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    A Synopsis of Eurovision 2024; exploring worldwide culture and beliefs

    27 MAY. 2024 · Diana is the resident expert when it come to all things pop culture and what is more pop culture here in Europe than Eurovision 2024 from the cheeky comments and lovable humour to the controversial calls and decisions within the competition we get into it. We also delve into worldwide culture and how we can be more accepting of everyone. https://open.spotify.com/show/5d8aV4Xt5BtKBZAiFxFsXl?si=f427c28dcbca440c https://www.mohypehippy.com
    1h 11m 17s
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    Rap Beef, Atlantis and Dietary options With Calm. how could we possibly discuss all these things?.... we did!

    4 MAY. 2024 · As its popping off on social Media with Rap beef, we had to weigh in. Along with just a casual catch up discussing dietry choices as well as treanding topics of the Month and no better way to discuss it but with a musician in the industry. it was a fun discussion with Wopafellas Calm Kwangu.  
    2h 46m 28s
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    Movies, shows and everything Cinephile related, A Podcast with Chochona.

    13 ABR. 2024 · This week I hosted Diana, it is always a good time discussing Films, tv and everything entertainment with such a knowledgeable a student of the arts.  In this episode we discuss the layers and subtle messages intertwined in American fiction an Oscar winning movie, as well as the goofiness of the New Wonka film. Diana was also great at sharing some insight into Italian shows and Tv so tune in and listen to this lovely chat. this one is for all you Film lovers out there. Follow her on where you get your podcast @Chochonawithapodcast 
    1h 11m 57s
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    A moment with HSY

    27 MAR. 2024 · As HSY drops in for his yearly catchup we discuss big moves and where the musical journey is taking him. a true trendsetter we discuss the process, the hunger and the movement to create a professional international sound.
    1h 7m 43s
  • Exploring the Creative Process and Artistic expression in Music With James Reign

    22 OCT. 2023 · i had a lovely chat with James, a New York Based Entrepreneur and Musician. I love having creatives on because it really pushes my understanding of art and I end up learning so much. James takes us through the process of Creation highlighting the vulnerabilities that music can express, and why you actually have to be such a brave individual to get your music out there. not to mention Juggling the Art with his Day Job as a Tech company Guru. An Entrepreneur in the Tech industry who is already blazing trails,I actually spoke to him on the Day of an Awards night. Follow him On his Social Media https://www.instagram.com/jamesreign33/
    42m 19s
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    Life, Work and living in Exotic Destinations.

    14 SEP. 2023 · Louisiana is back! this time we chat about her move to a new city, working and starting a life in a new city. We chat about career choices and i get into the positives and some of the struggles i have being a proffecional athlete. the sacrifices we both face and how life makes it all worth it in the end. how good to have our Co-host back!
    1h 27m 42s
  • A Multifaceted Creative: Film, Photography and Food With Diana Chochona.

    8 SEP. 2023 · Quite literally a student of the Art’s, creative Diana takes us on a lovely adventure into the world of Movies, photography, travel and food. From discussions about director styles and influences on films to figuring out what your photography style may be. Diana gives us a glimpse into her world, this was an entertaining episode to record and as usually a slightly analytical episode especially for all you Movie lovers. Catch diana on - Spotify@chochonawithapodcast - inst@diana.chochona - Youtube@chochonawithachannel
    1h 29m 45s
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    Love is Blind Recap: is it a mirror of our Society?

    21 MAY. 2023 · As love is blind comes to an end (a couple of weeks ago) we look back on the quirky, interesting and relatable moments from the internet’s favorite reality match making show. We discuss our perspectives on the contestants and how they found love. Join Lou and I on this journey into the weird and enchanting world of reality TV!
    1h 33m 35s
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    Social media and our new role model's

    5 ABR. 2023 · This week we discussed the effects the social world has on us and the new pressures that come with social media celebrities with the power to change thoughts and create religious like cult followings. and we finish on lighter topics such as the social experiements we binge watch, Love is blind. As we get settled into the new year it seems everything is back to normal and habits resumed. and so is Straight in, this year we will be having Louisiana Join us as a co host bringing new ideas and a wealth of perspective to the podcast.
    2h 13m 40s
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    Louisiana Matos Ogunfowora - Equality and a Journey of Self appreciation

    25 DIC. 2022 · A Christmas Catch up with world travelling beautiful soul, from Working in the African Union to settling in the tropical isle of Capo Verde. Lou joins us for a monster catch up recounting the good times and character-building moments as a people of colour in a predominantly white society. not to mention the experiences of working in a massive organisation the African Union. an all-round fun, light and educational chat. Our Holiday Special!
    1h 38m 26s

I've always believed every single person in life has a story to tell, experiences to share and a unique perspective they live. Tune in to hear these stories from beautiful...

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I've always believed every single person in life has a story to tell, experiences to share and a unique perspective they live. Tune in to hear these stories from beautiful beings from all various backgrounds, ethnicity and lifestyles And We get straight in to it.
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