• Bear & Robert: Stirring Up a Recipe For Songs, Stories, and Community

    9 MAY. 2024 · This episode of Sunshine State Showcase features Bear & Robert, a husband-and-wife duo who blend folk and blues seamlessly, creating a sound that embodies the spirit of Florida. During our conversation, recorded at the Barberville Spring Frolic—a music festival held at the Pioneer Settlement in Barberville, Florida—Franc Robert and Cindy Bear share their musical journey, the joy and challenges of collaboration, and their passion for preserving Florida's folk music legacy. We get a close up look  into the making of their latest album, Travels with Bear & Robert, and how they are stirring up a recipe for songs, stories, and community. Main Highlights: - Ignition Story at Sweat Fest: How a chance encounter at the Farm in Brooksville brought Bear & Robert together and ignited a musical partnership. - Creative Collaboration: The unique blend of folk and blues that Bear & Robert have crafted, and how their songwriting process has evolved. - Advocacy and Legacy: Their commitment to preserving Florida's folk music legacy through nonprofits like the North Florida Folk Network and their dedication to community building. As we wrapped up this episode, I was struck by the love, passion, and authenticity Bear & Robert bring to their music and the Florida folk scene. If their story has stirred a spark in you, follow Sunshine State Showcase for more inspiring stories that celebrate Florida's creative spirit. [00:00:00] Introduction [00:06:48] Ignition Story at Sweat Fest [00:15:30] Creative Collaboration and Songwriting Evolution [00:28:12] Advocating for Florida Folk MusicAbout Bear & Robert: Bear & Robert are a folk-blues duo known for their captivating storytelling and harmonies that resonate deeply with their audiences. Their latest album, Travels with Bear & Robert, brings a unique blend of songs that celebrate love, history, and the spirit of community. They are passionate advocates for preserving Florida's folk legacy and regularly perform at festivals and events across the state.Connect with Bear & Robert: - Website:https://www.bearandrobert.com -  https://www.facebook.com/bearandrobert - https://www.instagram.com/bear_and_robert/%5C Connect with Us: We love hearing from our listeners! If you have stories to share or suggestions for future episodes, reach out to us at ashley@sunshinestateshowcase.com. Join Our Community: Don't miss out on updates or upcoming episodes! Sign up for our email list at https://sunshinestateshowcase.com/ and become part of the Sunshine State Showcase family. Upcoming Events: - Sunshine Get Down at Florida Sand Music Ranch, Brooksville (May 16-18, 2024): Three days of music, camping, and good vibes await you at this eclectic festival. - Florida Folk Festival at Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park, White Springs (May 24-26, 2024): A celebration of Florida's rich folk heritage with music, dance, crafts, and delicious food. - Hippie Fest at The Farm, Brooksville (June 21-23, 2024): A weekend of peace, love, and music with tie-dye and groovy tunes. - Suwannee Roots Revival at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (October 10-13, 2024): A blend of roots music, camping, and family-friendly activities. - Florida Winter Music Festival at Florida Sand Music Ranch, Brooksville (November 7-10, 2024): Four days of musical bliss with an impressive lineup of musicians. - Barberville Fall Jamboree at the Pioneer Settlement (November 2-3, 2024): Music, crafts, and living history to welcome the fall season. As we end this episode, I'd like to thank Franc and Cindy for sharing their inspiring journey with us, and a special thank you to the Barberville Pioneer Settlement for providing the perfect setting. Please keep an ear out for upcoming episodes featuring Laura Lonero and Joshua Reilly, two singer-songwriters from the Tampa Bay area. They were recorded live at the Florida Americana Music Festival and are stories you won't want to miss.
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  • Songwriting and Creativity: Exploring Life as a Creative Act with Grant Peeples

    4 ABR. 2024 · As creatives, we often ponder over what we will leave behind. We wonder how to spark a fire in the world, build meaningful relationships, and create a community that celebrates creativity. Our dreams involve: - Overcoming our struggles with greater strength. - Accepting the raw truth. - Producing art that profoundly connects with those we encounter on our journey. This episode of Sunshine State Showcase features Grant Peeples, a singer-songwriter whose story inspires anyone on their way through life.  During our conversation, which took place at Roberts Hall in the heart of Lynn Haven, Florida, Grant Peeples candidly discusses his musical journey. He shares the highs and lows of his career, including moments of failure and rebirth. From his experiences in Nashville to his transformative solitude in Nicaragua. He also offers insights into his evolving creative process, emphasizing the importance of storytelling in his work. Finally, he expresses his aspirations to leave a lasting impact through his music. Main Highlights: Journey to Authenticity and Rebirth in Nicaragua: Grant candidly recounts how personal and professional setbacks paved the way for a period of self-discovery and artistic reinvention. Creative Process and Evolution: An exploration of how Grant's songwriting process has transformed over the years, emphasizing adaptability, storytelling, and the influence of his mentor, Gurf Morlix. Impact and Legacy: Grant discusses his desire to create music that entertains, is culturally relevant, documents contemporary issues, and inspires future generations. As we wrapped up this episode, I couldn't help but be inspired by Grant's story. It's a powerful reminder that creativity lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall, with our "ass on fire," as Grant so eloquently puts it. If his story has ignited a spark within you, please follow Sunshine State Showcase for more stories that celebrate the creative spirit of Florida. [00:00:00] Introduction [00:07:08] Journey to Nicaragua [00:15:48] Creative Process Evolution [00:24:12] Reflecting on Impact and Legacy About Grant Peeples: Introducing Grant Peeples, a true original in music and storytelling. This "tree-hugger that watches NASCAR" crafts songs with a distinctive edge, merging socio-political insight with a sense of humor that catches you off guard and ballads that speak directly to the heart. Grant's work is recognized for his unique contribution to music with the Focus Foundation Award for Creative Excellence. He is celebrated for his humor, compassion, wisdom, and keen social and cultural insights. His music has resonated from coast to coast, making him a beloved figure at prestigious gatherings like The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, the 30A Songwriters Festival, and The Florida Folk Festival. His storytelling prowess extends across the Atlantic, with tours in The Netherlands where his performances are lauded as encapsulating the essence of American folk tradition. https://www.facebook.com/grantpeeplesartist https://www.instagram.com/grantpeeples/ Connect with Us: We love hearing from our listeners! If you have stories to share or suggestions for future episodes, please get in touch with us at ashley@sunshinestateshowcase.com  Join Our Community: Don't miss out on any updates or upcoming episodes! Sign up for our email list at www.sunshinestateshowcase.com and become part of the Sunshine State Showcase family. Florida Americana Music Festival: Mark your calendars for April 17th-21st for the Florida Americana Music Festival at the Florida Sand Music Ranch. Join us for the kick-off party on Wednesday, featuring a special mullet dinner hosted by Grant Peeples. It's an event filled with music, community, and the spirit of Florida. Don't miss it!  Tickets and Info at https://www.foggylongbritches.com As we end this episode, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Tim Parrish and the Odd Fellows for allowing us to use Roberts Hall for our conversation with Grant Peeples. Their kindness and generosity made this interview possible. Roberts Hall provided the perfect setting for our chat with its rich history and vibrant community.  Please keep an ear out for an upcoming episode dedicated to Tim's concert series, which brings a unique blend of music and community to Lynn Haven and beyond. People like Tim and the Odd Fellows are the ones who help keep Florida's music scene alive and thriving. 
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  • Memories of Suwannee Roots Revival 2023

    10 NOV. 2023 · Join me, Ashley, , as I relive a weekend of heartfelt tunes and reunions at the Suwannee Roots Revival. From the nostalgic paths of the music park to the eclectic sounds that define its stages, this episode is a personal journey through a festival that's as much about community as it is about music. Tune in and experience the Suwannee spirit through my eyes.Festival Focal Points: - Journey Back to Suwannee: Echoes of Past and Present - The Salsa-Grass Phenomenon: When Genres Collide - Behind the Scenes with Beth Judy: Crafting a Community Special Guest Spotlight: - Beth Judy, Festival Director Explore and Connect: - https://suwanneerootsrevival.com - https://www.lomaf.org/ - https://www.musicliveshere.com/ Join the Conversation: - Hit that follow button for more Sunshine State stories. - Follow our journey on social media for exclusive festival insights. - Love the episode? Share the love with a review! Get in Touch: - Questions, stories, or hellos? Drop us a line at mailto:ashley@sunshinestateshowcase.com - Stay connected with me on @Facebook and Instagram
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  • Checking In: Exploring Hotel DeFuniak's Timeless Charm

    26 OCT. 2023 · Today we're exploring Hotel Defuniak's Timeless Charm! Join Ashley on an unforgettable journey through historic Downtown DeFuniak Springs, Florida, as she unexpectedly stumbles upon Cafe NOLA and an encounter with Chef Ernie. Explore the rich history of Hotel DeFuniak, one of Florida's oldest towns, and discover why it's considered one of the most haunted hotels in the state. Chef Ernie shares fascinating insights into the town's past, its unique architecture, and its transformation over the years. Ashley and Chef Ernie dive into the captivating world of Florida's culture, cuisine, and stories, making this episode a delightful blend of history, culinary delights, and even ghostly encounters. Main Highlights: - An unexpected visit to Cafe NOLA in historic Downtown DeFuniak Springs. - Chef Ernie's insights into the history, architecture, and unique charm of Hotel DeFuniac. - Exploring the haunted tales that shroud Hotel DeFuniac, where history and the supernatural collide. As we uncover the layers of Florida's history and culture, we invite you to follow Sunshine State Showcase for more captivating stories. Share this episode with your friends and communities, and let's continue celebrating the vibrant arts, culture, and culinary wonders of the Sunshine State together. Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait to share more inspiring tales with you. Episode Timeline: - Introduction: 0:00 - Arrival at Cafe NOLA: 1:30 - Meeting Chef Ernie: 3:45 - Exploring Hotel DeFuniak's History: 7:12 - The Haunted Tales: 12:20 - A Memorable Encounter: 17:40 - Closing Thoughts: 19:45 Join Our Email List: Stay connected with us by signing up for updates at https://www.sunshinestateshowcase.com/. Receive behind-the-scenes content, exclusive offers, and more.Resources: - Experience the culinary delights of Cafe NOLA in DeFuniak Springs. Visit https://www.cafenola.net for more information. - Check out Chef Ernie's podcast, "https://www.youtube.com/@WHATSUPEMERALDCOASTFLPODCAST," for more fascinating stories and insights from the region.
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  • Reawakening DeFuniak Springs' Creative Spirit

    5 OCT. 2023 · Can a small Florida town reclaim its vibrant past?Jeremiah Campbell takes us on a journey to unearth the rich history hiding beneath his adopted hometown of DeFuniak Springs. His memories and storytelling transport us back to the town’s little-known past as a thriving hub of arts and culture in the late 1800s.Discover the captivating tales Jeremiah shares from his deep roots in this community, and his vision to help inspire its reawakening as a vibrant arts destination once more.Episode Highlights: - Jeremiah recounts his early days as a performer, and what drew him to music and storytelling - Hear the story of how Jeremiah was introduced to the DeFuniak Springs music scene - Learn the fascinating history of the Chautauqua educational movement’s influence on the town As we close out this enlightening conversation, Jeremiah leaves us with an open invitation to visit DeFuniak Springs and experience its nostalgic beauty and creative spirit for ourselves. Follow Along: Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to stay up to date on all things Sunshine State Showcase!Coming Up:Our next episode featuring Chef Ernie of Cafe Nola in DeFuniak Springs drops October 26th - don't miss it! Check out our recording venue https://www.facebook.com/EmbersBistroDFS/
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  • A Stage Called DeFuniak

    24 SEP. 2023 · Join us for a special episode where we take you on a journey through Defuniak Springs, a Florida gem steeped in history, culture, and community. Meet Nancy Hasty, a playwright and actress who has come full circle from her roots in Florida to the busy streets of New York City and back. Today, she's a driving force in the Defuniak Springs creative scene, bringing the spirit of the arts to this charming town.Guests Featured: - Nancy Hasty Episode Highlights: - The fascinating history of Defuniak Springs and its connection to the 19th-century Chautauqua movement. - Nancy Hasty's journey from Crestview, Florida, to the heart of New York's theater world. - How Nancy is bridging the gap between the Sunshine State and the Big Apple through her creative endeavors. - A stroll through the streets of Defuniak Springs, where culture and community come alive. Reflecting on the Journey:As we explore the streets of Defuniak Springs and delve into Nancy's story, we find a testament to the enduring power of community, creativity, and the human spirit. It's not just about one town or one person; it's about the vibrant tapestry that makes up Florida's creative landscape. Get Involved!Inspired by Nancy's story and want to contribute to Florida's creative scene? Send an email to mailto:Ashley@sunshinestateshowcase.com to be considered as a future guest on Sunshine State Showcase. Stay Connected:To stay updated on future episodes and delve deeper into Florida's vibrant creative scene, send an email to mailto:Ashley@sunshinestateshowcase.com, and we'll add you to our email list. Share Your Florida Story! Every Floridian has a unique story that contributes to the state's rich cultural fabric. Call us at (850) 739-4299 to share your experiences, inspirations, and what makes Florida special for you. Selected stories may be featured in upcoming episodes, adding to our collective narrative. #SunshineStateShowcase #ShareYourStory
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  • Brianna's Sunlit Palette

    24 SEP. 2023 · There's a saying, "Do what you do best and outsource the rest." This mantra guided me as I embarked on the "Sunshine State Showcase" journey. Seeking artwork that would encapsulate our podcast's spirit, I was introduced to Brianna Bennett by Heather Parker of Floriopolis, a cherished community art center in St. Andrews. Brianna's emails unveiled artwork that was distinct and captivating, perfect for both our podcast directories and merchandise.However, the heart of our collaboration extended beyond those email exchanges. It truly blossomed in the quaint streets of St. Andrews. I vividly recall a warm afternoon with 'Margaritaville' in the background, emanating from Hunt's Oyster Bar. And as I entered Floriopolis, I was welcomed into a realm of art and anticipation.Meeting Brianna was an experience in itself. Every aspect of her, from her statement jewelry to the way her hair was styled, screamed artistry. In this episode, we explore her artistic journey, her connection to Panama City and St. Andrews, and the impact of the closely-knit art community that has nurtured and inspired her evolution.Episode Highlights: - Introduction to Brianna and her evolution into portraiture. - The transformative influence of Panama City and St. Andrews in her artistic journey. - The camaraderie, warmth, and inspiration of the local art community. Memorable Moments: - "Capturing the essence of a person in artwork means so much to me."-Brianna Bennett - "Panama City and St. Andrews have truly helped me grow."-Brianna Bennett Engage with the Artists: - https://www.instagram.com/creativeangel.bb/ - https://floriopolis.business.site/ (if applicable) - Previous Episode: Episode 1:https://www.spreaker.com/user/5940784/untitled_1 https://www.creativeangelsartwork.com Stay Connected: For exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and more stories celebrating Florida's creative spirit, join our email list! Head over to http://sunshinestateshowcase.com/ and follow us. We promise to bring a little sunshine to your inbox!Tune in Date: September 24th, 2023If you've enjoyed journeying through Florida's vibrant creative landscape with us today, I have a small favor to ask. Take a moment to hit that 'follow' button so you don't miss out on our next adventure together. And if you're feeling extra generous, drop us a review. Your feedback not only helps us improve, but it also helps other art and culture enthusiasts discover the magic of the 'Sunshine State Showcase.' Let's keep the stories, inspirations, and conversations flowing. Thank you for being an essential part of our community!
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  • Meet Ashley

    24 SEP. 2023 · Are you ready to meet the artists, soulful musicians, captivating storytellers, and community champions who light up Florida? You're in the right place!Welcome to the "Sunshine State Showcase", where we meet mostly in person with the amazing folks who add color, melody, and narratives to Florida's vibrant canvas. From musicians, visual artists, to playwrights, to the folks running small businesses who make Florida sparkle. So, grab a seat, join the conversation, and let's uncover and celebrate the creative spirit of Florida together!Episode Highlights: - Florida's Creative Core: Join me as I travel the state of Florida celebrating the artists, musicians, and storytellers that shape our vibrant cultural landscape. - The Resilience Factor: Discover how our local talents rise above challenges, be it hurricanes, cultural shifts, and personal battles. - Local Heroes: Let's toast to the small business owners who pour their hearts into our community every single day. Stay Connected: I'd love for you to be a part of this adventure! Please share the "Sunshine State Showcase" with your circles and help me amplify the voices we're spotlighting. And hey, mark your calendars because I'll be dropping fresh episodes on the 2nd and last Thursday of every month. Let's explore Florida's vibrant creative scene together!Follow Me: Keep up with our adventures on social media: - Instagram: https://chat.openai.com/.fl - Facebook: https://chat.openai.com/ Join Our Email List: For behind-the-scenes content, episode previews, and so much more, sign up at http://sunshinestateshowcase.com/.
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  • Welcome to Sunshine State Showcase

    30 AGO. 2023 · Are you captivated by the unique blend of arts, culture, and history that makes Florida unlike any other state? Journey with Ashley Feller, a native Floridian, as she brings you the untold stories of the Sunshine State's vibrant creative landscape.🎤 Why Listen? - Dive into a kaleidoscope of creativity featuring singer-songwriters, writers, storytellers, dancers, visual artists, and the heartbeat of Florida's communities — passionate small business owners. - Take virtual tours to hidden gems where the magic happens, and history comes to life. - Savor the melting pot of Florida's history, food, and lifestyle through intimate interviews and captivating narratives. 🌴 Who Should Listen? - Anyone who's hungry for authentic Floridian experiences. - Those with a penchant for music festivals, folk clubs, and the road less traveled within Florida. - Individuals with an appreciation for the history that has shaped Florida's unique arts and culture scene. 🎧 Tune in on September 24th for an inspiring exploration that amplifies the voices keeping Florida's spirit burning bright. If you're looking for the soul of Florida, it's here — you just have to listen to find it.See you on the 24th! 🌞
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Sunshine State Showcase is a podcast dedicated to celebrating the vibrant arts, rich culture, and fascinating history of the Sunshine State. Join host Ashley Feller as she takes you on...

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Sunshine State Showcase is a podcast dedicated to celebrating the vibrant arts, rich culture, and fascinating history of the Sunshine State. Join host Ashley Feller as she takes you on a journey through Florida's diverse artistic landscapes, exploring the works of musicians, artists, storytellers, and the small business community that bring Florida's culture to life. Dive into captivating interviews, engaging discussions, and immersive storytelling that captures the essence of old Florida while shining a spotlight on the contemporary arts scene. Whether you're a Florida native, an art enthusiast, or simply curious about the cultural tapestry of the state, this podcast is your gateway to discovering and appreciating the beauty and creativity that thrives in every corner of Florida.
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