes you get an idea that's a game changer, and a life changer. It's how you know it's from God. Cara Finger, founder of My Bag, My Story is my guest and inspiration today. My Bag, My Story provides new bags to foster children who often carry their belongings in trash or grocery bags. Cara is an adoptee and foster parent herself, and explains that the bags give the children a sense of dignity and ownership, fostering trust and value. Over 4,000 bags have been distributed, with plans for further growth. Cara's faith plays a significant role in her work, believing in the biblical call to care for orphans and widows. My Bag, My Story website :https://mybagmystory.com/
    8m 24s
  • Former Construction Worker Jordan St. Cyr Finds His Foundation in God

    4 JUN. 2024 · Jordan St. Cyr swapped hard hats for a microphone, all thanks to his super supportive wife, Heather! Battling through tough times with daughter Emory's seizures, he shines a spotlight on the power of faith. Jordan shares how fatherhood brings him pure joy, juggling the beautiful uniqueness of his four mini-me's with a big smile!
    10m 41s
  • Sam Kelly on When It's Hard to Find the Words to Pray - A Prayer by Ted Loder

    30 MAY. 2024 · Do you find it hard to pray? If you got really honest about it, it could sound something like this: Holy One, there is something I wanted to tell you, but there have been errands to run, bills to pay, arrangements to make, meetings to attend, friends to entertain, washing to do... and I forget what it is I wanted to say to you, and mostly I forget what I'm about or why. O God, don't forget me, please, for the sake of Jesus Christ.... Eternal one, there is something I wanted to tell you, but my mind races with worrying and watching, with weighing and planning, with rutted slights and pothole grievances, with leaky dreams and leaky plumbing and leaky relationships that I keep trying to plug up and my attention is preoccupied with loneliness, with doubt, and with things I covet and I forget what it is I want to say to you and how to say it honestly or how to do much of anything. O God, don't forget me, please, for the sake of Jesus Christ.... Almighty one there is something I wanted to ask you but I stumble along the edge of a nameless rage, haunted by a hundred floating fears, of war, of losing my job of failing of getting sick and old having loved ones die of dying and I forget what it is the real question is I wanted to ask and I forget to listen anyway because you seem unreal and far away and I forget what it is I have forgotten. O God, don't forget me, please, for the sake of Jesus Christ.... Oh Father in heaven perhaps you've already heard what I wanted to tell you. What I wanted to ask in my blundering way is don't give up on me, don't become too sad about me, but laugh with me, and try again with me, and I will with you, too. O Father in Heaven, perhaps you've already heard what I wanted to tell you, What I wanted to ask is, forgive me, heal me, increase my courage, please. Renew in me a little of love and faith, and a sense of confidence, and a vision of what it might mean to live as though you were real, and I mattered, and everyone was sister and brother. What I wanted to ask is for peace enough, to want and work for more, for joy enough to share and for awareness that is keen enough to sense your presence here, now, there, then, always. That beautiful poem is written by Ted Loder, and sometimes you run across something that says exactly what you wanted to say.
    2m 12s
  • Taking The Bible to All Corners of The Earth With the iBible Project

    30 MAY. 2024 · Andrea Wilson from the iBible, a visual and interactive Bible app, talks to Erica about the app's impact since its recent release. The app has been particularly transformative for youth engagement with the Bible. It's designed to cater to visual and oral learners, making it accessible to those who cannot read, and is available for free in 7,000 living languages! 
    10m 9s
  • Welcoming People to Christ Through the Red Door and Their Prayer Board

    29 MAY. 2024 · https://www.reddoorcafeandministry.com/ is not just your average coffee spot—it's a bustling hub for prayers, praises, and heart-to-heart connections. With a special prayer board for customers to share their prayers and praises, this cafe is like a cozy community living room. Manager Codi's own journey overcoming addiction and hardship to a deep faith is a testament to the power of our Heavenly Father and her resilience. From Bible studies to linking folks up with local churches, this sweet spot is all about spreading love and light. Despite some challenges, this gem keeps shining by offering free oatmeal to the homeless, and a warm wonderful welcome to everyone who walks through the doors.
    3m 49s
  • A Shield of Prayer Over the Most Vulnerable in our Community ~ A Conversation with Pastors Steve and Jen McConnell

    29 MAY. 2024 · Pastors Steve and Jen McConnell from Seattle Foursquare Church initiated the Aurora Prayer Shield to address sex trafficking and social issues in North Seattle through prayer and action. They lead their church, organize community events, and have watched hotels with illegal activities shut down and close. In faith, prayer and compassion, they are reaching out to this community to make change. This is their mission field, and they're watching God move mightily and make change.  Aurora Prayer Shield Website: https://seattlefoursquare.org/aurora-prayer-shield
    16m 45s

Welcome to SPIRIT 105.3. We are a radio station located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to fill you up with messages of hope, love and encouragement. Experience...

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Welcome to SPIRIT 105.3. We are a radio station located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to fill you up with messages of hope, love and encouragement. Experience some of our top moments right here to add extra joy to your day. For more find us on 105.3 FM. Stream us online, download our mobile app, TuneIn or iHeartRadio app or say “Alexa, play SPIRIT ONE OH FIVE THREE.” Visit us online at www.spirit1053.com
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