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Strange Things with Chris James

  • Not Just Playthings

    21 JUN. 2024 · Some kids get a toy, play with it for a while, and move on to the next thing. Others get a toy, and it becomes part of their life. What happens when too much emotion is poured into an inanimate object. Where does all that energy go? There are many stories of dols becoming something other than a toy. 
    Escuchado 1h 3m 55s
  • Secret Bananas

    14 JUN. 2024 · Shortly after the American Civil War, folks began to enjoy the yellow fruit from South America. Bananas became very popular yet hard to find. They had to e grown, harvested, shipped, and purchased, all before they got too ripe to eat. When Costa Rica needed a railroad, the construction was traded for land. Soon bananas could be found in every store. So why did the CIA get involved in the process of growing and shipping fruit? I'll try to answer some dark questions, and hopefully entertain you a bit. 
    Escuchado 1h 7m 4s
  • Stairs to Nowhere

    7 JUN. 2024 · People report encountering staircases in the middle of nowhere. These stairs go, up, or down, but there is never any structure for them to allow access to. Some of these steps are old and falling apart, while others look as if built yesterday. Is this just a hoax or is there something sinister going on in the deep, dark, woods. 
    Escuchado 56m 38s
  • Carlos Casteneda

    31 MAY. 2024 · Carlos Casteneda wrote many books on subjects such as Indian teachings, using peyote to enhance the mind, transcendental meditation. He told people he was born in Brazil, yet he was from Peru. He told about his time learning from an old Indian named Don Juan, who was very wise in the ways of magic. In his books he talked about being able to turn into a bird and fly. He could walk through walls, and he knew things others were unaware of. Was Casteneda telling the truth or was he just making things up. 
    Escuchado 1h 6m 59s
  • Who Found This Place

    24 MAY. 2024 · There are some people out there who still claim Columbus discovered America. WE still celebrate his day with parades. Washington DC is named for him. There is an enormous pile of evidence showing others from Europe and Asia were here first. Let's take a look at some of the people who should be credited with finding our country. 
    Escuchado 1h 7m 39s
  • UFO Mutilations

    17 MAY. 2024 · For centuries people have been finding livestock killed in mysterious ways. Sometimes there is little to no damage. Other times parts have been removed with precise incisions. Bodies are found completely drained of blood. There have been humans found as well. 
    Escuchado 1h 5m 23s
  • Flat Earth

    10 MAY. 2024 · Some people believe the Earth is flat. They say this is the real reason we don't fall off the sides. Any photographic evidence is declared fake. Folks have gone to great lengths and expenses to prove we stand on a disc instead of a globe. Here are some of the ideas you van ponder and decide what you think. 
    Escuchado 58m 30s
  • Colorful People of Laredo

    3 MAY. 2024 · We have some folks living in Laredo that seem to be existing in their own private world. They talk to people the rest of us can't see. They behave in a manner most of us consider crazy. There are way too many Street People considering the size and location. 
    Escuchado 1h 4m
  • Universal Coffee Compatition

    29 ABR. 2024 · Here is a humorous little video sent to me by Vic Hermanson, of Trailer Trash Terrors, and Paranormal Rundown. I've been saying Organic Man Coffee Trike is the best coffee in the universe, it would appear I'm right. 
    Escuchado 10m 16s
  • Dreams

    26 ABR. 2024 · Where does our mind go, late at night, while we slumber? Many cultures believe dreams come from the gods. Some dreams might be warnings of bad things in our futures. Here is what I could find about how our minds can be entertaining, or confusing. 
    Escuchado 1h 1m 13s

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