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Success Made to Last Legends

  • Success Legends with Ray Herndon, from McBride and the Ride, debuting new EP Amarillo Sky

    21 JUN. 2024 · Ray Herndon is the legendary vocalist and guitarist for the award winning group McBride and the Ride. As a part of the 90's group, McBride and the Ride shot to the top of the charts with hits such as Love on the Loose, Heart on the Run, Sacred Ground and Going Out of My Mind. His life is defined by a very diversed approach to the music industry.  Ray has worked with Lyle Lovett from the start. He lived in Nashville for 13 years.  He did a solo album in 2007. Eventually Ray moved back to Scottsdale, Arizona to help manage the family bar/restaurant/recording studio Handlebar J. Ray recalls the final 10 years of his Mom's life, caring for her in Arizona. What a noble role.  Hear Ray's admiration for his Dad and his hard work ethic. He regrets never telling his Dad "I love you."  Enjoy hearing Amarillo Sky and many other diverse songs on their newest EP.  Visit www.mcbrideandtheride.com to see where they are in concert and hear their newest music.  THEY LAUGH A LOT AND MAKE A LITTLE MUSIC.
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  • Success Author's Corner with Dr. Bernie Mullin- Reimagining America's Dream

    21 JUN. 2024 · Dr. Bernie Mullin is a groundbreaking sport and entertainment industry executive who has turned around franchises, set all time revenue and attendance records, and generated $1.5 billion in revenues for brands from the NFL to the U.S. Open Tennis with agency Aspire Marketing Group.  Bernie has definitely moved from Success to Significance with involvement in the United Way, YMCA, Make a Wish Foundation and The Aspire Difference Foundation supporting single parents with pre-school children.  On this podcast learn about the empowerment of today's youth through education. You will also hear about America's top 10 key soclal problems.  Hear Bernie's proposal to have a summer camp for all incoming high school freshmen, giving them orientation as American citizens and how to be an adult.  Visit www.berniejmullin.com to support this visionary.
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  • Success Legends with Terry McBride of McBride and The Ride debuts new EP Amarillo Sky

    21 JUN. 2024 · Terry McBride is the incredibly talented singer and songwriter of McBride & The Ride. Now celebrating their 35th anniversary, they are debuting their newest EP Amarillo Sky. McBride & The Ride shot to the top of the charts with hits such as Love on the Loose, Heart on the Run, Sacred Ground and Going Out of My Mind.  Hear about Terry's early beginnings in Taylor, Texas and years with his beloved Dad. Terry auditioned for his Dad's band as a bass player and made the cut. He learned to drive the band bus and "double clutch."  Great music is in Terry's DNA.   His experience in Austin included time with Leroy Parnell and Delbert McClinton with good friend Larry Telford.  Listen to Terry's story about the famous rejection letter from Tony Brown. Eventually, Tony put Terry together with Ray Herndon and Billy Thomas. That's Tony Brown, the pianist for Elvis!  Enjoy hearing the story McBride & Ride and make sure and see them in concert. Visit www.mcbrideandtheride.com.  Special thanks go to Larry Telford for his direction of Legends. 
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  • Success Legends with BillyThomas, Drummer and Vocalist of McBride and The Ride

    21 JUN. 2024 · Legends celebrates Billy Thomas, incredible drummer of McBride and The Ride with the debut of their new EP Amarillo Sky.  Billy was the drummer for The Hudson Brothers Band, then with Ricky Nelson. Next, he played behind the one and only Mac Davis for his shows in Vegas. Mac Davis was Billy's first taste of Urban Country.  The Cinderella story continued. After moving to Nashville in 1987, he got his first job within the first few days after auditioning with Vince Gill.   And then he performed on Emily Lou Harris' album Blue, followed by work with Marty Stuart.   Hear Billy's inside story on Tony Brown, the kingpin for MCA Records, his music producer, and former pianist for Elvis.  Tony brought Terry McBride and Ray Herdon together for the three part harmony of McBride and The Ride.  They produced five albums from 1989 through 1995. And the rest is history for this SINGING DRUMMER. 
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  • Success Legends with Chris Hewish of Xsolla, leader in the video gaming industry

    20 JUN. 2024 · Chris Hewish is the President of Xsolla. His legendary career in gaming includes Activision (employee #100) and long run at Dreamworks, headed up their Interactive Division.   At Xsolla, they are the Shopify for video games including commerce and game technology. Hear about the lessons from his journey including his migration from pure creative to overseeing profit and loss. He also learned about serious focus. Enjoy his story on Meridian 59 and the passion behind a new game, but without a business model that can be proven. Remember, there is always a new shiney toy to chase. Don't risk disrupting your core business.  At Dreamworks, he worked with Jeffrey Katzenberg learning that it okay to try and fail. Just remember to pivot quickly. And the importance of linear content development, honoring the creatives, but building a business along side the great ideas.  And meet Chris, the DAD. Listen to his endearing story of building games with his children. His love for creativity continues into the next generation.  To succeed in gaming, you must meet the team at Xsolla. Visit www.xsolla.com. 
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  • Success Celebrates Dev Nag, CEO of QueryPal- transforming the impact of knowledge automation

    19 JUN. 2024 · Dev Nag is a celebrated futurist. His career spans accomplished careers at PayPal, Google and now QueryPal.  Hear about customized AI chat bots. Hear about the role of AI in streamlining workflows and reducing manual tasks. Learn about the privacy you can count on with AI and QueryPal.  And note the enhanced collaboration you can achieve with QueryPal as seemlessly integrates with Google Drive, Notion, Jira, Confluence, saving precious time by automatlcally answering questions.  Visit querypal.com for more information.
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  • Legendary Leader and CEO Kim Kovacs of Element6 Dynamics

    19 JUN. 2024 · Forbes 50 top 50 leader, founder of six different companies, angel investor, Kim Kovacs is the CEO of agtech innovator element6 Dynamics.  Hear about Kim's beginning days, starting with Ingrid Croce, widow of singer-songwriter Jim Croce.  Listen to her journey featuring Oryx Energy, a company Kim co-founded. Their innovation led to the amendment of the Clean Air Act, earning recognition from the EPA and Congress. Her company was acquired by DuPont for $300 million.  Next, Kim developed Option Ease, a platform designed to recognozed stock options. It was acquired by Solium and eventually by Morgan Stanley for more than $1 billion.  Speed forward to element6 Dynamics, that is creating new revenue streams for farmers with the use of hemp to paper. While we may never eliminate the use of plastic, element6 Dynamics is making major in roads to paper based products.   Kim Kovacs is truly a person of significance, making America sustainably great. 
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  • Legendary Founder of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band John McKuen calls himself the Forrest Gump of Banjo Players

    18 JUN. 2024 · John McKuen, legendary banjo and mandolin musician for The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band debuts his latest album Newsman.  Hear this exclusive story on the origin of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, John's friendship with Steve Martin, and why he calls himself the Forrest Gump of Banjo Players.  Listen to John's special story about Walter Brennan and why he did his own version of Old Rivers.  He'd say, one of these days I'm gonna climb that mountain Walk up there among them clouds Where the cotton's high And the corn's a-growin' And there ain't no fields to plow
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  • Legendary 90's Band Those Who Dig reunites and releases extraordinary new album Begin Again

    16 JUN. 2024 · Austin founded, Indie Rock band Those Who Dig formed in the Live Music Capital of the World in 1991 as college students at the University of Texas. The band quickly made a name for themselves playing 92 gigs over a 20 month period while creating multiple albums.  On today's show is Matthew Hart (songwriter, vocals, guitar, mandolin and piano), Rod Sherwood (songwriter/producer, vocals, guitar, synth, and piano) and Kit Pongetti (songwriter, vocals, guitar and percussion). The other two key members were here in spirit and honored on this show- Meyer Horn (vocals and drums) and Lilah Sturges (vocals, bass, guitar and piano).  30+ years have passed since the band ended with pursuit of careers. (two are medical physicians).  The bond, trust, and respect for each other shows off in this "album for everybody."  Hear their great advice and wisdom on songwriting. Remember, "never give up on your song."  Visit www.thosewhodig.org. 
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  • Success Legends with John Ford Coley, multi-platinum selling artist of Love is the Answer

    13 JUN. 2024 · Grammy nominated and multi-platinum selling musician and singer John Ford Coley, best known as one half of the '70's duo England Dan and John Ford Coley. Their hits included:  I'd Really Love to See You Tonight, We'll Never Have to Say Goodbye, and Love is the Answer.  Listen to the show to the end and hear John's philosophy of Eat, Drink and Be Merry. It's Blblical.  John Ford Coley debuts Sketches Volume 1 with songs recorded throughout his storied career, but never released until 2021 including "Falling" which he wrote with former bandmate Dan Seals before he died in 2009.  In partnersbhip with Starvista Music, three additional albums are digitally released featuring "Long Way Home (Live in Israel and L.A.) and the Very Best of John  Ford Coley.  Stream/listen to Sketches Vol. 1: https://2911.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=bf141dbbd818f4f933816b13a&id=8115c0b97e&e=5c78ff9641 Stream/listen to Eclectic: https://2911.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=bf141dbbd818f4f933816b13a&id=26d6d8072b&e=5c78ff9641 Stream/listen to Long Way Home (Live): https://2911.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=bf141dbbd818f4f933816b13a&id=aabf620692&e=5c78ff9641 Stream/listen to The Very Best of John Ford Coley: https://2911.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=bf141dbbd818f4f933816b13a&id=f13080256a&e=5c78ff9641
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