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Stories of Vision Loss

  • Introduction

    20 JUL. 2022 · Introducing Stories of Vision Loss
    3m 57s
  • Lance - Land and Sea

    12 AGO. 2022 · Lance Varnell shares his experience of being a landscape photographer published in Texas Parks and Wildlife, becoming a mariner, and his sudden transition to being blind in his 40s due to a genetic eye condition called Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. He shares his love of hiking and relearning Orientation & Mobility (including a conversation with Trevor Thomas), learning Braille through the Hadley Institute, and his interest in working with the Nature Conservancy. https://www.storiesofvisionloss.com/shownotes
    31m 37s
  • Jessica - Find Yourself, Don't Fight Yourself

    12 AGO. 2022 · Jessica Glasebrook shares her passion for yoga (including My Vinyasa Practice), reading, hiking with her guide dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind, space exploration (including NASA's perseverance rover on Mars), and her encouragement for her blind colleagues to bolster their confidence. https://www.storiesofvisionloss.com/shownotes
    34m 12s
  • Bobby - Standing Outside the Fire

    12 AGO. 2022 · Bobby Lakey is an assistive technology specialist who believes that taking reasonable risks is an important part of living fully. He shares his love of boating, fishing, darts, beep baseball, and experiences with his grandfather and father after losing his vision at the age of 7 from a firearms accident. https://www.storiesofvisionloss.com/shownotes
    22m 10s
  • Doris - Living Life Fully

    12 AGO. 2022 · Doris Winn Polak shares her experience as an active 82 year old woman with Macular Degeneration. She enjoys traveling, cooking, being social, the symphony, the ballet, classical music, and enjoying every day of her life. https://www.storiesofvisionloss.com/shownotes
    31m 36s
  • Jermaine - Decisions in Life

    26 AGO. 2022 · Jermaine Myers shares his experiences growing up in Louisiana, becoming an entrepreneur, creating music, deejaying, and surviving Hurricane Katrina after losing his vision traumatically at a young age.
    33m 10s
  • Juergen - Journey from Germany

    9 SEP. 2022 · Juergen shares his passion for football (aka soccer), travel, and helping others through his work.
    24m 14s
  • Up Close: With Jermaine

    16 SEP. 2022 · Our first follow up episode, thanks to listener questions. Jermaine Myers answers listener questions and shares more of his story.
    23m 27s
  • Lara - Visual Effects

    23 SEP. 2022 · Lara shares her story of experiencing a slow loss of vision while working for a visual effects studio and winning an Oscar. She expresses appreciation for Apple accessibility and for people who value their blind employees.
    33m 48s
  • Explícito

    Major Joe - Never Give Up, Never Surrender

    7 OCT. 2022 · Major Joe Bogart, USA Ret., shares his experiences in the military including coping with PTSD, his love of the outdoors, and his partnership with his wife through life and sports.
    34m 50s

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A collection of voices who share how vision loss is just a piece of their story. Each episode is one person's story about how they navigate their experiences.

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