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Spiritual Ancestry: Unveiling Connection

  • Unveiling Ancestral Secrets: Spiritual Healing from Trauma

    4 ABR. 2024 · In this podcast episode, Stacey welcomes guest Bernadette Thompson, a trained genealogist and guide in ancestral healing. Together, they explore the depths of healing through connecting with our roots and understanding the ancestral trauma passed down to us. The podcast featured speakers Bernadette Thompson and Stacey Chillemi discussing ancestral trauma and its impact on individuals. They shared personal stories of trauma passed down through generations, highlighting the importance of understanding one's family history. The conversation delved into spiritual connections with ancestors, emphasizing the role of meditation in fostering these connections. The speakers emphasized the healing power of connecting with ancestors and seeking spiritual guidance to overcome trauma. The podcast is significant as it illuminates the intergenerational effects of trauma and offers insights into how individuals can find solace and healing through ancestral connections and spiritual practices.  Recommended Reading: 1. "The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself" by Michael A. Singer 2. "Into the Light: Real Life Stories About Angelic Visits, Visions of the Afterlife, and Other Pre-Death Experiences" by John Lerma. Use the code: ADVISOR10 to receive 10% OFF Website: https://www.tellmeourstory.com/ For any questions, feel free to email Bernadette at https://gmail.com LEARNINGS: What is ancestral trauma, and how does it affect us? Ancestral trauma is the trauma experienced by our ancestors that can be passed down through generations, affecting the way our genes express themselves and impacting our lives today. How can understanding our ancestors' stories help us navigate our trauma? By looking back at our family history and building our family tree, we can uncover our ancestors' traumas, which can provide insight into our own experiences and emotions. What example of ancestral trauma was shared in the podcast? The podcast host shared a story about her grandmother and great aunt, who were orphaned at a young age and spent years in an orphanage, highlighting the traumatic experiences their family endured as Irish immigrants. How does connecting with our ancestors spiritually help us feel a sense of belonging and guidance? Establishing a spiritual connection with our ancestors can help us feel supported and guided by them. We can understand that they are watching over us and can provide messages or signs to help us navigate life. Where can listeners find Bernadette Thompson's podcast, and what platforms is it available on? Listeners can find Bernadette Thompson's podcast on YouTube, the advisor channel, and various audio distribution channels such as Amazon Audible, Spotify, Apple, and Cast Box.
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  • Transformation Journey Through Ancestral Healing

    2 ABR. 2024 · Join guest Bernadette Thompson as she delves into the profound world of ancestral healing and connections. Discover how exploring your ancestral roots can offer profound insights, strength, and guidance throughout your healing journey.  The podcast featured Stacey Chillemi and Bernadette Thompson discussing the importance of ancestral healing and connections. They emphasized the significance of understanding one's ancestors to navigate personal struggles and traumas. The conversation delved into how exploring family history can lead to spiritual connections and signs from ancestors, aiding in healing and self-discovery. Stacey and Bernadette shared personal experiences of receiving signs from deceased relatives, highlighting the impact of these connections on their lives. The discussion also touched on the role of nature in connecting with spirits and the value of sharing stories to broaden perspectives. Overall, the podcast emphasized the transformative power of ancestral healing in understanding one's identity and finding solace in times of difficulty. The conversation was reflective and informative, encouraging listeners to explore their ancestral connections for personal growth and healing. Use the code ADVISOR10 to receive 10% OFF. Website: https://www.tellmeourstory.com/ For any questions, feel free to email Bernadette at https://gmail.com LEARNINGS: What is the focus of Bernadette Thompson's work as a genealogist? Bernadette Thompson's focus has become genealogy and ancestral healing. Why should we be interested in ancestral connections?  Ancestral connections help us understand who we are and how we came to be, providing guidance and uplifting experiences. How does Bernadette Thompson help people in their healing process through genealogy? Bernadette Thompson helps people by guiding them to explore their family history, connecting with ancestors, and discovering stories that provide resilience and triumphs. What are some common signs from ancestors that Bernadette mentions? Bernadette mentions common signs like numbers like 1111, white feathers, coins, and other symbols indicating spiritual connections. How does connecting with ancestors help individuals who have had near-death experiences? Connecting with ancestors can help individuals understand and cope with experiences after a near-death event, providing a sense of connection and support.
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  • We Unlocked The Secret Ancestral Spirit Power!

    6 MAR. 2024 · In this exhilarating inaugural episode, host Stacey Chillemi and guest Bernadette Thompson unravel the enigmatic threads connecting genealogy and the spiritual world. Dive into the fascinating exploration of how tracing our ancestral roots can unveil hidden connections to the divine and gain a deeper understanding of our ancestors' profound influence on our lives.  The podcast transcript features a conversation between Stacey Chillemi and Bernadette Thompson, a genealogist with over 15 years of experience. They discuss the deep connection between individuals and their ancestors, emphasizing how understanding and connecting with one's family history can lead to healing. Stacey and Bernadette share personal experiences of ancestors' presence during difficult times and how ancestral healing can help overcome trauma and grief. They also touch upon the importance of connecting with the spiritual world and inner self, highlighting the guidance and support that can be received from ancestors and spiritual beings. The conversation delves into connecting with ancestors through signs, symbols, and personal stories. Stacey and Bernadette encourage listeners to explore their family tree, embrace grief, and seek assistance in ancestral healing. The discussion underscores the significance of acknowledging and honoring one's ancestral roots for personal growth and healing. Website: https://www.tellmeourstory.com/ Use the code ADVISOR10 to receive 10% OFF. LEARNINGS: How did Bernadette Thompson's personal experience with grief lead to a deeper understanding of ancestral connection? Bernadette Thompson realized the deep connection with her ancestors during her grief, leading to healing and understanding of the importance of ancestral ties. Has Bernadette Thompson always had a gift for connecting with the spiritual world, or did it evolve later in life? Bernadette Thompson's connection with the spiritual world evolved as she understood the emotions of grief and felt deeply connected with her ancestors. How can individuals recognize signs of spiritual connection from their ancestors? Individuals may feel spirit chills or receive symbolic messages like songs or numbers as signs of spiritual connection from their ancestors. Is there a specific way spiritual beings communicate with individuals, and does everyone experience it the same way? Spiritual beings may communicate through different signs or symbols, and each individual may experience these connections uniquely. What steps can individuals take to connect with their ancestors and explore ancestral healing? Individuals can start by exploring their family tree, connecting with family stories, and allowing the spiritual side to understand grief as part of the ancestral healing process.
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Join host Stacey Chillemi and renowned guest Bernadette Thompson as they dive deep into the fascinating realm of genealogy and its profound connection to the spiritual world. In this captivating...

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Join host Stacey Chillemi and renowned guest Bernadette Thompson as they dive deep into the fascinating realm of genealogy and its profound connection to the spiritual world. In this captivating podcast series, Bernadette will guide you on a transformative journey, exploring the intricate relationships between the mind, body, and spiritual dimensions.

Discover how genealogy can offer solace and healing to individuals facing grief and trauma, providing a unique pathway to connecting with departed loved ones and gaining insight into your own ancestral lineage. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary exploration of the ethereal realm and unleash the power of genealogy to connect with the spiritual world.
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