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Story and Song with Susan Gabrielle

  • Story & Song #63 Join Eric Mondon with beautiful vocals from "Samantha" for Un rendez-vous à Paris

    23 ABR. 2024 · Meet Éric MONDON, lyricist of the song, with the music originating from Gérard ZEMOUR. "I've written this song in French but with words and expressions it's very easy to understand for those who speak English." Enjoy Eric Mondon and enjoy "Un rendez-vous à Paris"
    18m 24s
  • Story & Song #62 Nraakers- Gordian Knot

    21 MAR. 2024 · Nraakors is the brainchild of James Kasper, Joseph Norman and Gigi Macabre.Their music includes aspects of grunge, prog, noise rock, thrash metal, jazz fusion, folk, neoclassical and free improv. The result is a bit like the composers; weird, a bit roughhewn, somewhat sentimental and equal parts sardonic and sincere.
    24m 44s
  • Story & Song #61 Orlando Kallen

    9 MAR. 2024 · Sit back and listen to the music of Australian, Orlando Kallen."Ex wants me dead" is the more upbeat song out of the 2 we play during this interview. If this gives you a bit of and idea that Orlando's songs might run a little on the dark side- Well, they do. But they are excellent. Amazingly produced and performed.  Here's a bit from his bio- Orlando's first EP release marks a milestone in his promising music career. 'Leave Me Bleeding' is out now and already making waves having being picked up on rotation with iHeart and other leading radio stations globally, securing the #10 spot on Mediabase Rhythmic Indie Chart, and the #1 spot on the Global DRT Radio Indie Charts. For more info: https://www.orlandokallen.com
    15m 37s
  • Story & Song #60 Timmy Lorenz, Singing, Writing, and Performing his way through Europe.

    21 FEB. 2024 · Timmy Lorenz is performing songwriter who had his taste of success in Europe.After Covid, the band sort of fell apart. But not for Timmy. He used the time to work on his skils in the studio He was in no way ready to let a pandemic stop him from spreading the beauty of music and the joy of creating it. His latest song Breeze is a product of that time. There;s also a video that goes with it. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzuzGeYcOxc
    23m 24s
  • Story & Song #59 WE'RE BACK! A talk with performing songwriter Rob DeFriese

    28 ENE. 2024 · We are back from our long holiday hiatus and are starting our 2nd season with a great, educational show about making a living as a performing songwriter. We are featuring Rob Defriese, who long ago decided playing and writing music was what he wanted to do and now years later he is doing it full time. Not as a struggling artist. But as a professional who takes his work very seriously and gets to enjoy a full life doing what he loves. For more information go to https//:www.robdefriese.com
    28m 16s
  • Story & Song #58 Zaina the Phenom

    21 DIC. 2023 · This is the show of shows! The cutest rapping, singing, hard working, 7 year old, I've ever spoken to. This girl IS a phenom. She's a regular little girl by day...Helping her teachers and getting good grades but her other ego...Shhh Zeena the Phenon, helping the world all she can. If you haven't ever listened to us our want to fall in love, give this 2 minutes and you won't be able to stop listening. Happy holidays to all 2023.
    14m 59s
  • Story & Song #57 Nic Andrea - My fave singing attory has returned. See how to have fun while doing the "Music thing"

    5 DIC. 2023 · Nic had stopped by last summer and told us about his band. He's a lawyer in his other life and told us how that life influences his musical one. I mean his band is Nic Andrea and The Verdict Well, he's back and he's promoting his latest CD "Jimi come home" It's an entire conceptial album. You can listen to 1 or 2 tracks and enjoy it but if you wait for each song to be released You will be part of something special. Like following a series on Netflix(or whatever streaming service which you subscribe) There are all kinds of twists and turns. It's really all about having fun. And, nobody knows how to do that like Nic Andrea.
    15m 34s
  • Story & Song #55 The Silva Lining Band- From Portugal, meet the Silva Lining Band

    21 NOV. 2023 · Bringing you the very best in Jazz and swing. With roots in Rock and other Genres, say hello to the Silva Lining Band. ***Be careful this music is very addictictive!
    19m 10s
  • Story & Song #54 Alf Jetzer

    15 NOV. 2023 · Alf Jetzer is an accomplished musician. He has worked on his craft for 4 decades. His life has been compared to one of a monk. Not that he doesn't speak. He does and his world is filled with beautiful music. But in the way that he is completely devoted to one thing- His music. His work has paid off. This is the music that people search for to meditate to. To put in the background of movies. To daydream to. This is such high-quality instrumental sound. This is music that can literally change your mood. At the least it is worth a listen. The song we are featuring is "Soul Bird"
    19m 10s
  • Story & Song #53 Dian Sheng - A new guy in town, Take a listen

    8 NOV. 2023 · Dian Sheng grew up in China, where he studied piano since the age of 5. He studied English from a very young age as well. He has only been living in England for 7 years and he speaks it like a native. He also composes beautiful songs and writes lyrics that seem to go flawlessly with the music. His song "The way before" is a sad song about love gone wrong. Yeah, we've heard it 1000x before. But I swear this was new and very vulnerable. I really like Dian Sheng and the plans he has for the future with his music. I actually think it would be difficult not to like Dian Sheng. I hope you listen to this interview and "The way before"
    15m 17s

This show is for people who love music and love to know what goes into the making of a great song. The stories, the pain, the laughter. People who want...

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This show is for people who love music and love to know what goes into the making of a great song. The stories, the pain, the laughter. People who want to be a part of the music biz are encouraged to listen
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