• The unexpected conversation: Featuring John Liddle

    11 MAR. 2024 · When I sat down to Interview John I was thinking this was going to be fun! A sports play-by-play annoucer what on earth could we talk about? I planed on talking God and sports but, We talked God and marriage! Join us as this conversation took unexpected turns on an emoitional roller-coaster. 
    1h 16m 10s
  • The "Life" Question: A conversation with Chris F Walker.

    3 NOV. 2023 · As a young man, he joined the US Army and spent nearly a decade in various roles within the military. During his military career, he served in many fields such as Infantry, Reconnaissance, and Military Intelligence. He actively served on multiple deployments to areas including the Balkans and the Middle East.Outside of the military, he felt the call of an Entrepreneur, becoming experienced as a real-estate investor, online retailer, and network marketer. He has also become an established consultant and instructor in the world of firearms and tactics for the military, law enforcement, security, and private sectors. (-Taking from Chris F Walker.com.) Enjoy my conversation with Chris Walker
    1h 8m 44s
  • Let our children read! A conversation with Bracha Goetz

    22 SEP. 2023 · Bracha Goetz is not your typical Harvard grad - she's the author of 41 picture books that help children grow spiritually, inspiring each uniquely beautiful soul to shine.Instill gratitude early on for a joyful life! for more information about where you can find Bracha's books go to https://goetzbookshop.com/
    40m 28s
  • Eternity's Well: A conversation with Zachary Hagen.

    10 SEP. 2023 · With the insperation of Lewis and Tolkien. Zachary put his imagineation to work to write the Eternal Chronicals. A teen fantasy series that draws deep allogories to the Christian faith. Join me as we discuss our passion of Lewis, Tolkien and the fantasy realm. Get the Eternal Chronicles on amazon now. (Book 4 soon to come.)
    1h 16m 7s
  • The Still workout PT 1. A conversation with: Monica Norcross

    22 AGO. 2023 · Monica is the founder of The Still Workout™ Designed to retrain your brain, renew your body, and restore your soul, this practice can fully address all three areas at the same time, Based on Psalm 46:10. We talk about how to handle anxity, why she started this workout program, and why it is important to put faith into your workout. USE CODE: SJ20 at thestilworkout.com for a 20% discount on the 10 day anxity challenge.
    40m 55s
  • When Terror Strikes... A conversation with: Joesph M. Lenard

    10 AGO. 2023 · Honor. Integrity. Patriotism. - For some people these are words. For bestselling author Joseph M Lenard, these are the core values that he embodies - every day - deeply engrained in every facet of his life and work. It is this set of cherished values he brings to life in his works. (Taken form Joseph's BIo on Amazon) If you enjoy Tom Clancy check out this author. Please enjoy my convesation with Joesph M. Lenard
    52m 46s
  • 5 Books and counting: A conversation with Jan Coverstone.

    28 JUL. 2023 · Jan writes to share the knowledge and insights he has gained through a lifetime of personal experience and communication from The Father Himself. He shares biblical references and explanations so we can better know the Holy Spirit. He writes to help others to have a better life by understanding the power of words and other issues affecting their lives. His books reveal that how you think and how you speak are the two most influential factors in your life. Jan believes that words are such a powerful force that learning to exercise their proper usage is a lifetime endeavor. (Taken from Jan's Biogrophy on his amazon's authors page.) Please enjoy my conversation with Jan.
    1h 37s
  • And…So We Walked: A Conversation with Rick McKinney

    14 JUL. 2023 · If you were given a chance to walk across Route 66 from one end to the other, would you take it? Well, that challenge was taken up by Rick Mckinney and his wife (Jane) and the best part is they did Voluntary. In this Episode I talk with Rick about the why they embarked on this incredible journey and how it turned into the book And…So We Walked. (Now Available on Amazon)
    1h 50s
  • A survivor: with Mackenzie Scanlon

    4 MAY. 2023 · Mackenzie had a perky outlook on life until, she woke up one night to a dark shadow lurking over her. She was assluted. The following conversation is about how she climed back through the dark to find meaning in life. (Warning some topics disscuseed in this episode may not be suited for younger audiances.)
    1h 14m 24s
  • A Journey of Faith : With Jenny Muscatell

    14 ABR. 2023 · Jenny is the author of the Amazon Best Selling book, “The Journey of Faith and an Open Heart." As a public speaker, she has shared her faith and experiences around the country, and on a variety of podcasts, social media platforms, radio and television.​Widowed at 36 and mom to an HLHS daughter who has required 8 major open-heart surgeries - Jenny knows the ache of difficult times. She spends countless hours supporting the heart community through various efforts and works hard to help others stand in perseverance and cling to hope. (Taken from muscatellministries.com) Please enjoy my conversation with Jenny.
    1h 2m 57s

Stealing June: A podcast, the Interview / Variety show coming from the mind of the host (Jared) who seems to never runs out of opinions and always finds something to...

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Stealing June: A podcast, the Interview / Variety show coming from the mind of the host (Jared) who seems to never runs out of opinions and always finds something to talk about. Rather you're interested in Christan living, entertainment industry, or are here because you ran out of shows to listen to! This show tackles some thought provoking questions and uses critical thinking to learn about life's journey all this being accompanied with interviews to find out how God leads us in life.

For such a time as this!

All new content coming soon.

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